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Troll Name Generator & Guide

The adventurers made their way north, walking along a small river. Just as they finally reached the bridge a hulking figure slowly but suddenly appeared from the nearby trees. As the party froze in tracks, grasping their weapons, the monster spoke in broken common: “No pass. You give Zulkaz treasur’ ‘n’ food. Giv’ or die.”

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Trolls are creatures who are always hunched forward yet walk upright, with rubbery skin and sunken eyes. Their famous regenerative abilities make them fearless in battle, apart from when the enemies use fire and acid to prevent such healing.

There are many types of trolls such as Fire trolls, Ice Trolls, and so on, and their blood is highly sought for as it’s a component of many potions. They can eat almost anything and when accepting rewards they make sure food is always offered as well.

While humans consider them all monsters, which they are, they are known to live in smaller societies, clans even, and certain social aspects are present. All of them have a name, names such as Tzuljin, Jaryaya, Yajdna, Zulja, Vujii, and Ugoki.

Good Troll Names

A good troll name can provide a sense of simplicity, savagery, and exotic origin. A single word is more than enough and it is very rare for one of them to have additional names, whether they created it themselves or were given by those around them.

  • Karkat
  • Llort
  • Kulervo
  • Vurgorol
  • Ighnarf
  • Zulabar
  • Xukundi
  • Ugoki


Managing to unite a couple of smaller groups of trolls, he is now considered a leader of a Troll War Group, where their first task is to raid and pillage the surrounding part of the human kingdom. The timing is rather bad, though, as two armies are about to clash on a field very close to their home.

  • Xolkin
  • Trolgar
  • Vriska
  • Ajia
  • Titamor


Fairly intelligent, especially compared to her kin, she is tasked with overseeing all the tribe’s gatherings where the duty is to put those who disrespect the natural order of their society back in line. Recently, the display of her strategic planning also secured a spot on a war council as well.

  • Alzim
  • Yawan
  • Zoljin
  • Teza


A bit uniquely, he doesn’t enjoy fighting as much as some other things but will never pass out on scouting duties, during or outside of a war. His passion for exploration and interaction with other species is something that continues to drive him forward.

  • Zallah
  • Sulynn
  • Hamedi
  • Zengu
  • Zonraja

Female Troll Names

When trolls gather to discuss and plan, female trolls are known to lead these gatherings as they can be more rational than their male counterparts. Of course, this doesn’t diminish their ferocity or make them any less dangerous.

  • Suliya
  • Zujia
  • Zulrea
  • Illa
  • Javilla
  • Teja
  • Kululu
  • Csini


There are two situations where it’s impossible to say no to her, no matter what, and it’s when she wants to eat and when she wants to fight. Her fickle but tenacious nature made a lot of females in the tribe start imitating her ways and ultimately choosing to follow her.

  • Suja
  • Yajdna
  • Anji
  • Tizali
  • Zoti


No one makes a troll soup better than her. No one. Members of the tribe have long learned not to ask any questions and just bring her what she needs to make everyone’s favorite meal. For some reason, whatever they might bring her that day, the feast is always better than the last one.

  • Jezemalu
  • Katzine
  • Xia
  • Kina


As a leader of the tribe, she makes twice the effort to maintain her reputation and authority as not many trolls follow a female commander. However, she is made of something else and her battle prowess is something to behold.

  • Seshia
  • Zeti
  • Saedmara
  • Vitchen
  • Zhonya

Male Troll Names

Male trolls love to eat, and will eat almost anything, and also love fighting as their regeneration makes them safe against all mundane weapons which allows them to act fearlessly in battle.

  • Jinjin
  • Ttarmek
  • Wanjin
  • Jaafan
  • Quivilt
  • Erodjan
  • Zevrij
  • Zulyafi


Gravely injured after a failed ambush, this Troll is trying to reach the safety of his tribe’s caves. Unluckily for him, the elves that are following him are more than determined to put the creature down once and for all.

  • Vekuzz
  • Tzuljin
  • Nuenvan
  • Ayargajin
  • Kaijin


As commander of a hundred goblins and half a dozen ogres, he is finally ready to march his newfound army on the unsuspecting local human town. He’s secretly tasked by a greater power to spread chaos and lure the human army from a nearby castle into the open.

  • Jijel
  • Zulkis
  • Zinjo
  • Haijen


Possessing a rare gift from birth this Troll is capable of performing low-level magic, including being able to create and control fire in a limited fashion. This naturally makes him feared by his kin, as he serves the leader of the unified tribes as his personal wizard.

  • Azibo
  • Zulgeteb
  • Shengis
  • Vulzal
  • Tzane

Trolls are vicious and fearless large humanoids best known for their ability to regenerate. They mostly live in caves and similar lairs, and these voracious creatures will eat almost anything they can get their hands on. In battle, they fear nothing as their rubbery hide and the ability to regenerate protect them from almost any harm. While they don’t have a society per se, they often live in a group, up to a dozen. Think about how the character came to be, where do they reside, and what the future might have in store for this character and create a name worthy of this Troll’s ferocity.

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