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Dragonborn Name Generator & Guide

“And I shall not stop until I find them, my King.” – the kneeling dragonborn said, his voice echoing throughout the chamber. Rising up, he put a closed fist to where his heart is. “My name is Workris Daarindirrion, and that is my oath”

Generate Names

Malthibra Lorrhar

Ophiqwen Cexir

Jomyse Fecuundor

Tazbarum Ticceajedir

Wrahymm Uthtoshkmos

Zofbirith Caarrhisorrik

Mithyra Fephir

Brenkris Preltindrith

Irielarys Cluncokmis

Hinlarys Ixenuc

Tazskan Kraltan

Kanorae Vilmacmarduas

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Table of Contents

There are different theories about how dragonborn came to be, but almost all of them say they are servants to the dragons. They are humanoid dragons, over 6ft tall and 200 pounds, with dragon-like features, including a breath weapon.

Dragonborn are a proud and honorable race where cowardice is nothing short of repulsive. Most have a strong sense of independence, and they are prone to showing emotions openly. They are passionate friends and vengeful enemies.

Family often comes second to the clan, which all have their own reputations. A dragonborn is responsible for promoting their clan through actions, among which oath-breaking is considered the most heinous act of them all.

Dragonborn Last Names

Most Dragonborn keep their family name a secret and use their clan name instead, hoping they bring honor and prestige to it.

  • Shestandeliath
  • Yrjixtilex
  • Ophinshtalajiir
  • Kanjentellequor
  • Kepeshmolik
  • Prexijandilin
  • Daardendrien
  • Verthisathurgiesh
  • Clethtinthtiallor
  • Vkriss

Female Dragonborn Names

Clans often arrange marriages which usually lack the love component, being a reproduction measure instead. All females help raise and educate all Dragonborn children.

  • Mithyra Fephir
  • Erlimyse Kuxin
  • Raithibra Drerthuc
  • Faekira Myached
  • Faebirith Fildishtik
  • Bellyassa Clinxas
  • Qixiris Shunxash
  • Naqorel Forthoc

Jovyre Lamreth

As a fairly new cleric, she was sent to a nearby town to establish a religious foothold for the region. She’s about to learn there are those who have other plans instead.

  • Aridrish Leltuujok
  • Phidalynn Preapinshtondeth
  • Raicys Eamrujuul
  • Crisvayla Yelkuus
  • Crisgwen Umtaad

Wraxiria Karjualath

A venerable elder and the leader of her clan. She’s worried her impatient daughter might ruin everything the clan achieved.

  • Xyfyire Gardedajuas
  • Wrasira Nyaalrikal
  • Quilfyire Famrun
  • Ophirish Driardocniloth
  • Faerann Aacashkmal
  • Yrsaadi Mathtuan

Jesqwen Klimtixil

Rarely have we seen a more dedicated and determined pupil of arcane arts. Sadly, her wits are quite the opposite of her grit.

  • Nysqwen Myoldresh
  • Crisnorae Embuushkmud
  • Malthibra Lorrhar

Male Dragonborn Names

From fighters to wizards, they perform each role with dignity and true commitment. Their actions affect the clan’s prestige, making them think twice before doing them.

  • Zorrinn Daldriniac
  • Lumiprax Yemronijath
  • Bhadaar Dremtetumes
  • Zorciar Krildrush
  • Gorakul Clestal
  • Uroqrin Clenxistellal
  • Faerhazar Fomris
  • Zorbarum Thalkan

Tazskan Kraltan

General Kraltan is one of the more famous and respected officers in the Emperor’s Army. Has only lost one battle, though it is the one he remembers the most.

  • Jarturim Ambin
  • Wulrakas Tiaccesh
  • Goragar Filthindraak
  • Bamorn Cuuxuth
  • Goraziros Kerjakod

Ghegar Thembexirdik

Gravely injured, he managed to escape the ambush laid by the enemy. Currently recovering in a hidden forest hut, under a watchful eye of a polymorphed dragon.

  • Otixan Tuccac
  • Qelwarum Nemphud
  • Wulzavur Fuumrud
  • Balprax Yepedil
  • Shazire Krumphuk
  • Wunaar Shenxuujilir

Kilskan Thaarneas

Born in the gutter, he quickly joined the local thieves guild, adding muscle and diplomacy to the table. A steady rise through the ranks is starting to yield results.

  • Tazbarum Ticceajedir
  • Eradhall Clernushtad
  • Vorfras Echeshtik

Dragonborn are proud, honorable, and they keep their promise. Courage is what they strive for, and the finer pleasures aren’t completely unknown to them. They can easily enjoy a wrestling match just as much as they do playing chess or any other intellectual game.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Dragonborn name.

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