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Balor Name Generator & Guide

“Wait, wait… you want us to travel for a fortnight, somehow find a long-lost underground city, make our way to the very bottom level having to fight Gods know what, and then slay this… this… Xullmuzoth demon or however you call it? Are you mad!?”

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Balors are large humanoid demons, twelve feet tall and over four thousand pounds, who have massive bat-like wings which allow them to fly with incredible agility. Their fury is rarely matched, yet these fiends are also known for their elaborate schemes.

While they have a very important part in the everlasting Blood War, they also possess a certain thirst for spreading their influence elsewhere, especially the Material Plane. Some are known to even live there, lurking deep underground.

Mortals refer to them merely as demons but they do have a name of their own, and each Balor is unique in its own way. Their acts speak for themselves, raising their notoriety constantly, names like Xazreloth, Beg’thuth, Az’gan, and Izgaxug.

Good Balor Names

Balors, like most demons, have exotic names that mortals have are a hard time pronouncing, even if they knew what it was in the first place. On the other hand. there are stories that say there is only one in existence and that Balor is actually the demon’s name.

  • Draggon
  • Sallmag
  • Drangrorath
  • Restrin
  • Zelveron
  • Trarkukoth
  • Rar’gizon
  • Thuromaz


Today is the day of ruin, for he has been summoned to the Material Plane after half a century of scheming and plotting from the Abyss. Now the destruction and chaos begin, now the mortal kingdoms shall fall one by one like they never existed at all.

  • Tarath
  • Ekoth
  • Ezzalluk
  • Gath’tedath
  • Brarinnoth
  • Brorgrulak
  • Ollmag
  • Agdroxoth
  • Beglon


Though imprisoned with powerful magic, deep underground, beneath a long-forgotten tomb, he spends his time strategizing on how the escape this infuriating reality. His power is great enough to influence the creatures within the area, and the plans for his freedom have started to unfold.

  • Trurzeraz
  • Azgarad
  • Treg’droroth
  • Torothoz
  • Trorkakath
  • Xorzon
  • Algriraal
  • Bogmoron
  • Rorgrin


Having recently ascended to Balor, this demon is now ready to exact revenge on all who wronged him in the past. The list is long but his memory is longer and now he hunts the unfortunate victims across the Abyss, looking to further increase his power.

  • Riz’gon
  • Koth’todoch
  • Jig’thumun
  • Ar’ullon
  • Thastremak
  • Aggug
  • Bogamoz
  • Argillok


This demon has ravaged three kingdoms so far, before arriving at the borders of the elven domain. Now united under a common cause, the elves are about to give him the fight of his whole existence, where the stakes are higher than ever before.

  • Burnoth
  • Zazramoth
  • Mirgorauth
  • Dig’drinnuun
  • Dakalled
  • Xoth’talaas
  • Goglun
  • Vez’goniuk


After a crushing defeat at the hands of a noble knight, this demon was banished back to his home Plane, leaving him with far less power than before. Having risen through the ranks once more, he is now ready to make his return.

  • Drulgidul
  • Jengrudach
  • Molvoth
  • Xig’tholes
  • Iz’gach
  • Migdranid
  • Aglirun
  • Drigmokan


A rather tenacious kobold tribe dig too deep, ignoring the warnings of their spiritual leader who knew what the end result would be. Eventually, the mine collapsed which opened a way for the Balor to find its way to the upper tunnels, and ultimately the surface.

  • Drolvidoth
  • Olgan
  • Jostrollon
  • Trerthrak
  • Drogdraxath
  • Bronnan
  • Olgexon
  • Brezrumes
  • Drugronnaaz

Balors are powerful demons that dwell in the Abyss. Standing twelve feet tall, these bat-wing monstrous humanoids are said to be wielding a sword and a whip, while fire and darkness are their allies which they command at will. Sometimes they find their way to the Material Plane, where they dwell in the depths of the underground. Once they do act, however, chaos and turmoil ensue for they destroy all in their path. Think about how this character came to be, what they went through while attaining such power, what are their main plans and goals, and create a name worthy of this Balor’s viciousness.

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