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Opening their eyes, the whole group gaped in horror as they realized where they were. “It can’t be…” – one of them whispered in disbelief. “Oh, it can. And it is.” – came the words no one wanted to hear. “This is the home of Jeguch, the blood demon herself. And if any of you survive, tell my wife I love her.”

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Demons come from the plane of Abyss, a place where some of the vilest fiends and creatures live. From Obyriths, the ancient demons who used to rule there, to Loumara, the vicious demonic entities that possess objects, creatures, and people.

They are an embodiment of evil and driven by their chaotic instincts, a pure will of force and chaos. Locked in an eternal struggle against devils, they continue to satisfy their hunger for blood and power by waging endless wars across the universe.

While most of them come from the same plane of existence, they reach other cosmos as well, wreaking havoc and causing utter pandemonium. Unless they are commanded by higher powers, they never stop looking to increase their power.

Good Demon Names

Demonic names are all but incomprehensible to mere mortals and often look like some exotic words coming from a bizarre alien language, and the more enigmatic they are the better.

  • Thog’thiman
  • Kirgoxath
  • Bralgon
  • Onuxod
  • Xozgizaar
  • Gizgonnaak
  • Trolronoth
  • Zor’gozon


Once a vile man with dozens of murders to his name, his death brought him to the demonic planes. Working his way up the hierarchy, his skills keep aiding him towards his goal of ultimate power. The followers he has are about to summon him to the Material Plane where he plans to unleash his army of destruction.

  • Razen
  • Bralroth
  • Xazen
  • Trurgullon
  • Bollmuluch


This Loumara demon used its power to possess a certain wizard’s tome, after which it carefully worked towards entering the mind of the owner. Decades later, the demon succeeded and now controls a potent wizard, though with a quite unstable mind.

  • Tozan
  • Vigrimis
  • Tagthoman
  • Ag’thothun


This demon has seen it all. From ancient wars to the heroes of the old, it has lived through much. Alas, every time the goal was near, something or someone managed to disrupt his plans. This time, however, the strategy is sound and finally unable to fail.

  • Allmaraz
  • Karkamon
  • Megthokon
  • Trolgrur
  • Ozothen

Demon Female Names

While demons don’t necessarily have real genders, some prefer to show themselves to others as either masculine or feminine people or creatures. Whatever the case might be, it has zero effects on their potential power as they remain equally dangerous.

  • Kullmoth
  • Zinnun
  • Brolvuth
  • Orzalod
  • Drar’gin
  • Aranuk
  • Molvonnon
  • Virgallon


While having next to nothing in her previous mortal life, this lesser demon dreams of big things. As she’s charging the fields of one of the eternal wars her mind races towards the future, one full of power, control, and prosperity. This time, the world will be hers.

  • Troz’gaxin
  • Gangruch
  • Dur’gomon
  • Gog’dranod
  • Golgath


This Tanar’ri demon is powerful beyond measure. Having worked her way through the ranks of her kin with surprising ease, she now leads vast armies of chaos. While waging the neverending war, she’s working her magic to influence certain mortals which will summon her to their home.

  • Theg’druk
  • Drogdrerik
  • Xugdrath
  • Vagallath
  • Tog’draz

Demon Male Names

Some demons prefer to use male forms, regardless of the species. At the end of the day, they are nothing more than powerful illusions which do little to stop them from wielding their true power.

  • Zozrik
  • Al’gorin
  • Elrel
  • Gangron
  • Thostromauth
  • Thigmaron
  • Brorthralluth
  • Sagrich


A demon of impressive power, he now controls the body of an undead Minotaur, leading the crazed beastfolk into their next fray. From the south, he plans to take all the human lands, capture their capital, and find his way to a powerful artifact to further elevate his power.

  • Varzollal
  • Zargroduth
  • Vorad
  • Kag’drollir
  • Kostruth


This demon lord controls almost limitless demon and undead armies, sending them on a killing spree across the Material Plane. Using all his powers, he found a way to summon him to the south part of an unfortunate human kingdom, where now its complete destruction begins.

  • Rilgrorol
  • Xarkenoth
  • Zilgrath
  • Jalgimon
  • Xulros

Japanese Demon Names

Japanese folklore is rich, to say the least, and the same goes for demon lore. There are more than a few stories that speak of horrible creatures and their even more gruesome powers and intentions.

  • Kiyohime
  • Yuki-onna
  • Shuten Dōji


This demon from medieval times takes a form of a shun old woman, often living as a hermit. It has a taste for human flesh, where baby flesh is their favorite. They often lure pregnant women in order to eat their baby, while at other times they steal babies when the mothers aren’t looking.

  • Uji no hashihime
  • Tengu

Aka Manto

This eerie demon lives in women’s bathrooms, showing its frightful presence only when needed. It asks them if they would like a red or blue cloak. If the victim answers “blue”, it strangles them to death, while it cuts them into red pieces if the answer was “red”. Should there be no answer, or a wrong one, they simply drag the doomed soul to Hell, never to be seen again.

  • Agiama
  • Kuchisake-onna
  • Oiwa

Chaotic and evil to the core, most demons know little else than destruction and chaos. Whether they are obeying an order or acting on their own accord, they bring pure anarchy, disarray, and carnage wherever they go. For eons, they are kept in check by the devil forces, although recently such conflicts have begun to cool off. This could very well mean they can focus their destructive intentions elsewhere. Decide what type of a demon the character is, their motives, how they came to be, and come up with a name worthy of the discord that will surely follow them anywhere they go.

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