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Cultist Name Generator & Guide

“Don’t look at her directly.” – the woman struggled to keep her voice down as her friend listened intently. “She brings nothing good, I’m telling you. And what kind of a name is that, Amela Thornheart, anyway. We best stay away from her and shady folk alike.”

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Alex Barlow

Elissa Villalobos

Damien Calarook

Rassler Shackleton

Redcap Deamonne

Rhys Redwood

Stryker Tempest

Freed Keeling

Ramona Victor

Hunter Addington

Ayda Shadowwalker

Theodor Soulton

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Whether they worship a certain deity, an ancient demon, or some existing magical beast, the Cultists are united in their cause. By performing various rituals and other more mundane duties they pursue their common goals with great tenacity.

Their rather zealous approach makes some of them sound insane when it comes to their beliefs and shady practices, and there are many occasions where cults are behind abductions and sacrifices of the innocent with which they often get away with.

While they have a common goal, most can’t resist feeling proud of being a part of such an organization, and so they try to take a bit of that reputation for their names to be heard, names such as Drace Killian, Seren Tombend, and Hortensia Graves.

Good Cultist Names

It is said that most Cultists hide their associations with their organization, both for safety and secrecy concerns. Therefore, it’s not surprising to hear that they often choose a completely different name to remain anonymous.

  • Auron Strain
  • Everit Grove
  • Amarant Woods
  • Grumio Nox
  • Jett Barlow
  • Isaac Tempest
  • Joshua Drabek
  • Voss Highmore

Zadimus Soulton

After running into a dying man who wouldn’t have agreed on his book being taken, this erudite half-elf was quickly fascinated by its content. The information he acquired was more than enough to start his now long-successful secret society.

  • Charles Hook
  • Draven Grim
  • Ephraim Graves
  • Upir Latimer
  • Cyan Craft

Drace Malum

Ironically, he was never fond of big groups of children while growing up but now, as an adult, he’s been a part of a large secret cult that is determined to bring a certain ancient monster back from the dead.

  • Mitch Steros
  • Drace Whisper
  • Bludwan Dukes
  • Kindle Virgil
  • Keetes Bloodgood

Female Cultist Names

There are many reasons why women would join a cult and in some organizations, there are just as many of them, if not more, as their male counterparts. In fact, some are led by women who have far more than it takes to achieve their plans and glory.

  • Eldritch Depraysie
  • Seren Panther
  • Eldon Maganti
  • Rapture Black
  • Blade Grim
  • Rogue Everbleed
  • Clarita Geulimja
  • Zane Delacroix

Soren Barclay

A general shop clerk during the day, a cunning cultist by night. This dwarf has been dealing with some of the most powerful members of the underground society, one whose goal is to undermine the current king and his loyal subjects, and all to spite Moradin who they consider a false deity.

  • Glimmer Vandran
  • Ophelia Vigil
  • Calamity Darkmore
  • Ilene Hook
  • Morden Diablo

Rosary Dread

This gnome necromancer specializes in raising the dead and her actions haven’t gone unnoticed. Two months ago, she was approached by a stranger who ultimately showed her she wasn’t the only one practicing the dark arts, and that the members of this new group have a higher purpose to offer.

  • Lexx Storm
  • Eleanore Snow
  • Quota Periculum
  • Cyan Wraith
  • Ayda Fang

Male Cultist Names

Whether they joined a cult due to the shared belief or because someone told them something that made them accept the new reality, all of them decided to have a higher purpose in life regardless of how good or evil the intentions might have been.

  • Driscoll Creighton
  • Heinrik Le Doux
  • Moldark Talbot
  • Icas Hook
  • Balthier Killian
  • Joshua Drabek
  • Cinder Christian
  • Alistair Blankley

Tempest Graves

He’s still not certain he made the right choice but there he is, working as a doctor for a rather large group of zealous associates who continuously bring all but dead people for him to try to save. More often than not, the task proves to be impossible and he is then tasked to study the body and its anatomy and take as many notes as possible.

  • Lazarus Wyrm
  • Norrix Howler
  • Rhazien Keeling
  • Law Geulimja
  • Fromir Barclay

Ike Talbot

While he’s still one of the town’s blacksmiths, his work deteriorated after he lost his family to disease. Drinking became his occupation of choice, and now he often wanders the streets drunk, claiming a certain deity will come and punish them all. Unbeknownst to him, local aspiring cultists have taken notice and are on their way to hire him, or silence him for all times.

  • Jaymes Latimer
  • Colton Labyrinth
  • Elliot Grimsbane
  • Maggart Cane
  • Seth Whitmore

Cultist Faction Names

Cultist organizations can be whole networks of people spreading across towns, cities, kingdoms, and even whole regions. They often spread the word of their deity but also work from the shadows where their ultimate goal is known only to those who lead them.

  • Walls of Faith
  • Serpent Sons
  • Children of Koldros
  • The Twilight
  • Crimson Flame
  • Eyeless Ones
  • Order of the Void
  • Eternal Salvation

Brotherhood of Purity

Despite their rather noble name, their intentions are far from pure. The ultimate goal is to eradicate all other humanoid races from the kingdom, and then the region surrounding it. This ambitious plan is worked on by an even more ambitious leader of once-great renown.

  • Rightful Disciples
  • Hands of Hope
  • Targla’s Faithful
  • Dragonlords
  • Righteous Followers

Order of the Dawn

They say the night is darkest before dawn, and this mentality is certainly instilled in this organization’s belief. While they are working on destroying an evil cult of demon worshipers, their zealous approach has left little room for empathy and kindness, and too often does the end justify the means.

  • Hell’s Whisper
  • Skulls of the Seven
  • Unbroken Promise
  • The Damned
  • Timeless Ascension

Cultists are united in their common goal, whether it’s to spread the influence of their deity, resurrect a fallen creature, or summon an ancient demon lord. Their zealous approach makes them tenacious and relentless, and they use all means available to achieve their goals. Think about where and how this character lived before joining a cult, what kind of an organization are they a part of now, what are the goals of both them and the syndicate and create a name worthy of this Cultist’s ambitions.

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