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Lich Name Generator & Guide

With a disgusted expression the dwarf stumbled for words – “Is…is that..really you, Henris?” The man’s skeletal jaws moved slowly as he spoke – “Henris Folbaran is no more, my dear dwarf friend. I am Vhalkor, and all that matters now is finding a way to mend the shards and fulfill my destiny.”

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Apart from a few exceptions, Liches are evil wizards who had the need to live far longer than they were supposed to, so they decided to embrace death by storing some of their life’s energy in a phylactery, becoming immortal in the process.

Unless the phylactery is destroyed, which can be anything from a common trinket to a diamond, the Lich cannot truly die and returns to life within ten days. Keeping it hidden and safe, they continue their plans and schemes which can last for decades.

They usually work from hidden locations in secret, using indirect means to fulfill their goals. Wielding such power doesn’t go unnoticed, however, and some names reach notoriety, names like Xhoozgikuq, Krouxhaz, Strocox, and Rhias’zagnir.

Good Lich Names

Liches often forgo their old names, seeing how it reminds them of the weakness they once possessed. Instead, they use obscure names which are often given by a powerful entity who made it possible for them to achieve the lichdom in the first place.

  • Szuthan
  • Bhal’zi
  • Sqak’vas
  • Vaqnagnodh
  • Kryszeluk
  • Othorain
  • Srylxugux
  • Doc’nic


Many years ago this Lich managed to convince a dragon to serve him. As if that wasn’t enough, the dragon willingly accepted to be transformed into a dracolich. Now, after a wicked and unholy ritual, they are concocting a plan which will spell doom on all of the kingdoms in the region.

  • Uryl
  • Bzustoq
  • Srukvuz
  • Psougdyr
  • Sqac’maghac


This man was the scourge of the sea until one fateful day a stray projectile ended his life, sending him to Davy Jones’ Locker. This was no true end, however, as a deep-sea creature took him under his wing and made him immortal. Now he roams the seas, following his master’s ambitions by captaining a magic ship, his phylactery.

  • Nhuskaciax
  • Scix’zyghi
  • Zhaq’dag
  • Ubzyc


As he’s on the verge of a breakthrough of his final act, unbeknownst to him, the three brave heroes are about the enter his lair, intent on destroying their arch enemy once and for all. His defenses are in place but not yet complete, and the encounter that’s about to follow will be his greatest test.

  • Bzos’zaeq
  • Vhogve
  • Cad’zos
  • Tsasir
  • Goc’nograd

Female Lich Names

As the flesh rots away, given enough time, it’s all but impossible to know whether a Lich was a woman. Unless they remember their old name or reveal themselves some other way, all that remains standing is a magically fueled skeleton of immense power.

  • Myrzu
  • Szaenzu
  • Stul’khe
  • Tairke
  • Dheeb’ghiq
  • Mogmaca
  • Srarzuku
  • Scek’nukoi


This wizard has yet to realize she died but came back, thanks to a ritual performed by her followers. It remains to be seen what happens when she realizes she’s become a lich, has no need for food and water, and that it’s only a matter of time until her flesh is no more.

  • Zithoka
  • Xhud’ghiki


Also known as Matron of Bones, she studied the forgotten knowledge for decades and the undead under her control kept increasing in number. Now, almost a century later, that army is on its way to the surface with only one goal in mind. Destruction.

  • Vusgeca
  • Xikvuma
  • Vik’niagi

Elder Lich Names

Elder Liches are often former wizards whose corpse has been raised from the dead by some form of a sacrifice. These unholy magic rituals allow them immortality, albeit with certain consequences involved.

  • Davernoch
  • Wendellor
  • Amaravix
  • Emeffaeh
  • Uzagreth
  • Vexacion
  • Ecthroxis
  • Noiraxary


Once a bright mind who had all the potential needed to reach even the highest of aspirations, now he is but a tool for a higher power. A demon of the ancient world has set his gaze upon him and has been using him for his own foul purposes ever since.

  • Vorkalxi
  • Zapharaa


Using an artifact of a bygone age, this archmage was brought to life thanks to a couple of friendly brave souls. The problem that no one realized until it was too late was that the artifact contained a fragment of a demon’s power. Rising from the dead, he proceeded to slay them all, after which he started to focus on his new goals.

  • Valerach
  • Ionarath
  • Mordanoch

Famous Lich Names

Some Liches reach almost unimaginable power that makes it impossible to remain hidden from all eyes and ears. Their names often go down in history, regardless of eventually being defeated or not.

  • Lady Saharel
  • Renwick Caradoon
  • Harthoon
  • Wulgreth
  • Ythazz Buvaar
  • Rammaq
  • Aumvor The Undead
  • Rhaugilath The Ageless


This Lich of immense power is responsible for the death curse that was caused by his artifact, The Soulmonger, when it was placed inside the Tomb of the Nine Gods. There are many stories surrounding him, and the worst ones are all true.

  • Kangaxx
  • Alathene Moonstar


Also known as the Shadow King, this Lich is one of the most powerful mages in the whole world. At one time he was the infamous Sorcerer-King of Netheril and a guardian of the Warlock’s Crypt.

  • Redeye
  • Shoon VII
  • Sammester

Liches can be perfect for the main in your story. They work in secret, hidden from sight, and their indirect influence can reach even the farthest corners of the world. Since many races can become liches, that fact provides ample opportunities for their background story, characteristics, roleplaying, and more. There are also games where a player can be a Lich, as well, which certainly adds more depth and complexity. Think about what motivated the character to become a Lich, how they became one, what are their current and future plans and goals, and come up with a name worthy of the power they aspire to reach.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Lich name.

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