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Werewolf Name Generator & Guide

“You said he’d be here but I don’t see any….” – the man suddenly stopped hearing a commotion in the bushes on left. For a moment he thought he saw a wolf running but before he dared to speak again, out of nowhere, a man without any clothes walked out in front of them. “Ahh, Olcan, I see you’re as dramatic as ever” – the other traveler said with a smile, letting his guard down.

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Werewolves are humans afflicted by lycanthropy, able to transform into a wolf and a powerful wolf-man hybrid. For the most part, the transformation is linked to the full moon, where the affected human involuntarily shapeshifts into this monstrosity.

They possess sharp fangs and claws that can tear flesh like a dagger through dry thin cloth. Some stories say they can’t be hurt by mundane weapons, and that you need silver to hurt them and negate their strange and potent ability to regenerate.

Anyone can become affected by lycanthropy, and many victims try to hide this fact from others. As long as their behavior shows nothing out of the ordinary, their names give nothing away, names like Rommik, Noreen, Roy, Estella, and Jacob.

Good Werewolf Names

Werewolf names can be no different from a human name, or any other for that matter, but you can always add a flavor of your own in the form of a descriptive word. Also, having a name that resembles a nickname is oftentimes very effective.

  • Coinin
  • Rollin
  • Bronfall
  • Lycaonia
  • Draugluin
  • Ralphina
  • Velvela
  • Twilight


Alchemist by day, a vicious werewolf by night. This man found a recipe for a potion that allows him to control himself enough to resist the full moon transformation. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s on the verge of finding the right mix to be able to transform any time he wants to.

  • Nightrice
  • Wolfrik
  • Lycandra
  • Lunas
  • Errolina


Bitten and infected at a young age, she is by now well used to her monstrous form, and she likes nothing more than to run wild in her wolf form, feeling the wind and leaves as she rushes on tirelessly.

  • Nicken
  • Rubella
  • Barlog
  • Clawric


Put it simply, he’s slowly going mad. Infected recently, he already experienced the horror of the first transformation. Now, several moons later, he still can’t control the monster in him and the incidents are making him consider suicide as the rage in him is starting to feel too much.

  • Staras
  • Fergus
  • Howly
  • Pouncera
  • Bandos

Female Werewolf Names

Female Werewolves, while they aren’t mentioned as much as the male counterparts, certainly have their place in the gruesome stories that surround such creatures. This can also allow for an even greater surprise when it comes to revealing, for example, that the friendly female store clerk is actually a werewolf serial killer.

  • Helena
  • Beatrice
  • Martine
  • Felita
  • Millie
  • Sierra
  • Anita
  • Rose


Edwina lives alone, deep in a forest with a half-wolf, a pet, and her only true friend. Those who understand birds would know how they speak of two wolves running through the bushes, playing, hunting, killing, and living a predator’s life to the fullest.

  • Nina
  • Azura
  • Linota
  • Duffy
  • Fiona


Ambushed by a small pack of wolves, she was gravely injured while her three dogs died fighting them off. At first, she was saved by a local nobleman but after learning about her infected condition, she was imprisoned by the same man. By now, she is a victim of many experiments that are unlikely to stop any time soon.

  • Katreena
  • Eunice
  • Frenita
  • Alice
  • Mindy

Male Werewolf Names

Werewolves were always one of the more intriguing monsters, extremely rich in lore. They present excellent opportunities for situations where mystery, danger, and horror elements are needed.

  • Prime
  • Kragen
  • Markway
  • Larc
  • Abram
  • Anthony
  • Mace
  • Borgan


Born to a noble family, he is now the last of the line. Living alone in a fairly secluded mansion, he roams the countryside in all his forms. Unbeknownst to him, a certain bounty hunter is on his way to his estate, looking to stir up trouble.

  • Roderiston
  • Quin
  • Enid
  • Gossom
  • Wolfram


Being a werewolf for so long, he has almost all but forgotten his human nature. For some reason, he’s been able to shapeshift at will and has been doing so regularly ever since. This left him nothing but prideful and in awe of his new abilities while being on the constant lookout for how to sate his thirst for blood.

  • Cedric
  • Frederick
  • Angel
  • Rovell
  • Rukheim

Famous Werewolf Names

Some Werewolves find their way to fame as their stories get documented, one way or another. Almost all of them contain accidents, bad luck, fear, grief, and horror elements that can make your hair raise up.

  • Will Blake
  • Lucian Greymark
  • Fenrir Greyback
  • Remus Lupin
  • Jeremy Danvers
  • David Kessler
  • Michael Corvin
  • Lawrence Talbot

Bran Cornick

Werewolves often follow an alpha leader but they look up to the Nightfang, as he is better known. It is said he is the chosen one that will unite the packs and unleash such horror the world has rarely seen.

  • Scott Howard

Werewolf Last Names

Werewolves can certainly have no surname, however sometimes having another name can add more depth to the character, especially when it’s descriptive enough to provide a glimpse into their nature.

  • Redeye
  • Whitemane
  • Farleap
  • Lifebane
  • Bloodseek
  • Halfclaw
  • Dustfang
  • Thickhide


There are many stories surrounding him, from being a giant to having a big black wolf for a pet. While it’s certainly true he has wolf pets, followers even, he is the monster everyone’s scared of, and merely uttering his name strikes fear into a commoner’s heart.

  • Ironskin

Werewolves are hybrids between a wolf and a man where the end result is a deadly creature that can kill a man with one swipe of its claws. Commoners often used them as the main villains for stories, scaring children and adults alike. The affected ones try to hide the truth from others while being continually hunted by mercenaries, bounty hunters, and similar monster slayers. When coming up with a werewolf character, think about who they were before getting infected, how it all started, what kind of plans the character now has, and come up with a name worthy of the unnatural and gore-like life they now lead.

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