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Vanara Name Generator & Guide

Oh, wow, what’s that!?” As soon as the confused dwarf looked away, she ran her hand through his hair, messing it completely, followed it with a slap on the back of the head, and laughed jumped away with joy. After seeing his angry and annoyed reaction, however, she stopped in her tracks without even smiling. “Alright, alright, I’m sorry, let’s start over. I’m Annika, and you are?

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Vanaras are simian humanoids living deep in forests and jungles. They are covered with fur, their intricate hairstyles are an important social aspect. The dexterity they possess is rarely matched as they can use their feet equally well as their hands.

As a race, their curiosity knows no limits, and the love for pranking usually prevents them from making friends as easily as they might want to. They do possess certain inborn wisdom so it’s not surprising to see their leaders are often holy people.

While many Vanaras flock to larger cities to serve in the armies that will reclaim their lost lands, others find private adventuring life more alluring, which in turn allows their names to be heard of, names such as Makhesh, Laxmi, Reema, and Panchal.

Good Vanara Names

The very nature of their lives and social interactions, as well as some of the traditions they have, can remind us of real-life India, and their names can sometimes sound like theirs as well.

  • Sadhana
  • Divyana
  • Trishulin
  • Tunda
  • Sahaya
  • Tvarita
  • Lakhi
  • Mridini


This jovial Vanaran never knew how to read the situation correctly, and while certain members of his race would know when to stop, at least for a while, he continues to say the most inappropriate things one could imagine, regardless of how serious the situation might actually be.

  • Shardambha
  • Nandi
  • Gurparveen
  • Moumita
  • Nripesh
  • Samaj
  • Hemish
  • Devesh
  • Gajanan
  • Chandika


Having lost both of his parents in an ambush, the sadness and anger never left him. As the years went by, the resentment he felt turned into hate, and that led him to decide he wanted to join the army. Today, after going through decades of fighting, he just wants to find a secluded place and live there for the rest of his life in peace and quiet.

  • Shiveshvar
  • Mahakram
  • Shivraj
  • Balgopal
  • Luv
  • Laxmi
  • Shilna
  • Saumyaa
  • Gayatri
  • Patala


This priestess is one of the three leaders of her community, and she’s just as responsible for all of the success they had as the other two, if not more. Leaving the pranks and joking around for strictly private times, she’s one of the few who managed to use their wisdom and experience to guide others towards a more fruitful life.

  • Omisha
  • Karmendra
  • Kamlesh
  • Satviki
  • Angela
  • Amvi
  • Umika
  • Geeta
  • Taksha
  • Ratnanidhi


After having a really fun and happy childhood, everyone was surprised to see her stop joking around and instead seclude herself from the community as much as she could. After a while, the feeling of not belonging anymore was too much for her, to the point she decided to leave the tribe.

  • Mahasri
  • Anushree
  • Manjushri
  • Dhrupad
  • Jaya
  • Svamin
  • Tara
  • Sashrika
  • Laniban
  • Nandana
  • Bajrang
  • Vidya


As a priestess’s daughter, she’s been tasked with visiting the neighboring tribes to let them know about the new dangers that have been spotted a few days ago. Her leaders are calling anyone who would listen to their side, and while many already answered the call, many more will be needed if they want to have any chance of success against the upcoming enemy invasion.

  • Shivendra
  • Jatin
  • Vipaschit
  • Trambakeshwar
  • Satyanarayan
  • Goshanraj
  • Apsara
  • Jyotsna
  • Madhav
  • Vikunth

These simian humanoids are more similar to humans than monkeys despite their furry nature. They are both intelligent and wise, something that is only surpassed by the neverending curiosity that is responsible for many pranks they like to perform, and this behavior makes it hard to befriend other races. Such friendships are known to exist, however, as Vanaras are also spiritual people often led by a holy person, and they all possess certain inborn wisdom that can often make them seem older than they are. Think about where the character was born, how were they raised, how did their home look like, what could be the main reason for leaving their community, and create a name worthy of both wisdom and pranks they will bring to the table.

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