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Kuo-Toa Name Generator & Guide

“We thrive and flourish under the everpresent guidance of our Great One.” – the Kuo-Toa priest preached, his hands raised towards the sky. “I, Oogmiirlpoolp, will now share the plan that is in front of us today. Hear my words and you shall fear nothing no more.”

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Kuo-Toa are fish-like humanoids with thin and paunchy bodies, webbed hands and feet, and their eyes can act independently. Their smelly scaled skin changes color based on their primary emotion which depends on their ever-changing nature.

Having been tortured long ago, their minds are now fickle, devious, and insane to the point where they even invent their own Gods. They live in a feudal-like society led by religious figures, where some are evil and some possess a more pacifying nature.

Whether they follow their priest lords or confront them, many members of this race want to progress in their harsh society and their deviousness drives them forward in the quest to get their names known, names like Theeplool, Othpurr, and Ippthoosh.

Good Kuo-Toa Names

Worshiping Blibdoolpoolp, their questionable deity, many Kuo-Toa’s names are influenced by it to the point where they all sound the same. Though there are those who don’t share the same level of devotion and often decide to simply give shorter versions of those names.

  • Luglugmonploop
  • Trevudoppoold
  • Shuushargblibi
  • Poolplee
  • Zehlonddglib
  • Poppodopple
  • Bloppdagadil
  • Horriik


One of the elite guards of the throne. His duty is to protect the tribe’s conclave of priests, self-proclaimed leaders of the nation. He follows orders without question or hesitation, and has to admit to himself he loves the violence that comes with the job.

  • Plathblill
  • Quolp-Ool
  • Dopilp
  • Rrooshiirrirr
  • Pliiblalp
  • Curampoolp
  • Oollbli
  • Klibdoloogut
  • Bloopp


This Kuo-Toa is a masterful spokesperson, with a large vocabulary, who is capable of surprisingly long monologues. Unfortunately for others, there is little meaning in what he says, and if one listens more carefully they would see he is merely throwing big words in all but a random fashion.

  • Blibli
  • Nogahulpuulp
  • Blooblipl
  • Uuppulp
  • Ekruddglib
  • Triirbevaddglib
  • Rellekppoold
  • Ippthoosh
  • Trarbriddglib


She was never fond of the zealous leadership of her tribe, though she remains reluctant to speak up. Recently, however, having met more of her kin, there are talks and even plans on how to proceed if they want to overthrow the current ruler.

  • Kohlinppoold
  • Armmumpoot
  • Paxohddglib
  • Erdrizddglib
  • Usdovenddglib
  • Prootumoop
  • Bloppblip
  • Tooluuga


Once full of potential, after an accident where he lost his memory he was never the same again. Nowadays, he roams the tribe, rambling about a new deity that is the only one able to save them from the upcoming doom.

  • Thooshelp
  • Glooglolp
  • Kloggnooktikook
  • Plebluul
  • Rruub
  • Striisdakosddglib
  • Priithaloth
  • Thiibruup
  • Bloolpli


One of the hunters of the tribe. While he isn’t as skilled as some of the others, he still feels like he was born for this and that he can only improve with time. Lately, he’s even been thinking of leaving the community altogether and journey off into the unknown.

  • Poddgungga
  • Nogah
  • Begyrppoold
  • Goopoolgablib
  • Peenplooppolp
  • Erdromppoold
  • Laaguuma
  • Ganahppoold


Magic doesn’t touch her kin often but this time the gifts bestowed on her are more than obvious. Quickly rising through the ranks, all the way to the King’s Sorceress, she continues to enjoy great influence over even the most important members of the tribe.

  • Shuushar
  • Theeplool
  • Gibupgagool
  • Ogoxddglib
  • Kurplarhagoon
  • Plelp
  • Lloolbi
  • Guumoggan

Kuo-Toa are fish-faced amphibious humanoids who border on the edge of insanity. Their zealous feudal-like society has endured many hardships, and while their minds continue to worship the imaginary Gods they created themselves their leaders have a clear picture of what is to be done. Not all are evil, however, and certain rebels are bound to rise up from time to time, wanting nothing to do with such destructive and wicked ways. Think about what kind of a personality does the character have, how do they view their own life and how it should look like, and create a name worthy of the changes this Kuo-Toa will surely go through.

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Guillaume Brodeur