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Kraken Name Generator & Guide

“What do you mean that’s not its name?” The other sailor chuckled at the confused look on his friend’s face. “Well, I heard from an old man back on the main island that the monster’s real name is Jogmakor. Now, before you say anything, let me explain.”

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Krakens are huge magical beasts that lurk in the ocean depths, preying on ships and vessels alike. Weighing four thousand pounds, their long tentacles can crush the mightiest hulls and pull the largest ships underwater with terrifying ease.

Stories tell of deep underwater caverns where human slaves care for these mighty creatures, as well as serve as their food on a regular basis. Their tentacles do the work in battle but they have black ink for protection, and can even cast spells.

Krakens are hunted by storm giants, a fact that keeps their numbers on the low side. The names they have come from other amphibious species, as most live to see only one of them during their lifetime, names like Chuskak, Eelodile, Kryglysh, and Jitran.

Good Kraken Names

Humans and other mortals alike simply refer to these creatures as Kraken, which they consider a name on its own. However, there are species that call them differently, and some names are said to be the true names of these leviathans.

  • Bongyl
  • Sikon
  • Grobdus
  • Dolphigator
  • Globsys
  • Mutry
  • Hobdys
  • Lyshog


This deadly sea monster has clashed with the aquatic elves living in the region far too many times for them to keep doing nothing. The legend says this leviathan was wounded long ago, by one of their ancestors, and that the same wound is the key to killing it once and for all.

  • Pirahora
  • Jygmog
  • Soscag
  • Jazum
  • Jabsum
  • Squidigator
  • Orkallion
  • Piranharay
  • Alliconda


One of the more notorious stories among pirates is the story about the great Gruscan, a monster that claimed more than a hundred ships so far, making all journeys in that ocean an even more dangerous task.

  • Kubdon
  • Troky
  • Babsy
  • Tsorsquid
  • Allagitoa
  • Gerol
  • Borcowr
  • Kothor
  • Crescer

Pale Devil

The legend of the Pale Devil is all too familiar to the Merfolk sharing the same ocean depths, one that has been haunting their existence for decades. However, instead of looking for a way to get rid of it, they are trying to lure it closer and force it under their command.

  • Squitopus
  • Crabiranha
  • Chythes
  • Scerko
  • Kiki
  • Cryqik
  • Harkex
  • Giscol


This young Kraken is yet to experience the joys of crushing ships and sending men to their doom as it still needs to grow large enough to do so. For now, it hunts smaller prey where seals are one of its favorites so far.

  • Zynda
  • Dolhicon
  • Sakodily
  • Piranheel
  • Sealiathan
  • Crystag
  • Grynrus
  • Seklawr


A Giant Squid Monster, as the commoners would say, who has been terrorizing the trade routes for over a decade. Today, a mercenary armada has been assembled and is on its way towards the last place the monster was seen.

  • Scogla
  • Jargag
  • Sodrowr
  • Scetron
  • Lebstiranga
  • Glongax
  • Mokrol
  • Goqowr


This monster is responsible for bringing the whale numbers down, and the fishermen are starting to notice. The lucrative oil and lard business is beginning to suffer, so the local nobles have hired an experienced captain and his crew to sail the waters and investigate.

  • Dopirana
  • Cold One
  • Kroshun
  • Gryzel
  • Jorkam
  • Manrom
  • Orgotara
  • Turtobser
  • Dharopasa

Krakens are monstrous leviathans who rule the oceans. Their huge squid-like tentacles are able to destroy the largest vessels which are bound to go nowhere else apart from their ever-hungry mouth. Those lucky few who somehow survived a Kraken attack describe how they never saw anything other than “those cursed tentacles” which crushed and pulled the ship underwater like it was nothing. Think about how this monster became to be, which sea depths do they lurk in, who are their natural enemies, and create a name worthy of this Kraken’s terrifying presence.

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