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Wyvern Name Generator & Guide

The party froze in tracks as a large shadow made its way from behind them. Looking up, they saw a winged creature land on top of a nearby perch. “Please tell me that’s not a dragon, master dwarf.” “Not quite, lad. That’s Krairveg, the Fang of Bloodvale, and we are her lunch.”

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Wyverns could be considered cousins to dragons, with their large wings, scaly legs, and a leathery scorpion-like tail. Their venom is highly poisonous and can kill a creature in seconds, and thus highly sought for by hunters and similar adventurers.

They are aggressive creatures who prefer to attack from the air, and back away only if they sustain serious injuries. While being very cunning creatures, they lack real intelligence so it’s very possible to escape their wrath if one maintains composure.

There are stories about giants using them as pets, and some people even managed to tame and ride them. However, they are perilous creatures and their horrible deeds allow their names to be heard, names like Qiqruac, Gruqqogax, and Irhekoq.

Good Wyvern Names

Wyvern names are usually exotic names that share a certain resemblance with dragon and elven names. There are more than several cases where certain wyverns earn another name, a nickname, that provides some insight into who they are.

  • Drigzaq the Red Lance
  • Jezex
  • Rerreq the Blue Storm
  • Bruuvruat
  • Cunzoz
  • Tezzaz the Green Thorn
  • Cezuzzeix
  • Vindrasqak


She stalks the great dark forest of the old, hunting and feasting on ancient beasts roaming the region. Despite being on the top of the food chain there, she will face her hardest trial yet as a certain group of manticores just entered her territory.

  • Aorhet
  • Graariaq
  • Virqondeq
  • Grizuiq
  • Cekrac the Icebreaker


Better known as the Walker, this wyvern is so massive it spends the majority of its time on the ground rather than in the air like most of his kin, even in combat. The truth is, the wyvern is carrying scars from a horrific wing injury for decades now and has trouble flying ever since.

  • Vukigo
  • Kaziachun
  • Udrenog the Spear of Darkness
  • Rervus


This wyvern has been resting for weeks now, having almost died from a griffon ambush. Hiding in his cave, the food reserves are running low and he will have to go out, despite the fact the wounds haven’t fully healed yet.

  • Thiavac
  • Gnazon
  • Thandigud
  • Kaerhachucthe the Gem Serpent
  • Enzenad

Lightning Wyvern Names

It’s not certain when the stories of blue and purple shade creatures breathing lightning started, but there are certainly numerous witnesses who are able to describe such horrible creatures with eerie details. The horror in their eyes often serves as proof of their claims.

  • Zerhun
  • Rhuti
  • Naorvu
  • Thahreq
  • Druqqith
  • Vingah
  • Qoqqudhith
  • Akhiche


Best known as The Thunderbolt, this great blueish wyvern has been terrorizing the valley, and beyond, for almost a century. Today, eight brave adventurers are on their way to slay it and earn renown and glory in the process, and this event will prove a turning point for everyone involved.

  • Vaqqac
  • Drindikhoth


Still a young wyvern, she is learning the ropes by imitating what her parents do. She will need to learn fast, however, as three dozen orcs are on their way to the lair, hunting the wyverns for their hide, poison, and everything else they can put to use.

  • Cherheh
  • Kuhrizzao
  • Aonzetoh

Ice Wyvern Names

Some sources claim these are the most bird-like wyverns of them all, having white skin, and possessing an icy breath that can freeze a man alive. Others say their bodies are completely covered in spikes, from head to the end of the tail.

  • Chuvik
  • Zoqrik
  • Gonzued
  • Qetrua
  • Nodrat
  • Erqag
  • Cirveicheq
  • Vezanut


Born in the frigid mountains in the north, this wyvern is better known as Frostbreath and even the local beasts who are used to the great cold have no means of escaping its freezing touch. For some time, a certain wizard is approaching its lair and the offer he brings with him will change the course of both of their lives.

  • Treguk
  • Zondos


She’s currently trying to get back to her cave, limping, bleeding, and unable to fly. With such horrific injuries it’s very likely she doesn’t live to see the next sunrise. An unknown hulking figure is approaching her lair, thus providing a glimmer of hope.

  • Gretiag
  • Asqag
  • Trukkeikhas

Fire Wyvern Names

Often mistaken for a red dragon, these wyverns have red skins, spikes all over their body including smaller ones above their eyes and on their jaw muscle, and even have a small set of horns on top of their skull.

  • Changrug
  • Dratzuix
  • Chutziq
  • Radgua
  • Odraux
  • Irruc
  • Nokkicret
  • Udgaakrok


Living in a cave at the base of a volcano this wyvern has no problem with food shortage, as the nearby tribe sacrifices animals and humans on a weekly basis. Unfortunately for them, the wyvern fell in love with the human flesh so much that it’s now on its way to the village to feast on them all.

  • Xiarchiq
  • Orrud


She lost her mate when four griffons ambushed them, though she managed to flee in time and survive. Today, five years later and after stalking the very same monsters for two weeks, it is time for her revenge.

  • Broruz
  • Uqqeiqet
  • Oqqak

Wyverns can be a perfect fit for a monster villain, especially if you’re looking for a dragon with a twist. Sometimes pairing one of them with another creature provides even more interesting scenarios and many roleplaying possibilities. You could even have more than one, acting as a support to some greater foe. Think about how the wyvern came to be, who were their parents, did anyone else raise them, how did they manage to survive so far, and come up with a name worthy of the grim deeds they will most certainly accomplish.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Wyvern name.

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