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Lizardfolk Name Generator & Guide

“The softskins are near.” – the reptilian creature hissed, as the slow line of armed humans made their way through the edge of the swamp. “Yes, Uugraucouk, they are.” – the Lizardfolk leader responded, his eyes never leaving the prey. “Our dinner is ready for the taking.”

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Lizardfolk are reptilian humanoids, up to 7 feet tall, and can weigh more than 200 pounds. With a long, powerful talk, sharp claws, and teeth, they are very dangerous even without weapons, and their scales protect them just like armor would.

Living in patriarchal tribes, they are often guided by basic instincts where hunger plays a major role. Thanks to the swamps they usually live in, they remain hidden from the outside world, though they sometimes venture out to hunt bigger prey.

Some Lizardfolk names are short and easy to pronounce, while others are a real tongue-twister. Their native language is Draconic, so it’s no wonder. Names like Rot, Repax, Arhtausoskm, Thulthaegrord, and Jhaaghathar are some of the examples.

Lizardfolk Tribe Names

Tribe names are made of basic words, usually names and adjectives of the things from Lizardfolk’s daily lives and something that can define them as a group.

  • Bogstalker
  • Bogshadow
  • Deadmarsh
  • Birdhunter
  • Beastkiller
  • Hardscale
  • Swordfang
  • Spearmouth
  • Daggermaw
  • Swamprunner
  • Marshtrekker
  • Deadswamp
  • Redmountain
  • Graypond
  • Redfang
  • Ironflank
  • Stoneflesh
  • Longspear
  • Poisondusk
  • Shadowscale

Lizardfolk Female & Male Names

All females tend to the eggs and are responsible for maintaining the tribe’s camp and lair. Males rule the tribes and are responsible for hunting and fighting. There are some who are wiser and occupy the roles of a cleric, as shaman as they say. Names can be both male and female, and to an outsider, they in fact all sound the same.

  • Daecheraess
  • Buthratriass
  • Ark
  • Baok
  • Trechuss
  • Vegyk
  • Maarkitho
  • Baax
  • Iskia
  • Usli


Did a bad job at watching the eggs, so she was moved to camp maintenance, which she’s doing rather poorly as well. On the other hand, she would be one of the best hunters, if males actually thought of taking her along.

  • Muty
  • Trurgyv
  • Naskuch
  • Mertarrark
  • Morassuch
  • Vithotrysk


Having seen how she doesn’t really fit into her society, she decided to leave the tribe and the swamp itself. She’s having trouble adjusting to the outside world, mainly cause she keeps getting attacked on sight.

  • Taart
  • Edresk
  • Mellurt
  • Lopy
  • Nathre
  • Erhten


The chosen mate of the tribe’s leader, she’s looked up to by the other females. If all the males were missing for a longer time, she’d make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Vithretrasj
  • Oltugnos
  • Osk
  • The
  • Jhortaa
  • Den
  • Traocheth
  • Nepisj
  • Sitru
  • Kiguard


One of the tribe’s main hunters, he never missed a hunt, not once, ever since he started. Knows the territory better than anyone.

  • Uthragat
  • Nudhokra
  • Dechustysj
  • Sark
  • Vir
  • Merdis


Blessed by a god only he knows and understands, he’s been helping the tribe with his divine powers. Unfortunately, he’s also been talking to a certain black dragon, offering his whole tribe as his followers.

  • Eslant
  • Throtird
  • Berdex
  • Volakrard
  • Redassirk
  • Moshitrua
  • Toxh


More aggressive than the rest, the leader is using him to attack the neighbouring tribe, while claiming no one can’t stop him doing so. Ronsh is letting this play out as he just wants to kill anyway.

  • Dushyt
  • Vedyk
  • Igurd
  • Shichaark

When we mention Lizardfolk, it makes us think of cold, calculated, and instinct-driven monsters, who just hunt, kill, and survive. However, there are many reasons why some would stray away from such a characterization, and when that happens, you got a unique recipe for an interesting character. Make a Lizardfolk, give them a name, and let’s see what the world has in store for someone like that.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Lizardfolk name.

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