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Samsaran Name Generator & Guide

I’m not sure such an adventurous life is for me as it brings many uncertainties with it. I like peace and quiet, the seclusion my home brings, and I’m but a simple farmer. Now, if it’s wisdom and stories you seek, however, you can call me Thukten, and I can share some with you over supper this evening.

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Samsaran are a humanoid race with pale blue skin, solid white eyes, and dark hair. Their personalities seem to be a mixture of being old and wise, and this is often true as they keep reincarnating every time they die where they get a chance to do better.

Keeping some of their memories, although more like half-forgotten dreams, they try to live a simple life where most things could be continued in the next life cycle. They can have human children, though some can reincarnate as a Samsaran.

Seeking self-reflection and knowledge, they pass through communities, towns, and cities, often choosing one of them to settle down for a more stable life. They also keep their names which can became known, names like Bakji, Walu, and Zonja.

Good Samsaran Names

Some manage to remember more of their previous lives, and this all adds to the overall experience they had so far, which in turn adds to how wise they might be. It is often said the wiser the Samsaran the more life cycles they experienced, although it’s not always the case.

  • Cashesegra
  • Whakan
  • Kamama
  • Hateya
  • Amadahy
  • Wahkoowah
  • Kangee
  • Sipatu


While his last life didn’t last long, this one has proven to be the complete opposite. In this life, he managed to get to old age, and he’s hoping at least some of the vast amount of experience he collected manages to cross with him when this life’s cycle finally comes to an end.

  • Migisi
  • Sugnog
  • Ama
  • Viho
  • Kuruk


After spending the first dozen lives on moments of inspiration and thirst for adventure, this is now her fifth life where she’s living on a farm, tending to the animals and crops, and spending time with the descendants of the same family she met all those lives ago.

  • Hotah
  • Hokee
  • Achachak
  • Attakullakulla


While he accepted his own reality where rebirths are a normal thing, he still doesn’t feel like it’s actually a positive thing. It is true this is only his third life but the experience so far showed him it could be quite some time before he manages to find a community in which he might be accepted.

  • Mituna
  • Chapawee
  • Sahpooly
  • Dustu
  • Otskai

Female Samsaran Names

Female Samsaran can give birth, although the baby is always human, and most of the time the mother gives the baby away, leaving it to be raised in human society. This offspring can later be reincarnated as a Samsaran, though there are some exceptions.

  • Liseli
  • Yutu
  • Hola
  • Ehawee
  • Meli
  • Poloma
  • Bonita
  • Minya


Having had three children before, it wasn’t difficult for her to leave her fourth human child in the care of the family she lived with for so long, and in her eyes, this was normal, a way to make sure the baby has a safe and happy life but also to spare herself of any future personal feelings.

  • Magaskawee
  • Alsoomse
  • Wichahpi
  • Maka
  • Takchawee


As a human child in her past life, this samsaran is experiencing her first rebirth cycle, a feeling she hasn’t fully understood nor accepted so far. The memories of the past life are hazy at best, and she’s experiencing strange headaches while the village doctor can’t seem to do anything about it.

  • Totsi
  • Dowanhowee
  • Atepa
  • Salali


After living in the same village for several life cycles by now, accepted and welcomed in most homes, she’s beginning to feel jaded. This uneasy feeling has disturbed her dreams for quite some time now, and she suspects she will have to find another place to live in the near future.

  • Kenda
  • Ayita
  • Doba
  • Kele
  • Nijlon

Male Samsaran Names

While they don’t really use surnames or family names in general, they are known to take the name they had during their last rebirth cycle as a way to honor their previous accomplishments and to be more easily recognized by those who knew them back then as well.

  • Chunta
  • Lanu
  • Chaska
  • Holata
  • Okhmhaka
  • Ahanu
  • Takoda
  • Opechancan


Dedicated to the military way of life, he’s been serving the same army for more than a dozen life cycles, and has been tracking the score by etching it onto the same stone in a cave only he knows about. His tenacity alone allows him to find more success with each try, where his biggest success was achieving the rank of a general during his last rebirth.

  • Wohehiv
  • Arrecatte
  • Ocunnowhurst
  • Harkahome
  • Tokala


Meditation allows him to remember certain key memories from past lives, and learning the ability has proved to be his best achievement so far. Focusing on science and knowledge in general, he wrote numerous books which he keeps in the same library and the same city. His ability to remember the town’s name and location has helped him reach a status of a notable citizen, someone with whom many want to converse with.

  • Hawiovi
  • Wahchintonka
  • Avonaco
  • Notaku


He always loved to help others, and the feeling after making someone feel better, physically or mentally, was unmatched in his mind. It is no surprise that he became a healer, many life cycles ago, and thankfully most of the gathered knowledge stays with him every time he reincarnates.

  • Rowtag
  • Kohana
  • Matchitehew
  • Abooksigun
  • Honani

The reality they live in is a neverending cycle of reincarnation, where Samsaran partially keep their memories from their old lives, albeit more as half-remembered dreams. Their solid white eyes and pale blue skin are the main physical difference compared to humans, and they tend to live simple lives, doing things that could easily be continued in their next life that is bound to happen. Think about where the character was first born, what kind of a life they led, how many lives did they lead before this one, and create a name worthy of their wise nature and all the advice they are more than ready to share.

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