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Aasimar Name Generator & Guide

“Courage, friends!” – the Aasimar raised her voice in defiance, before facing the enemy – “My name is Zeose…” – she said, pointing her sword at them – “…and these people are under my protection. So do your best, though it shall not be enough!”

Generate Names

Rolwilier Dillen

Olvim Rusel

Cikreer Krera

Ilvasa Olgir

Phovore Hulsal

Teakremen Uvisal

Brealia Rulrelil

Muggim Ykimra

Ceagwil Wullo

Oslearoe Rirwime

Rhommomih Pelgamlin

Brilvasi Ragrun

Illustration courtesy of Jana Cruz

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Aasimar are humanoids that are often descended from angels and creatures alike. They are similar to humans, and their features can vary from very noticeable to almost invisible ones. Most likely, you’ll recognize one by the color of their eyes.

While they are mostly good creatures, they are often victims of prejudice. Most never meet their own kin and they prefer the company of other similar half-breed races like half-elves and half-orcs. Aasimar also prefer divine magic over arcane arts.

They are kind, tolerant, and do good deeds. Their names sound somewhat exotic, while they usually have human-like surnames. Names like Huklir, Elrilor, Yltaint, Rikum, and surnames like Zirvedu, Eran, and Savorga are good examples.

Aasimar Last Names

Last names are usually of the same type as those who raised the Aasimar, which in turn are determined by the race, place of birth, spoken language, and customs of the land they live in.

  • Rubo
  • Kolripram
  • Vegry
  • Drellasi
  • Nirlin
  • Brulgumri
  • Wegan
  • Takelse
  • Wyvul
  • Maprikin
  • Hubugon
  • Wolgo
  • Opulum
  • Holly
  • Aldre
  • Badenva
  • Perlel
  • Hulwarvam
  • Dresar
  • Ileryl

Female Aasimar Names

Sometimes they can have a more zealous-like approach than their male counterpart, as they fuel their righteousness with a woman’s instinct.

  • Arsoze Vargom
  • Dreommeama Mylmyrwir
  • Valar Kevum
  • Ionra Azudol
  • Phommom Wigri
  • Brialva Dresar
  • Ilina Morylma
  • Mesia Onkonge
  • Pheorsa Tiza
  • Redira Zulsepi

Thanlam Todinke

A cleric, traveling the road with a group of adventurers she met a few months ago. A strange bunch, but they seem to treat everyone with respect. What she does next remains to be seen.

  • Rialdrieh Mobal
  • Ilo Krenvibe
  • Drivezem Ollam
  • Miandrisoe Rallergin
  • Nalere Druvol
  • Thilese Ihusin
  • Deordi Unkel

Thorkah Lolrargy

A young girl who lives with her mother is about to experience the worst moments of her life. It will also mark her rebirth, as she is destined to rise against the wicked and save the land and the people her heart belongs to.

  • Thenri Hase
  • Thaslea Binkorlin
  • Drindran Elsen
  • Dronlo Akmirol
  • Deleare Nokyn
  • Zorsazoun Kuhepror

Halvemi Munir

Having her human father fall to illness, she inherited his lands. She’s a just ruler, very much loved, but something inside her stirs, making her want to forget the life she’s leading and leave for the unknown.

  • Reslani Ikrelgin
  • Osran Drunvy
  • Wasro Drymervi
  • Iolde Silrun

Male Aasimar Names

When they set their minds to it, they are hard to dissuade. And if they feel the justice is on their side, and that they are working for the greater good, there is no evil they would cower from.

  • Zauvram Pemulrun
  • Neildunt Vuram
  • Wernen Durgolru
  • Ceagwil Wullo
  • Yrletiel Dromolga
  • Zarelon Drellasi
  • Cydridem Singalgol
  • Wildam Pahan
  • Nynetam Druvi
  • Nerrel Maprikin

Crerritel Ivon

From a near-fatal raid on his village, he rose to become a knight and a priest. He is the shield of the weak, he is the light in the darkness, and he is a Paladin of the Order of Saint Garad.

  • Veilgener Molmylo
  • Ekamar Brohin
  • Cravail Binkodo
  • Warrian Linvam
  • Valdant Nurekmon
  • Uklin Molgil
  • Crorliar Drarvakme

Olwim Kilel

Making one mistake after another, he soon became a wanted criminal. To this day, he’s doesn’t understand how it all came to this. The vast amount of alcohol he drinks may be the cause of his lack of judgment.

  • Ylweivum Robylrol
  • Eiladant Brorgi
  • Toggivon Narlinvi
  • Brolwiedint Zulral
  • Nyvar Polrikma
  • Heaklim Kize

Tultint Dropyrwe

A pilgrim who traveled long and far, and has seen too much violence and suffering. He seeks the Lord of the land, wanting to join and punish the bandits that raid and plunder.

  • Perlent Pakmom
  • Pirril Rovirvam
  • Ponlan Wybo
  • Rivadim Hynvegre

Protective, friendly, and kindhearted, many Aasimar can be the so-called beacons of light. If you ever wanted to play a character who’s big on justice, tolerance, and morals, while having the strength to protect the weak, Aasimar is a great choice.

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