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Drider Name Generator & Guide

“How will we know it’s him?” – the Drow soldier asked his companion using silent language. “He should still have his necklace, no?” – the other moved his fingers in response – “Besides, I learned he goes by the name of Kaq’tos, so that information will surely help once we arrive.”

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Driders are centaur-like creatures who live in the Underdark. As a form of punishment from Lolth, these former Drow were transformed into a half-drow half-spider, resulting in a menacing monster full of pain, anger, anguish, and hate.

They kept their former abilities, magical and otherwise, and are in constant search of fresh blood as they need it to keep themselves alive. They are natural ambushers who can effectively surprise, capture, and kill their enemies, and they fear no danger.

While they have memories of their former lives, they often take on a different name in order to forget their past entirely, though mental clarity is far from achievable for most of them. They possess names like Ikricheq, Kliaroqih, Qhillizir, and Heezherzel.

Good Drider Names

Driders have exotic names much like the Drow. They are hard to pronounce and provide a sense of mystery, magic, and wickedness. Many would say it doesn’t matter what their name is as it would probably be the last thing you hear anyway.

  • Lain’qaso
  • Qer’ieq
  • Zhiruvees
  • Rhos’tichiq
  • Kharzaq
  • Reekkaq
  • Chelrel
  • Yaiva


For having killed his sister, a grave offense in the Drow society, he was punished and sent to one of the roughest parts of the known Underdark. It is a small miracle he has survived for this long, as the fresh blood he needs to survive becomes harder to find with each passing day.

  • Yacikor
  • Aiqakkas
  • Zhovod
  • Niseq
  • Niqrid
  • Sevonto
  • Qhaqi
  • Iaqee
  • Irzih


Once a second daughter of a high-ranking House, this priestess was unsuccessful in performing a coup against her matron mother. As a result, she now roams the underground caverns, looking for a way to end the endless stream of negative thoughts that haunt her existence.

  • Ekicoq
  • Chozaq
  • Szassis
  • Artieq
  • Zalliq
  • Khochoq
  • Zicherteq
  • Qhantud
  • Yar’a


For having led a rather poor life as a Drow, enjoying little status, this Drider did wonders with what she was left with. She quickly gathered those who want something more of their cursed reality and is now commanding dozens of Driders in search of blood and glory.

  • Elra
  • Alruq
  • Yerzeh
  • Sziazica
  • Qhikas
  • Yeelluq
  • Qhivar
  • Calrud


This former first son of a noble House was framed for certain actions, including an illegal murder, and was sacrificed to Lolth. His inability to prevent such a deception was frowned upon by the great deity, and so she decided to punish him by cursing him into what he is today.

  • Norreed
  • Sakkaced
  • Ceeqa
  • Qhechorre
  • Rokkos
  • Rheqrus
  • Zova
  • Chaqrad


Whether it’s a blessing or an additional curse, she doesn’t remember her previous life. The worse thing is the fact that she forgot everything she knew, including her once potent magical abilities and even fighting skills. Having to learn everything again, in a different body, has proved to be almost an impossible task so far.

  • Chevi
  • Qhozuqir
  • Yentas
  • Szat’ul
  • Rhichellal
  • Szanqil
  • Szortuq
  • Levarrai


This Drider certainly made most of his situation, where he managed to get a Kua-Toa tribe under his command. They now serve him, and to enjoy the protection of his magical prowess they continue to provide him with sacrifices of both creatures they find and their very own kin.

  • Oricol
  • Seconqaih
  • Qhenqad
  • Iqah
  • Qhokker
  • Liricil
  • Qhezsizi
  • Yiasnar
  • Cairtica

As a wicked form of punishment, these once Drow are now terrifying monsters, with a body of a spider from the waist down. Despite their new hideous form, they still possess all memories of their former life, as well as their capabilities, magical or otherwise. Dwelling in the corners of Underdark, they are constantly on the hunt for fresh blood without which they can’t survive for long. Due to their neverending suffering, most of them prefer solitude, though certain Drider groups are known to exist. Think about what this character did to get punished, where did they go next, are there any plans in motion, and create a name worthy of this Drider’s potential.

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