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Vampire Name Generator & Guide

“Welcome to my castle.” – a sound of footsteps echoed throughout the hall as the man walked down the stairs, his arms widely open. “Aren’t you lucky to find a shelter in a storm like this?” – the question made the visitors uneasy for some reason. “I am Duke Cleon Blackwood. Please, come warm yourselves near the fire.”

Generate Names

Magdalena Hyde

Isaiah Vondrack

Natalia Luther

Virgil Romanus

Star Choiseul

Isis Lioncourt

Fern Blood

Buffy Sangrey

Chaseleigh Delgado

Idris Bancroft

Prosperine Bloodgood

Opal Luthor

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A Vampire is an iconic character of myths and legends, used in stories of the past, as well as of today. In some places, people believed in it so much that it caused actual mass hysteria. It is one of the most recognizable words in the whole world.

Modern takes on the Vampires heavily influenced their design in games, where the most common look is that of a pale rich noble, who is secretly this grand monster. Like it or not, there are certainly many appealing things about it.

Putting it simply, anyone could be a vampire, but since it has to do even with real-life human history and folklore, their names often resemble human names, from Eastern European ones to old English, spanning the regions where the stories began.

Vampire Last Names

Vampire’s last name mostly depends on the heritage of the creature, and it’s usually something related to the lands, regions, or countries they live in.

  • Hemlock
  • Petrova
  • Nikolaevich
  • Tereshkova
  • Dashkov
  • Vincent
  • Von Stein
  • Constantine
  • Valentine
  • Christiansen
  • Cole
  • Morelli
  • Nicoletti
  • Nestor
  • Silver

Female Vampire Names

The power of being a Vampire does not rely on gender and Vampires women could smear the floor with most of their kind.

  • Helana Sanguine
  • Samantha Sunstar
  • Feronia Claudisous
  • Darla Raith

Hecate Ravena

Former wife of a farmer from a nearby town, she was murdered by bandits. What happened next remains a mystery, but she came back as a vampire and slew the highwaymen’s leader after which the bandits served her to this very day.

  • Kolfinna Lioncourt
  • Levana Bloodfern
  • Hagar Morganthe

Simone Valacari

The last victim of an unknown vampire, she lives an ordinary life in a large city. Suffering from insomnia even before becoming a vampire, along with the fact she is a writer, her night walks are everything but ordinary.

  • Beatrix Rossi
  • Thelma De Luca
  • Angelina Moretti

Ellanora Petrova

As a merchant’s daughter, she’s finding it harder and harder to keep living with her family as the thirst is becoming too much to bear. Battling her wishes of sucking the blood of her parents, she decided to pack her things and leave during one night, as the rain muffled the sounds.

  • Margaret Nikolaevich
  • Anastasia Tereshkova
  • Scarlett Dashkov

Erylis Vincenc

A herbalist and a healer, despite her helping many people from the nearby villages and even more distant towns, she was accused of wizardry and witchcraft. After they captured and killed her, she came back as a vampire filled with a sense of betrayal, in rage, and ready for revenge.

  • Faline Von Stein
  • Amelie Constantine
  • Brigid Valentine

Male Vampire Names

From old scholars to young warriors and nobles, there are many stories about vampire men who used their state of vampirism to enhance their life which often included getting whatever they want.

  • Damien Crinamorte
  • Deacon Vallod
  • Emanuel Romacort

Felik Bloodrose

A knight of the King’s Guard, one of the most respected men in the army, and the kingdom as a whole, is a vampire. Having successfully hidden that for almost a dozen of years now, his self-control is admirable but he is not without fault. Lately some servants seemed to have disappeared, presumably left his service, though those who knew them would tell you otherwise.

  • Luciano Dashkovari
  • Marquis Tepes
  • Mathias Bathory
  • Samuel Verruca

Trevor Romanov

As a member of the Silver Sword, a somewhat secret syndicate. Determined to use his position to gain any information and leverage on other factions, he’s a spy in the secret service responsible for the peace and order in the capital he lives in.

  • Zachariah Klar
  • Abel Gates
  • Adam Roal

Alucard Court

Best known as Captain Kort, he is one of the more notorious pirates that ever sailed the seas. With a hardened veteran crew of sailors and his trusty Galleon with over fifty cannons in total, they are the scourge of the sea and even the warring countries are starting to put their differences aside until they can catch and kill them.

  • Caleb Verdasha
  • Carlos Bancroft
  • Damon Corliss

Deangelo Vaughan

Never wanting more than a simple life, one day during his lumber working days, he suddenly felt dizzy, only to fall unconscious. Waking up 3 days later in his house, you couldn’t tell who was more surprised and confused, him or his family.

  • Demetrius Morrigan
  • Giovanni Crimson
  • Lucius Razmonda

Famous Vampire Names

There are many stories about vampires, but some myths and legends are so great, that their names remain immortal. Here are some of the more famous vampires from real-life stories. Draw inspiration from them and see if they can guide you in creating your own.

  • Elvyra Morganti
  • Ophelia Youngblood
  • Zagan Vondrack

Vlad Dracul

Also known as Vlad Tepes, and the character behind the story of Dracula, he was the cruel and vicious ruler of Wallachia in the 15th century. He is also considered a national hero from that age, though many different versions of the story exist today.

  • Mercy Brown
  • Richard Trenton Chase
  • Arnold Paole

Elizabeth Bathory

Referred to as the Blood Countess, she lived in the 16th and 17th century and has killed over 650 people. There are many stories around her vampire-like tendencies, such as bathing in blood, though none are verified completely.

  • Bellatrix Morvant
  • Rosalyn Salizar
  • Zagan Vondrack

Petar Blagojevich

A Serbian villager who started one of the first documented mass vampire hysterias in the 18th century. As he died, soon after, nine more people perished out of which those that were on death-bed claimed they were attacked by him at night. More controversy hangs around him, and it’s one of those worth looking into.

  • Morfran Wolfe
  • Ciaran Drach
  • Dreven Voss

Playing a Vampire most often offers at least an additional layer of complexity and fun to our characters. It gives them that extra flair, mystery, and the sense of magic around them, luring us deeper into the world we’re about to embark on. They say with great power comes great responsibility. Being a vampire opens up multiple new options for your character, and even the bad ones are fun and interesting to play with. So think upon who are you going to be, how did you become a Vampire, and then create a name worthy of your plans and go experience the world in both the light and the darkness.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Vampire name.

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