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181 Aasimar Names & Backstories

aaisimar mage

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Aasimar are descendants of good celestial beings, and as such don’t really have any specific type of names as they mostly depend on the society and culture they were raised in. Dwarves may use names similar to their own gods, humans often give a human name to avoid any unnecessary attention, Elves may give an elven name so that the character fits in more easily, and so on. Think about where the character lives and use any existing social and cultural norms to help you with the naming process.

Good Aasimar Names

One way to come up with a good Aasimar name is to use a first name that feels suitable for an Aasimar, while the last name can belong to the family that raised them or a clan they are a part of. For example, if raised by a dwarven clan, the character could be named Eakeel Silverbeard, humans could name them Lydia Brimstone, while an Elven parent could decide on Zeorsese Springbrook. You can also find angel names, modify, and use them as first names.

  • Qemba Mildrim
  • Brorgi Wolgo
  • Binkodo Drellasi
  • Nicrek Dipri
  • Kilel Dresar
  • Daerrielle Takelse
  • Robylrol Varomran
  • Qhapidvo Ysyr

Linvam Krolokru

Known better as Mr. Krol, he is one of the best investigators in the region, and his services have been used by both commoners and nobles, and even a queen hired him once for a job he won’t talk about under no circumstances whatsoever.

  • Drarvakme Holly
  • Tisgwyn Perlel
  • Narlinvi Kolripram
  • Auivol Nirlin
  • Emtharm Wegan
  • Lidecnu Hulwir
  • Dessielle Opulum
  • Brytnyl Badenva
  • Faevhis Ileryl
  • Shava Rubo

Tyrael Hubugon

This young Aasimar has been a member of the order for his whole young life, though he became a paladin only recently. As one of the twenty knights of the highest order within the organization, they serve the king and carry out his most valuable missions, and today he makes haste heading south, galloping on the king’s road to try and reach the capital before sundown.

  • Renmera Vegry
  • Termeril Kolsimle
  • Pollae Wyvul
  • Molgil Maprikin
  • Geminara Wimemel
  • Garthran Hulwarvam
  • Nurekmon Akrugen
  • Vongram Aldre
  • Bumzokh Nodo
  • Nuala Brulgumri

Female Aasimar Names

As there are no official naming conventions to follow, think about what kind of a name would be given by those who raised the character. Regardless of the type of the name, ending with a vowel can usually make the name look more like a female name, and I recommend checking the ancient greek names for inspiration, as well.

  • Amniere Krara
  • Zendre Ryllerwam
  • Omne Verve
  • Thaniaza Ume
  • Zeose Bunvargo
  • Ovoly Kripraza
  • Lolvesi Wivin
  • Nionmezi Hilsuhul

Iarsara Rorapel

While she was always interested in arcane power, her real passion was theology and everything that came with it. In her youth, during one of her prayers, she heard a voice calling her name and she answered. Today, she is a cleric in one of the biggest cities in the region where she continues to do good, helping people whenever she’s able to.

  • Phovore Hulsal
  • Zere Nirgunol
  • Rhine Ysyr
  • Broda Krolgibar
  • Branmie Anma
  • Olvi Rusel
  • Brosri Wimemel
  • Daloma Drazylwyn
  • Eodo Zogral
  • Iaslea Onkonge

Mesia Rolwankom

After hearing a certain band play during her very first visit to the nearby city she fell in love with the music itself. Working hard in her youth, and saving money along the way, allowed her to leave her home at fifteen years old to visit the city once more. Her plan is to now learn how to play as many instruments as she can before setting out on her own, where she can finally be able to make money while traveling.

  • Damma Drumon
  • Hirde Kuki
  • Braja Popram
  • Oslearoe Rirwime
  • Anera Luzazum
  • Vidia Sumrinve
  • Menerau Kruldror
  • Ijile Eprylro
  • Wanveara Madin
  • Thondri Hyllo

aaisimar warrior

Male Aasimar Names

There are things you can do to help yourself with coming up with a male Aasimar name, like ending with a consonant to make the name sound closer to what a male would have. Feel free to use (ancient) greek names that you can then modify or use as inspiration for the final name. For example, from Lazaros you can get Laroza, and from Arkadios you get Ardaksix.

  • Aulom Yzer
  • Eiladant Brorgi
  • Pedriner Ylsirvum
  • Ponlan Wybo
  • Ugeinil Bipra
  • Cegwavan Urum
  • Valdant Nurekmon
  • Warrian Linvam

Uklin Molgil

His inquisitive mind couldn’t be satisfied by working and staying in the same place, and he learned he needed to constantly move and never stay anywhere for too long. Unbeknownst to him, however, he’s about to stumble upon a person from his past, one that could send him spiraling down memory lane, and force him to rethink his past choices.

  • Ylrint Ballabin
  • Unwil Zamrum
  • Erwem Lerlo
  • Anwaim Dihenme
  • Verwoman Sonmekrom
  • Zarlin Krulgobi
  • Binludin Panmo
  • Brolwiedint Zulral
  • Nivietol Drelsar
  • Pirril Rovirvam

Corliar Drarvakme

He had many plans and hopes for his life at one point but as the years passed by, so did the chances and opportunities, and he soon found himself working the same job in the same town for his whole life. Today, at almost 60 years old, he found a strange-looking ring that quickly injected a new will to live as soon as he put it on, and he’s currently planning on leaving the town for better or worse.

  • Rivadim Hynvegre
  • Cruvrar Rigrizi
  • Ylweivum Robylrol
  • Heaklim Kize
  • Toggivon Narlinvi
  • Nyvar Polrikma
  • Perlent Pakmom
  • Tultint Dropyrwe
  • Olwim Kilel
  • Ylweelun Napebur

Fallen Aasimar Names

Aasimar who fall prey to dark powers, either in their youth or early adulthood, or simply turn to evil due to some life event, are well on their way to becoming one of the fallen. While they don’t necessarily have to be evil to the bone, they all possess a certain dose of darkness in them that prevents them from returning to the right path.

  • Imamiah
  • Gamygyn
  • Paimon
  • Naamah
  • Lahash
  • Armaros
  • Allocen
  • Balam


Once a noble knight in the king’s army, this warrior got his hands on an ancient book containing the location of a long-forgotten tomb where it was written the infamous “Life’s End” rested, a magical sword of great power. Unfortunately for him, the sword is also possessed by a demon who will soon test his’s willpower, a moment when the life he knows might abruptly end.

  • Gadreel
  • Amducias
  • Penemuel
  • Xapha
  • Malpas
  • Abaddon
  • Marbas
  • Halpas
  • Asmoday
  • Kunopegos


Her grief for her now-deceased mother, someone she was greatly attached to, drove her to do questionable things, to say the least, and she’s been practicing necromancy for years now. While her intentions were good enough, alas, all she managed to do is sell her soul to a devil who now holds all the strings in his hands.

  • Bathin
  • Astaroth
  • Abezethibou
  • Mastema
  • Morax
  • Uzza
  • Bernael
  • Andrealphus
  • Remiel
  • Naberius

aaisimar healer

Aasimar Last Names

Just like with first names, for the same reasons, surnames differ greatly, so instead of having specific guidelines simply start with any syllables that spring to mind, and connect anywhere from two to five. Since almost any syllable can work, make sure to pronounce it out loud, both with and without the first name to see if it sounds like a match. For example, you could use a softer name like Sylonmah, or something opposite such as Vroximir.

  • Acornrun
  • Hubugon
  • Nirlin
  • Binnoth
  • Inaro
  • Denuvnol
  • Wolgo
  • Perlel


This surname belongs to one of the few families who sacrificed their numbers in order to protect the very first queen of the kingdom, thus securing the future and stability of the whole region. For that, as well as having at least one family member in each of the battles that were to come, all male members were knighted and given lands, while the women became ladies in their own right.

  • Shaneh
  • Vegry
  • Ileryl
  • Maprikin
  • Iarxina
  • Rubo
  • Gresalor
  • Ronehan
  • Sinsaris
  • Badenva


Despite a certain adventurer’s best efforts to find any evidence regarding this family, his persistence continues to prove futile. Still, a certain old letter he came across speaks of a son who made his way into the mountains, in search of an old family tomb, and this is now his next destination. If not careful, it might be his last, as he doesn’t seem to realize the mountain pass he’s heading towards is cursed.

  • Tinsaroth
  • Holly
  • Drellasi
  • Kolripram
  • Dresar
  • Zibozoth
  • Mortoris
  • Aldre
  • Wyvul
  • Agarloth

Mythological Aasimar Names

When it comes to mythological names, you can draw much inspiration, if not outright use those names, from the many existing mythologies, especially Greek. Read about the gods and titans, check their names for inspiration, and modify them in a way they still make sense. For example, instead of Poseidon you can use Posdion, or instead of Demeter, you can use Demetra.

  • Nesoi
  • Uranu
  • Pontusa
  • Oceanu
  • Ananke
  • Coeus
  • Tethys
  • Hyperio


This grand priestess leads one of the biggest churches in the whole region, a place where many pilgrims make their way in order to repent for all their sins. Despite everything going according to plan for years now, there are certain dark forces slowly but surely finding their way into the premises, ready to strike from within when the right time comes.

  • Rhea
  • Themisi
  • Criusar
  • Phoeb
  • Nemesi
  • Ourea
  • Mnemosy
  • Hemer
  • Hyponosa
  • Iapetus


A master of magic, this old wizard has proven his skills for the last four decades and is showing no signs of stopping. In fact, he is currently traveling toward the capital of a certain elven empire where he plans to attend, and win, a magic tournament held by the grand archmages of the east themselves.

  • Thanatos
  • Eruso
  • Cronsa
  • Tartus
  • Αether
  • Nyx
  • Gaiao
  • Thalassa
  • Achlys
  • Theia

aaisimar knight

While Aasimar doesn’t necessarily have canon rules or guidelines for naming, you can use several things to help you along the way, where ending male names with a consonant, and female names with a vowel are certainly one of them. Make sure to check greek names, as well as search for angel names to then further modify, and visit our Aasimar name generator for even more ideas.

What do you imagine when you hear Aasimar? Do you view them as angel-like creatures who are destined to do good, or are they simply outerplanar creatures who can be as random as humans? Share some of your techniques for coming up with an Aasimar name, and let us know which names you use by leaving a comment below.

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