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Bandit Name Generator & Guide

“Oh, you’re done now, boy”. The bandit’s teeth were as rotten as his presence while his sidekick behind him laughed wickedly. “Tanner wants to see your pretty face”. The boy’s eyes widened as he turned as pale as snow – “T..T..Tanner…the…the…the Viper?”

Generate Names

Bulletproof Eddie

Gabriella the Bug

Fruitcake Mistee

Bulletproof Hayley

Sharon the Scar

Bullseye Tamia

Casey Whisper

Blackjack Brand

Shades Jeanette

Scottie the Fool

Straight Jacket Carson

Jarod the Outlaw

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Bandits are people who chose to live outside of the law, for one reason or another. Stealing, robbing, and killing people for their own personal gain is their daily life, and they rarely shy away from any means necessary if it guarantees success.

They are known to make camps in the wild, away from prying eyes, which often acts as a launching point for all their operations. On the other hand, some tend to lead a more nomadic life, traveling the same roads as their future potential victims.

While riches are what drive any Bandit into action, many also seek glory as well. Their deeds, such as they are, increase their notoriety, and their names become feared, names like Eyepatch Erin, Scars Dickinson, and Jo Fastfingers.

Good Bandit Names

While anyone can decide to turn their back to the law and become a Bandit, many choose to forgo their real names and create one that will have the desired effect on others, be it fear, jealousy, or any other emotion they desire to provoke.

  • Old Barty Quints
  • Mad Sylvia
  • Mercer Baltus
  • Irene Snake-eyes
  • Corbin the Vile
  • Hendricks
  • Billy the Lech
  • Mean Marty


To the public, he is Mr. Grant, an owner of a high-class inn where enough coin can get you a bath, a nice meal, and a cozy bed. Unbeknownst to the whole trading town on the rise, he is also the leader of the notorious Black Scarf Gang where he uses the information on wealthy travelers for their own personal gain.

  • Robin Whispers
  • Bardek “The Sneer”
  • Nightfang
  • Vala Nine-lives
  • Mark Goldwin

Smiling Erik

Contrary to his name, Erik smiles only when the unfortunate victim is about to die. The stories surrounding him, especially the ones regarding his torturing skills, make most people cower in fear while the brave ones aren’t keen on meeting him either.

  • Hunchback Harry
  • Jackson Squint
  • Carlos
  • Silent Jack

Justine Knuckles

Four hundred to one. That is her unofficial record when it comes to fighting in a bare-knuckle fashion, mostly against other cutthroats and outlaws. People that know her longer swear most fights actually started just because people asked who was the person who she couldn’t beat.

  • Silas Numbers
  • Merciful Marry
  • Walton Wild-eye
  • Samuel Gains
  • Serpent Sally

Female Bandit Names

There are many stories of female Bandits making their name in the world, where their actions and personality speak louder than words, and their wicked ways have certainly left a mark wherever they went.

  • Kellie the Angel
  • Razortooth Avon
  • Scars Anissa
  • Crackpot Jocelyn
  • Shades Jeanette
  • Blackjack Kimmy
  • Selina Coins
  • Marlene the Suit

Reanna Scarface

After a very poor upbringing, mostly done on the streets of a large city, she managed to become part of one of the smaller local gangs. This sufficed until she recently had an encounter that earned her a couple of gold coins. Immediately captivated by the shine, she swore to become rich or die trying that very day.

  • Edolie the Thief
  • Demelza the Heister
  • Straight Jacket Nyah
  • Crazy Audery
  • Nightmare Keeley

Easter Smokes

Known best for her smoke-like gray hair, she’s seen and been through more than half the gang’s newcomers together. While she isn’t that old, the years are catching up to her and she’s beginning to wonder whether it’s to retire from this unpredicting life and settle down at last.

  • Black Eyed Agrona
  • Yuliana the Rogue
  • Lucia Phantom
  • Pickpocket Aubree

Angel Eyes

She is an assassin who uses her stunning looks to seduce her victims before coldly ending their life. Staring at them, with her big ocean-blue eyes, there is yet a man who will be able to resist her gaze in time to see the hidden dagger that is being handled so deftly.

  • Crazy Jane
  • Ayana Black Eye
  • Two-Face Afton
  • Jaime Four-Finger
  • Mad Esther

Male Bandit Names

Some are killers while others prefer less violent robberies but make no mistake, almost all of them are ready to cross the line if the situation turns on them. Their fickle nature and lifestyle make one thing certain and that is their unpredictability.

  • Bullseye Anderson
  • Three Fingered Dwayne
  • Shark Clark
  • Seberg the Angel
  • Rae the Mumbler
  • Chapman the Shark
  • Kory Nightmare
  • Shipley the Sly

Spider Harry

He loves spiders and the spiders seem to love him, which wouldn’t be that unusual if not for the fact he owns more than dozen. There are rumors he uses magic to control them, and some people even swear they saw the spiders kill a man, in mid-day.

  • Mad Casey
  • Grinning Ryley
  • Wild Warfield
  • Shade Ed
  • Edwin the Beast

Redd the Brute

When they call Redd, someone is about to be dead. This is a common saying within his organization, a thieves guild that specializes in robbery, extortion, and killing. While some would say he isn’t the brightest of the candles in the room, his strength alone is enough to make a man soil himself just by knowing what’s coming.

  • Crackpot Scottie
  • Ruddy the Knuckles
  • Cynric Toothless
  • Phantom Rene

Lucky Dean

They say if you’re half as lucky as Dean, then you’re a lucky person. Stories about him became a myth until he suddenly resurfaced to the scene after disappearing for more than a decade. Nowadays, he gets to tell his side of what really happened to anyone willing to listen, something that earns him a coin or two from time to time.

  • Numbers Branden
  • Viper Borden
  • Reaper Knox
  • Gower the Beast
  • Clarence Danger

Bandit Group Names

Sometimes the outlaws have a common cause, or simply benefit from acting together, so groups are made. And some of these groups became so notorious that merely speaking their name brings a shiver down the spine.

  • The Gentlemen Bastards
  • Crimson Skulls
  • The Ebony Serpents
  • The Walkers
  • Scarlet Brotherhood
  • Silent Daggers
  • Ghosts in the Night
  • Lucky Rabbits

Hundred Arrows

This notorious group is made of ten highly skilled archers who specialize in ambushing marching armies. The sheer amount of arrows taking flight in such a short amount of time, and each finding their target, has earned them both the name and fame.

  • Swords of Justice
  • The Black Sapphire
  • Blood Brothers
  • The Doglords
  • Coffin Cheaters

The Forsaken

What once started as a small group is now a highly coordinated organization where most, if not all, members are disinherited nobles, wrongfully accused outlaws, and prisoners who never deserved the punishment. These outcasts, as they like to call themselves, are an interesting example of how honor can be found in the strangest of places.

  • Crimson Posse
  • The Wolf Gang
  • Demon’s Hand
  • The Enigma
  • Thorns of Steel

Bandits, or outlaws as many refer to such people, live on the other side of the law where they mostly take what they want. Thieving, robbing, and even killing come naturally to most of them, and when they form into groups they can be a deadly threat to even the most trained soldiers. They prey on the weak and innocent, and don’t shy away from any means possible to get what they think they deserve. Think about how the character was raised and where, how was their upbringing, how did they become an outlaw, what are their plans, and create a name worthy of this Bandit’s uncertain future.

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Ozren Kalember
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