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Manticore Name Generator & Guide

A sudden fiendish snarl tore through silence, followed by a call for help from what appeared to be a woman. Five caravan guards were ordered to rush to aid, only to be greeted by flying spikes and sharp teeth and claws – The winged monster waged its spiky tail as spoke Common: “Welcome humans, just in time for Nerrak’s lunch.”

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Manticores are large four-legged creatures, with a lion’s body, dragon-like wings, and a somewhat humanoid head. Their spiked tails allow them to launch spikes at their foes, while their teeth and claws are sharp enough to tear through flesh and bone.

They are meat-eaters who will eat almost any animal though they possess a special affinity for human flesh. They are also intelligent and have the ability to speak Common, which sometimes allows them to use it to lure unsuspecting travelers.

They can be often found in small groups, families, as a Manticore usually mates for life. Despite such a small society, names are given as they are known to interact with others of their kind, names like Ghelva, Ikbushk, Vehkuz, and Tekraddek.

Good Manticore Names

Manticore names are rough, guttural, and hard to pronounce, and often make no sense for humans and creatures alike. They don’t seem to be tied to any gender and are chosen when the creature is born, most often by the parents.

  • Hoorz
  • Akrash
  • Yalvishk
  • Uhmookh
  • Ghahra
  • Ihreendad
  • Uzindyir
  • Akbidyard


He had it all, a lovely mate for life and two children, hunters in the making. Then, one fateful day, he lost them all to a hunting party. After he stalked them for almost two weeks, viciously slaughtering them in the end, he now roams the countryside in search of other humans who can taste his wrath.

  • Tazl
  • Shub
  • Oomikh
  • Urhik
  • Shihmun
  • Gashkuv
  • Uzyerban
  • Ghertegmak
  • Tikbishyaz


Two male Manticores are competing for her favor, something she enjoys very much. They constantly bring her food and other notable things as they try to win her heart and affection. Yesterday, however, she learned new information on one of them which makes her decision much easier.

  • Yian
  • Jaz
  • Ezyiard
  • Irzashk
  • Iartend
  • Ukbashk
  • Zeetarta
  • Ufroogmur
  • Khezyenbuzl


After sparing the lives of a smaller goblin group, this Manticore now lives within their tribe. Having flourished ever since he came to their midst, the whole community is happy to have such a powerful ally and some even say he is the real power behind the throne.

  • Khush
  • Zurd
  • Uhmurz
  • Zuryahr
  • Ukhgand
  • Chakrind
  • Chafrignushk
  • Guvgeebouzl


This Manticore is a veteran of many battles who somehow managed to survive even the lowest of the odds. Just last week, he was ambushed by a human hunting party, only to turn the hunters into hunted, ending their lives one by one.

  • Mazl
  • Yoorz
  • Zand
  • Mahrab
  • Yakbez
  • Irmud
  • Charad
  • Ehkizmashk


She is a part of a unique group of Manticores, where a dozen of them prey on the whole region. As one of the better fighters in this unusual tribe, she leads most attacks, though is still wise enough to offer others the same role from time to time.

  • Navgariv
  • Shikh
  • Gub
  • Yek
  • Rarkhehr
  • Jivgiard
  • Berren
  • Gherhound


Having lost both wings in a brutal fight, he is no longer able to fly which keeps him at a great disadvantage. He managed to survive despite grave injuries and is now relearning how to hunt in this still unfamiliar way.

  • Ialtishyard
  • Jamashyab
  • Yik
  • Mib
  • Zeb
  • Kurma
  • Harye
  • Ravad
  • Boorshurz

With sharp teeth and claws, and a spiked tail, a Manticore is a deadly foe who lures unwary travelers to their demise. Mating for life, they prefer to live on high ground, usually on a mountain ledge, or a cave, where they can survey the area from above. There is also a demand for their hide and there are many hunters who risk their lives to acquire it. Think about what kind of life the character has, is there any higher purpose to their existence, and what are their desires, and create a name worthy of the Manticore’s ferocity.

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