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D&D Halfling Name Generator & Guide

“Two orcs walked into a bar…” – the halfling on the stage started, looking at the audience. A few seconds later, an unknown voice said – “What kind of a joke is that, Rosco!?” – “No, I mean two orcs literally just walked in!” – he said, drawing his dagger.

Generate Names

Xanric Underflower

Panbin Travellinggold

Eobyn Banks

Breula Hilltopple

Goeon Sproutwit

Eori Undertree

Elilienne Rolri

Bellile Vlavral

Ricwan Burrows

Oraphina Rumblebelly

Valnad Crazybody

Fenmia Sackville

Illustration courtesy of Ian Radford

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Table of Contents

Standing about 3 feet tall, weighing only 30 pounds, a Hafling resembles a small human as their proportions are rather similar. In fact, the very term “halfling” came from the fact they are considered to be about half of the size of a human.

They are rather quick and agile, able to avoid dangers where others would fail to do so. Some say no one can have the tenacity and courage like a Halfling, even under the greatest of dangers. Others would say it’s simply an enormous amount of luck.

They are mostly jovial, preferring to contemplate the present over the future. Taking pleasure in simple and basic things, many even prefer to get into trouble rather than wallow in boredom. And if there’s one thing most Haflings like, it’s good cheese.

Halfling Last Names

Family names, clan names, nicknames, self-made names, they can have it all, it only depends where they come from and how were they raised.

  • Ostgood
  • Earthswan
  • Flowwind
  • Ambershake
  • Stoutgrass
  • Talbot
  • Longriver
  • Milddraft
  • Diggle
  • Fairbairn
  • Glerwolk
  • Dale
  • Montajay
  • Tighfield
  • Brown

Female Halfling Names

From charming children-like humanoids to horrifying small creatures, they can take any role with equal proficiency. We’re lucky there are only so few of the later ones.

  • Jayjen Amster
  • Vadrey Dudley
  • Rosri Bolger
  • Gelvira Coldfall
  • Belris Pott
  • Dialile Tealeaf
  • Elikis Took
  • Sylmita Bano

Xandrey Fairbairn

Makes frequent trips to the neighboring community during which she always makes a visit to a strange old elven woman living alone.

  • Eiphina Talbot
  • Neddove Greenspan
  • Diazana Earthswan
  • Welkath Coldsleep
  • Fenula Ostgood

Xanda Jallisall

With her parent’s blessings, she’s been traveling the countryside for a long time and boy oh boy does she have some stories to tell.

  • Shaeris Longriver
  • Leora Diggle
  • Weldove Hotwill
  • Nedprys Flowwind
  • Erarana Stoutgrass

Maedove Ambershake

A calm and shy woman in public, she’s a member of a secret society whose current goal is to infiltrate the important positions and take over the city from the inside.

  • Kithcey Milddraft
  • Frodove Glerwolk
  • Jayla Dale

Male Halfling Names

Easily passable as human children, they can seem as no threat at all, so it is no wonder many become expert scouts, spies, thieves, and burglars.

  • Riyver Weatherbee
  • Tarvias Bolger
  • Zalhace Burrows
  • Horlan Gamwich
  • Taryver Stoutgrass
  • Gokin Fardrum
  • Xodak Burrows
  • Barwrick Hairywind

Merhace Grub

As the only halfling in the regiment, he’s one of the finest scouts in the army. Not as good as his standup comedy routine, though.

  • Garder Jallisall
  • Quintran Melilot
  • Janner Orgulas
  • Sanos Talbot

Linrich Underbough

Born poor, he made his way through youth by stealing from the more fortunate. Lately, he’s conscience seems to be getting the best of him.

  • Perry Boffin
  • Horret Bunce
  • Valumo Gammidge
  • Quorich Greenspan
  • Janton Hornblower

Norvias Marmidas

An older halfling gentleman, he’s the owner of the Chuckling Elf. His inn is all he has, his work, his home, and his life.

  • Corhace Oldfur
  • Perdak Sire
  • Vinos Trill
  • Uriver Ashworthy

Funny Halfling Names

Sometimes, you want a silly, entertaining name, or the game simply demands one. Drawing inspiration from other, even unrelated, things is more than fine.

  • Saan Holo
  • Jimbo Halfstepper
  • Mikrro Itsybitsy
  • Sirr Sneakalot
  • Buh Hemoth
  • Hal Fling
  • Crinkledink Whizzlefizz
  • Ignatz Kneebiter

Biggie Smalls

Most bard like to play an instrument. He uses his mind as one, and the words come pouring out like a waterfall.

  • Half Octave
  • Wizzkid Magictrick
  • Constance Underfoot
  • Rollo Dyce

Justyn Tyme

A not so bright wizard who’s never late nor does he arrive early.

  • Ima Berr
  • Poh Tatto
  • Benedict Cumberstone

Ian Cognitto

Now you see him, now you don’t. Who is he? Wait, who are we even talking about!?

  • Ayye Twoeye
  • Sill Yelf
  • Neva Hlucky

No matter what kind of a Halfling it is, chances are you’re in for a treat, one way or another. Cracking jokes, staring at stronger enemies without flinching, escaping dangers with dexterous acrobatics, and more. All that can be just another Tuesday morning for a Halfling.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments, and don’t forget to check out our Halfling Names & Backstories page.

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