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Kobold Name Generator & Guide

“Brax not like other Kobold, no no.” – the small red-scaled creature said, his voice unusually soft and calm – “Brax be good. Brax not hurt you.” – he continued, showing his small edged teeth in a form of a smile. “Brax take good care of you” – he finished, taking the small animal into his hands.

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Kobolds are small reptilian humanoids with crocodile-like jaw and dragon-like scale skin. They are light, sneaky, and cunning creatures who live in tribes, usually in dark underground places such as caves where mining and trap-making are their forte.

They are industrial, with the whole tribe knowing the plans that lie ahead. While they have families, the clan they belong to matters the most. Both genders seem to have similar names, at least to those who speak the Common language.

Kobold first names are short and easy, though the true meaning remains for those who speak their language. Some like to refer to themselves in the third person, emphasizing who they are. Kobold names like Doss, Kidi, and Strix are good examples.

Kobold Tribe Names

Kobold tribe names are usually defined by where they live, a physical trait they all might be sharing, a dragon they worship, or anything else that defines them as a clan.

  • Standingwaters
  • Crimsonwatchers
  • Moltenstormers
  • Silentfishes
  • Silverbrothers
  • Lastfingers
  • Firstsisters
  • Quiettooths
  • Bravebisons
  • Blackbears
  • Savagewatchers
  • Shadowclaws
  • Blindhammers
  • Sapphirewatchers
  • Frozenbisons
  • Middlewoods
  • Bronzehounds
  • Bravebows
  • Whitehawks
  • Rabidhands

Female Kobold Names

One of the more important female roles in the tribe is the role of a foster parent, as females often laid eggs in a common nest, a designated place where each can be cared for.

  • Kun
  • Zodu
  • Sags
  • Nas
  • Suro
  • Kett
  • Suhle
  • Kin
  • Ippi
  • Noss


In charge of the foster parents, “Brave Mothers”, she has one of the most important roles when it comes to guaranteeing the future of the Greenscales tribe.

  • Signu
  • Hurko
  • Snullu
  • Rahlo
  • Vod
  • Zitt
  • Tun


The only female sorcerer in the tribe, she has quickly proven her worth to her leader. Now, she commands a group of her own, all magic users, with whom she plans to take the command of the tribe as soon as the time is right.

  • Oru
  • Zulli
  • Zeka
  • Ali
  • Ute
  • Olba


A last survivor of the Fallinghawks clan, she managed to survive and live of the land, deep in the forest. That may all end soon, as the great evil approaches from the east.

  • Ekla
  • Okbo
  • Rulto
  • Zorpo

Male Kobold Names

Most Kobolds are miners who actually carve their tribe’s home by mining. In the times of war, they rely on their traps to do most of the damage, then attack from a safe distance.

  • Zorn
  • Hiv
  • Kern
  • Karn
  • Elba
  • Zug
  • Maks
  • Iglo
  • Vulpu
  • Gak


Having mined for more than 5 years, he’s one of the experts in the tribe. Some say he knows what’s under a rock just by tapping on it a few times.

  • Dukda
  • Nekbu
  • Gahle
  • Sneglo
  • Miks
  • Hid


Or the Mad Dragon, as some called him, was responsible for his own death. Having his sorcerers brew up a potion at his command, he drank it with the belief it would turn him into a wyrm. The word “traitors” was the last thing he said.

  • Moks
  • Hele
  • Appu
  • Ote
  • Ignu
  • Nekbi


Traveling the land riding Colo, his trusted dire weasel friend, he’s slowly making a name for himself. Little does he know, a band of young adventurers is on his trail, looking to carve a place in history by slaying “a small dragon”.

  • Hoggi
  • Snak
  • Kim
  • Ehzo
  • Divnu

Diligent, industrial, and cunning, a Kobold can decide to forge a path of their own, so they leave their tribe and venture into the unknown. If you want to play an underdog, someone who is likely to have a hard time, play a Kobold. They are a perfect opportunity to show others not all of them are the vile creatures everyone thinks.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Kobold name.

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