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Beholder Name Generator & Guide

“This is no mere tunnel, my young apprentice, for it leads to the lair of one of the deadliest monsters alive. Make no mistake, grave danger awaits us but we will welcome it with courage in our hearts. Celdracsh, the fiend that resides there, will most definitely test our will so prepare and steel your mind, boy.”

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Beholders, aberrations of the Underdark, are one of the most iconic monsters ever created. Hovering when moving, this legless large ball of flesh has one cyclops-like eye and 10 tentacles, and each of them ends as an eye of its own.

They are such natural schemers that mortal plots seem like baby talk, and they are constantly changing and adapting their plans to the situations around them. They can cast powerful spells and shoot them straight from their creepy tentacle eyes.

Whether they lurk in the depths of the Underdark or are a part of some organization, they all have names whether one knows about it or not. There are many Beholders whose name is spoken with fear, names like Bargralks, Xaantas, and Ghirbaceki.

Good Beholder Names

Being incredibly paranoid by nature it is no wonder they are reluctant to share their plans as well as their names with just anyone. Even when the name is given, most would have a hard time even pronouncing such an otherworldly word.

  • Mormosciaci
  • Oxirnyial
  • Fohlauh
  • Dhilshaln
  • Irtas
  • Birliph
  • Kharthroll
  • Aozuksehs


Summoned many decades ago by an ambitious wizard who is long deceased by now, the demon continues to use his powers to make a stronghold of the forgotten temple it resides in. His ways of manipulating weaker but cunning races will be the cornerstone of the things to come.

  • Khirmoqse
  • Cidlakse
  • Volxxee
  • Chauz
  • Zetracs
  • Erthosh
  • Cimdrils
  • Denthill
  • Datoqsaehs


Serving in a huge demon army poised for an imminent invasion, this Beholder is tasked with guarding a strategic location once it’s taken from the enemy. Bolstered by numerous kobolds, the plan is to seize the fortress and mine the surrounding hills for iron and other much-needed raw materials.

  • Amdrarailx
  • Volyskerso
  • Zarq
  • Ihm
  • Qidduhs
  • Orthyks
  • Cholulks
  • Dontho
  • Thedhocaehn


Lurking in the depths of the Underdark, this demon is about to encounter one of the most powerful Drow mercenary organizations. Unbeknownst to the demon, the group is actively seeking its existence and location, where they will propose a peculiar and very interesting offer.

  • Irdacix
  • Chethrozasa
  • Qhilm
  • Ahn
  • Ghezdoln
  • Corgrulks
  • Genti
  • Khaarahx


At this very moment, a wizard is finishing a long and tedious summoning ritual, well hidden inside his hidden tower quarters. On the other side, this demon knows he’s about to be summoned and eagerly awaits this magical call.

  • Qinusciaksh
  • Qhirniski
  • Qhidtryqseri
  • Farv
  • Thocs
  • Argaksh
  • Rimdrolks
  • Thiadruln
  • Ghathdra


Having lost three tentacles to a certain dwarven mercenary group, he has been stalking them as they make their way back to the surface. Such injuries can never be forgotten nor forgiven, and the demon is plotting his way until the moment of vengeance arrives.

  • Amdrasker
  • Damicils
  • Therlaksekee
  • Lahl
  • Zoch
  • Aumdu
  • Dorni
  • Qemlu


This demon has been chosen as one of many guards of a powerful Dragon’s treasure cache. Lurking the dark tunnels inside a huge mountain, nothing escapes his vision and the duty that was tasked has been done with exemplary results for more than a century.

  • Xethoqsaeksh
  • Nelbrokarv
  • Odiskae
  • Qamniqaexie
  • Jis
  • Khe
  • Zethryrv
  • Qanthrarq

Beholders are powerful aberrations who mostly dwell in the Underdark, though they are known to associate with other races. With multiple tentacles, each ending with an eye, they are able to cast powerful spells, and they are very intelligent creatures who love to plot and scheme and will never stop doing so. Worthy adventurers welcome the opportunity to hunt and kill these aberrations as their hide and other parts can be used to enhance weapons and armor. Think about how you’re going to use the character, what is their main purpose, where they live, and create a name worthy of this Beholder’s potent abilities.

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