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Myconid Name Generator & Guide

The wary fungus creatures made no attempt to move before the frightened deep gnome. A few moments later, after inhaling the strange myconid spore dust, the gnome could hear one speak without talking. “Worry not, little one, I am Fusbera, and I will show you the way out.”

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Myconid are humanoid fungus creatures, up to twelve feet tall, that live in the Underdark. They have a special aversion to violence and are united in their focus for the present and with a daily strict schedule, they remain ever-watchful of outsiders.

Religion has a large part in their six-stage lifetime, where each of them lasts about four years. In combat, they use their stubby yet sharp-end hands, while they can resort to various spores, such as hallucination, poison, and other effects.

While Myconid live a monotonous life they are grateful to be a part of such a unified community, always remembering everyone they meet. Through their interactions, their names become known, names like Favolus, Deepbark, and Puffball.

Good Myconid Names

Myconid names can feel alien-like to many surface-dwelling races but it is to be expected from this strange race of the Underdark. Sometimes the words are also lost during interactions as the Myconids communicate by telepathic means.

  • Phylo
  • Posbara
  • Rasharoo
  • Rumpadump
  • Stool
  • Yestabrod
  • Bolete
  • Deepbark


Ever curious, during his first stage of life, he fell into an unknown dark substance much akin to oil. From that day on, everyone knew who he was as it continues to be a topic of positive teasing and laughter.

  • Brownback
  • Buttonhead
  • Greenfoot
  • Morel
  • Mossy
  • Xylaria
  • Portabelt
  • Redstem
  • Soft-Step


If there’s one thing this Myconid knows how to do, it’s using his poison spores. For some reason, not only it doesn’t affect him at all but he has become somewhat addicted to it. Rumor is he was seen relaxing in his own cloud of poison smoke.

  • Hericium
  • Ramaria
  • Aleuria
  • Bisporella
  • Bulgaria
  • Chlorociboria
  • Jafnea
  • Peziza
  • Psybie


Dutiful, cheerful, and supportive, she is a much-loved member of the community. Being in her final stage of life, she isn’t as sprightly as she used to be but her spirit never waivers. The young ones also seem to love her company the most.

  • Boletus
  • Shroomie
  • Agaricuu
  • Lyophyllum
  • Stereum
  • Chlorophyllum
  • Amanita
  • Hapalopilus


While she does perform her daily duties, she can’t ignore her affinity for plants, mushrooms, and other herbs alike, and this is the main reason why she’s always found missing. Unbeknownst to her, today’s exploration could spell doom if she isn’t careful.

  • Marasmius
  • Lentinus
  • Tremella
  • Marasmius
  • Scleroderma
  • Collybia
  • Macrolepiota
  • Teloschistes


A particularly lazy Myconid, he’s often being reminded there are still chores to do. While he does continue, although reluctantly, his mind remains preoccupied with thoughts of why is this life his reality and what can he do to change it.

  • Coprinus
  • Austroboletus
  • Fuligo
  • Leucoprinus
  • Podaxis
  • Coprinus
  • Boletus
  • Ganoderma


Explorer, linguist, adventurer, a fool. This is how the rest of the community describes him whenever he’s mentioned. While they continue to share worthless opinions, he’s focused on exploring the local Underdark region in hopes he meets new creatures and potential allies.

  • Royoungia
  • Colus
  • Phallus
  • Polyporus
  • Calocera
  • Phallus
  • Auricularia
  • Fuligo
  • Amanita

Myconids are peaceful fungus humanoids that focus on their daily work and chores. Their society is highly coordinated and united in their cause while remaining wary of other creatures roaming the Underdark. They can use their puffy hands and special pores to defend themselves, though they will try all nonviolent options first. Think about where the character lives, what kind of a community are they a part of, what separates them from the rest of their kin, and create a name worthy of this Myconid peculiar nature.

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