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Ghostwise Halfling Name Generator & Guide

“There, you see them? What should we do?” – the halfling asked his friend using their intricate sign language. “If they stop, we’ll see what they do. For now, my dear Nery, we simply observe.”

Generate Names

Oriret Plumpgoat

Koryas Weteye

Zalyver Foresthead

Elibyn Coldfingers

Erana Littlemaker

Welprys Shadowshaker

Valser Fatburrow

Frori Prettyheart

Zaleon Greatgrass

Annan Manysister

Quohorn Simpleshadow

Quowrick Ambershaker

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Table of Contents

Ghostwise Halflings have most of the usual Halfling features, though they are of a bit stockier build. They live in tribes, clans, usually isolated from others. They spend a lot of their time under the sun, thus have more tanned skin and bright brown hair.

They honor traditions, their ancestors, and their clan, staying rather shy and timid, focusing on inner peace more than seeking excitement. While some witnessed them using a sign language, stories say they can talk to others telepathically if they wish.

They tend to mistrust others, especially the tallfolk such as Humans, Elves, and similar, though they do get along fairly well with Wood Elves. Ghostwise Halflings got their name due to worshiping “ghosts” of their past, their ancestors.

Ghostwise Halfling Last Names

Their strong connection to the clan is visible in many ways, and one of them is using the clan’s name as part of their own.

  • Wildbread
  • Roadgold
  • Healthyhill
  • Laughingmap
  • Manysister
  • Glitterwill
  • Runningbottom
  • Silverdigger
  • Slowfoot
  • Amberhand
  • Brownleaf
  • Stoutgrass
  • Talllady
  • Swiftmind
  • Waterskin
  • Flowale
  • Homebrother
  • Lightningeye
  • Moonghost
  • Prettyheart

Female Ghostwise Halfling Names

While females would generally tend to the children, many accompany men in patrols, hunts, and other activities. They are most assuredly considered equal.

  • Lidcey Plumpgoat
  • Rosmita Nimblehearth
  • Welprys Shadowshaker
  • Sylri Hairyone
  • Neris Smoothsleep

Nedara Stoutharm

As one of the stronger women in the clan, she’s lost her left hand, the whole fist, during a hunt. She still hunts, however, proving her courage over and over again.

  • Qilie Fartaunt
  • Qiphina Curlywit
  • Yesola Forestbones
  • Qifira Greencloak
  • Shaegrace Underflower
  • Thammita Wildbread

Graree Healthyhill

Having seen many winters, she’s now an old shaman-like elder, providing invaluable insight into life as a whole.

  • Odirana Roadgold
  • Hilsira Laughingmap
  • Eliyola Manysister
  • Trynni Glitterwill
  • Isawyn Runningbottom
  • Thervyre Slowfoot

Liddrey Silverdigger

The only halfling that left the clan. However, this was done with Elder’s blessing, with everyone else but him expecting her return.

  • Anvira Amberhand
  • Chennys Brownleaf
  • Lidara Stoutgrass
  • Yoeni Talllady
  • Bresica Swiftmind

Male Ghostwise Halfling Names

They are taught to be strong, determined, protective, and always ready to help the clan. Each of them should be an example to the children and to the other clans.

  • Perwrick Warmarrow
  • Valser Fatburrow
  • Janzor Greatfellow
  • Oriret Plumpgoat

Elmin Nimblehearth

During his clan’s Rite of Passage, he got separated and lost. Having found his clan token and some blood nearby, everyone thinks him dead.

  • Osnan Stoutman
  • Horwrick Shadowshaker
  • Valkas Hairyone
  • Govias Smoothsleep
  • Zenfire Fartaunt
  • Godal Curlywit

Davver Forestbones

While all members of his race are fairly stealthy, Davver takes it to another level. It is said he once approached a bear, slept for the whole night, and left unscathed.

  • Rikas Greencloak
  • Xanric Underflower
  • Norfer Wildbread
  • Dandal Roadgold
  • Zalpher Healthyhill
  • Xanlos Laughingmap
  • Annan Manysister

Davric Glitterwill

The Wood elves from the nearby forest know him as Elvenmind, due to his frequent visits. The real reason is an elven girl.

  • Vinbin Runningbottom
  • Laace Silverdigger
  • Horfer Slowfoot
  • Norvias Amberhand
  • Quorich Brownleaf

Being fairly shy and timid, they have a close relationship to their clan. They rarely venture to different lands, but when they do they make sure to always carry something that identifies their clan. Losing such a token is considered a sin and is frowned upon.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Ghostwise Halfling name.

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