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Skeleton Name Generator & Guide

“Raise, my friend.” – the young necromancer uttered softly as a human skeleton rose up to its feet, held together by dark magic. “Even in death, we can be friends, my dear John. And from now on, you are Johnny Bones.”

Generate Names

Chloë Grace Moribs

Channing Tatomb

Clarence Marrow

Tyler Durdead



Diane Killton

Jason Sternum

Daniel Night-Lewight

Queen Latibia

Bridget Bones

Sofia Vergora

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Skeletons can take many forms, from human and elven skeletons to cats and mice, and they are always animated by magic. They are mostly tied to necromancy which can plague any the world, and they are considered undead and a grave threat.

Since they can be created, so too can they be commanded. In fact, it is often that a powerful magic user creates skeletons for their own purposes, whether as guards or as alternative means to attack, despite usually not being very powerful creatures.

Most of the time a skeleton is but a tool for someone more powerful, though there are times when they achieve more than perhaps expected. Their names then become known, names like Marrow Robbie, Chris Rot, and Walter Wight.

Good Skeleton Names

One way to come up with a good Skeleton way is to use a regular name combined with a common word, perhaps associated with a body, or something else that can provide a fitting insight and description.

  • Jack Marrow
  • Pelvis Costello
  • Nicholas Ribcage
  • Macaulay Skullkin
  • Steve Thinshanks
  • Abby Cadaver
  • Inigo Bonetoya
  • Tyler Durdead

Buerris Femur

Something went amiss during the ritual where he was raised and his femurs were somehow switched with humerus bones, leading to a strange look, to say the least. This doesn’t pose any obstacles, however, apart from looking rather strange for those who understand human anatomy.

  • Jessica Bones
  • Katniss Everdead
  • Jacob Spine
  • Dorotty Gale
  • Olivia Wight

Chloe Noribs

This skeleton was raised by an elven mage after the pain from the loss of his mate was too much to bear. She died of a gruesome torso injury and even now, as an undead, she is missing a couple of ribs.

  • May Seethrough
  • Grant Skelly
  • Lars Tibia
  • Norman Kneecap

Jack Drafty

A lot of things can be said about Jack, and while he had no luck in his former life, he’s pretty lucky now. However, he always complains there is a draft and how he could get sick and die. Whether it’s a joke, or he’s out of his mind, it’s sometimes hard to tell.

  • Martin Boneleone
  • Elizabeth Fractures
  • Aurora Skellington
  • Dee Ceased
  • Fred Dead

Female Skeleton Names

While the skeletons have no true gender, they sometimes remember it from their past life, or at the very least act like it. This matters, of course, only if they are actually able to speak in the first place.

  • Eva Mendeath
  • Emma Tombstone
  • Queen Latibia
  • Nicole Killman
  • Kristen Bane
  • Jennifer Gorener
  • Linslay Lohan
  • Sofia Vergora

Helen Marrow

Raised in ancient times, she and other of her kind still roam the empty dark hallways of a long-forgotten temple. She doesn’t feel, she doesn’t think, she simply obeys the only command ever given to her. Protect the tomb at all costs.

  • Sigourney Reaver
  • Ellen Hipley
  • Hermione Graveyer
  • Naomi Wights
  • Marrow Poppins

Felicity Bones

She travels along with a certain necromancer posing as a merchant, always in robes to hide her true nature. Being essentially an assistant and a servant to the mage, she has seen so much yet her memory is empty as ever.

  • Tilda Swintomb
  • Eve Nowaist
  • Diane Killton
  • Christina Hellsworth
  • Kate Beckonskull

Male Skeleton Names

Skeletons can be used for continuous and tireless labor, but also as soldiers even if they are nothing more than a meat shield.

  • Neil Patrick Harrow
  • Killin Firth
  • Helter Skeletor
  • Rocky Boneboa
  • Richard Gore
  • Jon Bone Jovi
  • Donnie Darker
  • Paul Rott

Napolean Bone-Apart

What sets this skeleton apart is his tenaciousness and relentlessness in anything he does. It is as something’s pushing him on, allowing him to make optimal decisions and succeed in his tasks more efficiently that the most of his kind.

  • Pelvis
  • Jason Sternum
  • Tim Rot
  • Ian McKillin
  • Mykill Meyers

Bonedict Cumberbane

The best and the worst thing that someone could have done to him is to make him able to speak. As soon as it happened, he unleashed his acting and voice impression talents upon others. In his defense, his performances are rather good and could earn a lot of money.

  • Pelvis Costello
  • Viggo Morte
  • Morty McFly
  • Edward Nortomb
  • Johnny Dead

Funny Skeleton Names

There’s humor to be found among the undead as well, and the skeletons are no different. When you need to lighten the mood, perhaps a name closer to comedy is an appropriate one, where you can play with words and come up with a more amusing name.

  • Indiana Bones
  • Tomb Hanks
  • Moregone Freeman
  • Bruce Killis
  • Chuck Noribs
  • Elijah Skinnylegs
  • Dave Barefoot
  • Mia Funnybone

Fat Tony

Tony is the man, and Tony doesn’t care about much. He does what he needs to do and seems to talk a lot for someone who can’t even speak. While doing so, he always gestures with one or both of his hands, something that comes very naturally to him.

  • Noah Allbrains

Skeletons may not be powerful creatures, but they can be dangerous as it’s an enemy that never tires. This is also quite useful when it comes to physical labor, and they are often used as guards in tombs and temples of the old. They are versatile as they are limited, and a capable master knows how best to use them. Think about how the skeleton came to be, does it remember anything of their past, does it have any commands and main purposes, and think up a name that will be worthy of the reason they exist.

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