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Gnoll Name Generator & Guide

“Beg for mercy, hue-man.” – the gnoll cackled maniacally in broken Common, as the injured man tried to crawl away. “Tacarg Mudmug will now feast on your flesh.” – came the last words the man heard as a spear pierced his skull, ending his life forever.

Generate Names

Xekkar Crackedbash

Ekx Lumpguard

Mryzhohz Slimebolt

Khozzerg Bloodtoes

Trax Brineblast

Miark Dirtfinger

Gnyh Slabgaze

Khikerr Glopgleam

Szi Burstsnag

Szo Fastgrinder

Varr Ashfingers

Trokkozz Snotclaw

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Gnolls are driven by insatiable hunger which they fulfill with strength and fear, laying destruction in the name of Yeenoghu, their demon lord. They are temporarily satiated only when they kill an intelligent being and feast on their flesh and bones.

They tend to stay on the move and spend time attacking, killing, and feasting on their victims. Gnolls rarely live longer than 30 years, though the hyenas that follow their destruction have a way of spawning more gnolls for the army.

As vile as their Lord of Savagery, there are Gnolls blessed by his hand, receiving abilities far beyond what they usually possess. Their names induce fear, even among their own kind, names such as Garr Grimehook, Bumnu Farpaw, and Iburr Splitgaze.

Good Gnoll Names

Gnoll names contain a healthy dose of simplicity and savagery, and often don’t roll off the tongue as easily as one would want. Since all Gnolls do their Master’s bidding, they usually add their clan name to their own.

  • Immor Saltgob
  • Aargab Sandfoot
  • Andak Blightgaze
  • Throz Dreckskin
  • Ethak Rotguard
  • Ustar Ashfinger
  • Ignar Mudcloak
  • Draanak Mucksmirk

Vuorkoc Waterwatch

As a distinguished warrior in the recent battles, he’s one of the chosen to scout ahead of the main army. With almost no particular orders, he and others are probing the defenses that lie ahead, wreaking havoc where they can, and retreating only with news deserving to be heard.

  • Thryth Riverfang
  • Uarr Boomears
  • Kynuk Snoremouth
  • Darhgu Sweatbolt
  • Thrylkyc Siltfoot

Oduk Murkhands

A hunter by nature, he is one of the scouts charged with trailing behind the main army and finishing off any gnolls that are too injured to continue. A small pack of hyenas also follows him around, helping him with that very task, and earning valuable food in the process.

  • Knurgy Sleazetongue
  • Knobic Splitface
  • Thakk Scumtalon
  • Bruh Crackbrass
  • Rekk Fungiblast
  • Ekx Snotface

Orrom Frothmask

He is one of the infamous Fangs of Yeenoghu, gifted with the powers his Lord of Savagery bestowed upon him. Using bizarre rituals he allows hyenas to feast on the corpses of his marked victims, after which they each spawn a gnoll and thus provide new warriors for the army.

  • Urgezz Slabbasher
  • Krecuok Crackgrin
  • Gnyrkakk Mudblast
  • Tazzeit Blightfinger
  • Rryxyz Burstgrinder
  • Krarg Sludgeknuckle

Alark Rotcheek

A champion and a leader of the Rotcheek clan, wielding a greataxe, he is a pure terror on the battlefield. Stopping only to feast on the victim’s heart, he constantly pushes into the enemy ranks and inspires his warriors to do the same.

  • Gak Staindance
  • Rric Scourgefist
  • Aih Splitclaw
  • Zuceh Fizzmaw
  • Throukykk Dregshook
  • Ghekxaac Lumpboot

Female Gnoll Names

Without performing a close physical examination it’s hard to recognize whether a Gnoll is male or female and they are as fierce and blood-hungry in battle as their male counterparts.

  • Zo Crackfrown
  • Rrhyr Funguswizzle
  • Lir Sootwizzle
  • Viz Scuzclash
  • Gryz Dampknob
  • Zoghaihn Gooshrapnel
  • Mrotzsieth Scumtusk
  • Glizsash Snotknob

Triashi Mudcrook

As any other flesh gnawer in the army, she stalks the flanks in every battle, attacking the isolated targets with stealthy quickness. Her claws and teeth tear through the thickest of hides, and she moves rapidly between foes as she slays them in within mere seconds.

  • Dhitsorth Dustscowl
  • Sna Foamgrin
  • Trrurh Goohands
  • Pais Siltwatch
  • Le Drecktooth

Grraarh Renteyes

She was a worthy warrior until one of her own kind killed her and feasted upon her flesh. This was no true end, however, as she was raised as a witherling. While she lacked the strength of a true gnoll warrior, her undead form still allows her to perform admirably on the field of battle.

  • Ethoth Mirefang
  • Tsovnahn Fargleam
  • Rrhetzu Dreckscrap
  • Zizruhz Mireclash
  • Thihzeh Dreckfinger

Gnoll Clan Names

Although all Gnolls follow Yeenoghu’s will, they are known to divide their numbers into different clans, and the clan’s name is often taken as a part of their own.

  • Dirtnose
  • Sludgefeet
  • Snorehand
  • Ashguard
  • Bloodmouth
  • Mudclaw
  • Bursttooth
  • Riverdeath
  • Splitbasher
  • Filthwatch
  • Slimeeyes
  • Brinepaw
  • Sandthumb
  • Grapplebash
  • Farbasher
  • Snotgleam
  • Soreteeth
  • Boommouth
  • Rotfeet
  • Goldnails

Individually, a Gnoll isn’t as strong as some of the other creatures, but when combined into an army driven by bloodlust they bring destruction and ruin everywhere they go. Following their demon master’s will, and fueled by an insatiable hunger for blood, they simply move across the land, killing everything in their path. Apart from killing and feasting on the victims, and a bit of quick pillaging of what they can use for further slaughter, they have no need for material things. Think about how and why your Gnoll character is different, what distinguishes them from the others, and come up with a name worthy of the chaos they will leave wherever they go.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Gnoll name.

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