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Aboleth Name Generator & Guide

“It’s bad enough we have to venture into the Underdark but to have to swim that lake? Am I the only one to see the problem here?” It was a rhetorical question as the man clearly expected everyone to know what he’s talking about. “Don’t tell me you all forgot the story of Xargrarith, the monstrous aberration they say lives there?”

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Aboleths are large aberrational amphibian creatures living in deep underground or ocean waters. They exist since the beginning of time, remember everything thanks to their genetic memory while possessing fascinating and impressive psionic abilities.

They can either act alone, leading some lesser race, or live as broods, forming a group ruled by an Overseer. Aboleths very much enjoy feasting on intelligent brains, and not only for the substance but for the victim’s experiences and memories.

Their habitats are extremely remote and all but unreachable for most races, though their influence can touch all the corners of the world. Many intriguing stories speak of great Aboleths and their deeds, with names like Vongraxdun, Sez’gith, and Ikuxun.

Good Aboleth Names

While true Aboleth names are too alien and basically unpronounceable for most mortals, translations are used instead. Although they aren’t perfect by any means, they do feel somewhat less exotic to lesser beings while still retaining that foreign feel.

  • Og’thaach
  • Vorzanuuch
  • Rozzenog
  • Bal’gikath
  • Bror’gon
  • Xirnonor
  • Dranilluth
  • Razgamen


Living in the depths of an ocean, this Aboleth rules over the lesser denizens. In fact, he has a whole Sahuagin empire under his control and is about to unleash it on the rest of the underwater world.

  • Valgudith
  • Drulran
  • Bozzerak
  • Gorimon
  • Rez’guth
  • Zelgilloth
  • Xoth’temin
  • Dra’zan


The latest ruler of Dornihai, ancient duergar city of the old. Having captured it using cunning and force both, he now rules the city from a nearby underground lake connected by a tunnel. The first stage of his plan is over, and now another begins.

  • Brorthronaz
  • Orken
  • Vogmon
  • Ugdran
  • Thagmomas
  • Drergraruz
  • Drollmuug
  • Arthradauk


One faithful day, a group of powerful wizards managed to capture and transform him into an artifact, a magic gem of great power. Located in a heavily guarded vault, the conscience and the memories of the Aboleth work their magic from within, slowly corrupting those around it in order to eventually break free.

  • Drozgamath
  • Raz’gothoch
  • Mol’gamud
  • Koth’tich
  • Thazukad
  • Sogdromoth
  • Orgrokan
  • Argromak


With insatiable hate towards any non-amphibian creature, this Aboleth is directly responsible for the latest attacks on ships and other similar vessels. While still laying low and acting through others, it will soon find itself in a position where it must choose between two seemingly impossible paths.

  • Onnemog
  • Soth’tuzed
  • Jokathuuch
  • Morgrarol
  • Trarzeraun
  • Deg’thamuth
  • Sollmos
  • Voneth


About ten years ago, this Aboleth enslaved a powerful necromancer who has been creating an undead army for him. While the army still awaits its command at the bottom of the sea, it will soon be directed towards the shores for destruction and mayhem.

  • Thagmaliuch
  • Vograxiun
  • Thath’tolloz
  • Zolvomen
  • Kirrillan
  • Donnalluuz
  • Vug’drad
  • Sozakiuth


Find its way to a large lake using ancient tunnels, it has spread its influence on the local lizardfolk tribes. This has been going on for decades, and today the army is ready. Hungry for blood and fueled by the Aboleth’s rage they are about to invade the nearby human kingdom.

  • Ostradaath
  • Durgrolis
  • Tuzroxad
  • Thogdrakuun
  • Murgan
  • Brarzamath
  • Drag’thoch
  • Balganoth


This young Aboleth stalks the depths of the great Irion lake finding rest in an ancient sunken temple at the bottom. While various amphibious creatures proved to be decently satisfying as food, the Aboleth recently tasted the human brain and has been returning to the surface more regularly ever since.

  • Tozgaz
  • Xizgan
  • Bregath
  • Trarrozath
  • Ozur
  • Sizzoriul
  • Thorrollath

It is said Aboleths remember complete world history, for they were among the first to arrive. They are amphibian monsters who can grow up to 40 feet while possessing potent psionic abilities. Most live in the Underdark, the Far Realm plane, and in the depths of the Seas of Fallen Stars. Cruel and utterly evil, they remember everything thanks to their unique genetic memory and are one of the most dangerous creatures in existence. Think about where your Aboleth might live, how did it became to be, what are its goals, and come up with a name worthy of the horror the creature represents.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with an Aboleth name.

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