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211 Halfling Names & Backstories

ioannis halfling rogue

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These small humanoids are quick and agile, preferring danger over boredom, and their names are often as simple as their view on life. As such, their first names usually have up to two syllables while their family names either provide some insight into who they are or act as nicknames that can provoke different emotions, positive or negative. Examples of the names would be Isaora Fastcaller, Diasys Mossgrain, and Yojen Dewfoot.

Good Halfling Names

A good Halfling name contains a rather simple first name, one or two syllables at most, and a last name made from words found in their everyday life, which, when joined together, make some interesting combinations. Focus on the last names, as they are usually more important to them. Examples of such names would be Verprys Springgleam, Eldon Healthywolf, and Jayla Wildstick.

  • Finbin Freestream
  • Anlie Travelbrother
  • Maedove Waterskin
  • Kelmia Hogpen
  • Rikas Greencloak
  • Perzor Fatflower
  • Wimia Truthstride
  • Peryver Boffin

Weldove Warmcloak

As a master tanner, it wasn’t hard for him to find a job in the town he still lives in but the fact that he can’t showcase all of his skills is starting to weigh heavy on him. With a wife, a child, and another on the way, his expenses are catching up to him and he’s seriously considering moving to the capital before the new winter’s snow hits.

  • Panbin Travellinggold
  • Xanrich Scattermaker
  • Sharkas Lightningdrum
  • Odivyre Whitsoar
  • Shaelie Bracegirdle
  • Xanwan Brandybuck
  • Rosmita Nimblehearth
  • Fenula Smoothbread
  • Zenlienne Vlibrusbird
  • Tarkas Homebrother

Fenzana Rainmap

As a new member of a certain adventuring party, she’s hoping this will be her chance to visit new places, explore exciting locations, and meet all sorts of people. Unbeknownst to her, the leader of the group is a well-known criminal, and the law is slowly but surely gaining on them, which will most certainly result in a bloody affair as he’s going to cross anyone and everyone before even thinking of giving himself up.

  • Ladon Greatgrass
  • Thervyre Slowfoot
  • Elilienne Roadgold
  • Xanwrick Moonfox
  • Aryas Brownlock
  • Chenfira Underhill
  • Govias Smoothsleep
  • Findon Roadtender
  • Odigrace Cloudsworn
  • Horner Overhill

Female Halfling Names

Halfling names can greatly vary but one way you can help yourself is to check out medieval human female names and use those that are 2-3 syllables long. Most halflings have nicknames, so feel free to create a name without worrying how original it might be, and remind yourself the family name is more important in the first place.

  • Elzu Tealeaf
  • Isalie Goodstoat
  • Salienne Stone
  • Quomo Pott
  • Xanzin Earthswan
  • Welprys Shadowshaker
  • Quinzin Bracegirdle
  • Zenleigh Truthmore

Xanda Wildtree

Xan, as her friends call her, is a young and vigorous Halfling full of ideas, and ever since she met a wizard, picking his brain for the better part of the evening, she became all but obsessed with magic and what it can do. So much so that she somehow managed to convince the old traveler to accompany him as his assistant, promising she’ll listen to everything he says in exchange for knowledge and lessons.

  • Verora Tosscobble
  • Odisys Northtook
  • Janzu Brownleaf
  • Vayra Gaukrogers
  • Valnad Crazybody
  • Quoyas Hotheart
  • Xanlienne Banks
  • Beltran Blackgrain
  • Therara Millbridge
  • Xanlos Laughingmap

Belvira Talltalker

A thrust of a spear, a swing of a sword, and a flick of a dagger, that and much more are what has occupied her free time for the last five years. After her, now-late, grandfather showed her the important moves, she’s been practicing for more than six hours a day ever since. Today, she’s one of the finest warriors in the community who’s worked her way up all the way to the captain of the guard.

  • Danlos Faneth
  • Thammita Wildbread
  • Eidrey Mistmore
  • Rosri Simpleshadow
  • Lewyn Ostgood
  • Erzu Farfoot
  • Halyse Plumpgoat
  • Dialile Tealeaf
  • Elizira Goodbarrel
  • Quinace Littlemaker

Mazzy paladin halfling

Male Halfling Names

Male Halfling names are often shorter than female, up to 2 syllables long. Use medieval human male names for inspiration, and modify, change letters, and shorten them as you please, until the name rolls off of the tongue as easily as most names we are used to.

  • Barwrick Hairwind
  • Nefire Shortwick
  • Qiphin Curlywit
  • Odyra Whitesoar
  • Zenver Sprouttaunt
  • Anmin Thorngage
  • Trynoll Rumble
  • Merhace Gruby

Frofice Stoneglade

After quite an exciting life of more than forty years of traveling and dozens of adventures along the way, he settled down in a nice cozy town on the edge of a human kingdom and has been living there ever since. His success allowed him to buy out a small tavern which he continues to run with great gladness in his heart, welcoming anyone with a good heart or, at the very least, some coin in their pocket.

  • Riky Goldworth
  • Urifer Smoothsleep
  • Laemin Newtan
  • Marfer Skybody
  • Haltran Bubblebath
  • Contran Homebread
  • Horry Sunwolf
  • Pinner Heathertoe
  • Janzu Brownleaf
  • Halnan Crazyweed

Hilprys Graybrook

He always had a knack for hiding, moving quietly and unseen when he wanted to. At first, it was just playing around as a kid but later on, when he grew up, he realized he could use these skills to survive on the harsh streets and alleys of the capital he grew up in. Soon, he became one of the most wanted burglars in the neighborhood by both those who wanted to punish him and those who would hire him.

  • Yodrey Simplepipe
  • Andak Fastcaller
  • Sharver Coldsleep
  • Eldak Sunbones
  • Marri Truthmore
  • Valrich Talady
  • Unace Blackgrain
  • Conce Hornblower
  • Necey Littlemaker
  • Panzu Fatflower

Funny Halfling Names

Check out some of the names from our generator, and use them for inspiration to come up with a funny halfling name, where the key is to mix the words and use them in a way that makes them interesting and witty. You can use a last name from our generator and then think of a first name that could contradict that family name in an amusing way. Examples of such a name would be Slowpoke Quickhand, Silver Goldworthy, and Loww Highhill.

  • Sirius Laughingmap
  • Horrid Prettyhead
  • Goldie Copperdig
  • Plump Littlebottom
  • Hotty Coldfingers
  • Poorwood Goodbarrel
  • Idlegale Swiftwind
  • Greenpetal Brownleaf

Vahnbro Manysister

As the only male child in the family of eight, he was often neglected by both his parents and his siblings, something that quickly resulted in him hitting the streets at a very young age. Luckily for him, or not depending on how you look at it, he quickly befriended some of the lowest criminals in the town, who then introduced him to his new family, one that is responsible for almost all organized crime within the city.

  • Hiltop Undertree
  • Coldsoul Hotheart
  • Lyless Truthmore
  • Rancid Goodfoot
  • Pollyster Cotton
  • Lowlyfe Greatfellow
  • Constant Weteye
  • Weekbreth Hornblower
  • Yungskeen Oldfur
  • Wytkorn Blackgrain

Robbs Banks

The thrill of stealing what doesn’t belong to him was always greater than his sense of self-preservation, and this led him into numerous situations where he needed to run for his life. In fact, he hasn’t managed to complete any of his robbery attempts so far but he swears it was never his fault, and one day he will be known as the greatest thief who ever existed.

  • Koldglove Warmcloak
  • Autumn Springcaller
  • Freymynd Headstrong
  • Bloored Greenhand
  • Nathso Sure
  • Shorhand Farfoot
  • Cheep Deepworth
  • Grimbow Laughingarrow
  • Itsybitsy Kneebiter
  • Poorvoyce Greatsong

halfling artificier

Lightfoot Halfling Names

Their names can be as chaotic as they are, where some use a first name only, others insist on being called by their family name with Sir or Madam in front, and some even go so far as to completely change their name, where the reason might be to better fit in a certain society, or to better mask their identity. For more ideas, make sure to visit our Lightfoot Halfling name generator.

  • Qufira Vusdazzai
  • Iravias Shortwick
  • Jayfira
  • Eobrix Underburrow
  • Eldon Banks
  • Odilienne Shadowbranch
  • Janpher ChubbBaggins
  • Belrich Fleetfoot

Sir Milddraft

This fine gentleman is a well-known scholar, an avid chess player, and a frequent visitor of a certain high-class inn, one of the finest in the whole city. On the other hand, he is the leader of a notorious crime organization that’s responsible for half of the smuggling going on for the last two decades, and not even the members of his illegal association know who he is or what he looks like.

  • Jillie Hubrubblu
  • Iraser Dudley
  • Qisica Sure
  • Black Lidwyn
  • Zenhorn Kaese
  • Conyas Glosband
  • Wenpher Tighfield
  • Garner Cotton
  • Frocey Stoneglade
  • Jilwyn Pinda

Rosris Ironsworn

While she’s a decent blacksmith by day, her store is but a front for illegal smelting of iron and other precious minerals such as silver and gold, something the King prohibited under the pain of death. In a few days, she and her crew are about to smuggle the biggest shipment of iron they ever had. There, outside of the city, a certain dwarf awaits them, who will then pass the materials on to the hidden Hobgoblin army that will soon start the long-awaited invasion.

  • Falhorn Devix
  • Davpher Glerwolk
  • Diamia Brockhouse
  • Haltran Blebblorbath
  • Barumo Autumntrack
  • Barser Derwegglo
  • Lady Elilyse
  • Kasdon Galialrird
  • Laser Thorngage
  • Gokin Sire

Ghostwise Halfling Names

As their name can suggest, they are strongly connected to their clan and their ancestors, and most of them are given a name that one of their forebears had, while the last name is simply their clan name. Their names can be a bit more exotic, where letters “x”, “z”, and “y” are more common than what we can find among some of their other kin. Still, the emphasis remains on the clan name which is always more important than their own personal identity. For more examples, you can visit our Ghostwise Halfling name generator.

  • Xoos Hayward
  • Welcaryn Whitfoot
  • Annax Gardner
  • Oridon Mugwort
  • Origix Clayhanger
  • Uriorinx Headstrong
  • Vaprys Goodbody
  • Diaara Brown

Pymorin Goldworthy

After realizing the clan he belonged to was led by a rather opportunistic and greedy leader who put his own interests, and the interests of the few, before the well-being of the entire community, he fled into the wilderness, as far away as possible. There, he met an old druid who recognized his pure heart and welcomed him to his forest home.

  • Koryas Banks
  • Yodal Greenhand
  • Laaze Gammidge
  • Faycey Sandyman
  • Koramyn Bunce
  • Wilsire Brandybuck
  • Anlye Brockhouse
  • Arzter Goold
  • Shaegrace Boffin
  • Erana Hogpen

Chennys Grubb

As one of the clan’s shamans, she’s one of the most important people in the community, and thanks to her discovery of a certain plant, everyone is able to communicate with their dead ancestors. However, she knows this is a dangerous undertaking for most people, and she’s careful not to let them do it more than once a month.

  • Zarla Fairbairn
  • Lidara Underhill
  • Davymo Bracegirdle
  • Wenbul Burrows
  • Qicaryn Hornblower
  • Trynni Proudfoot
  • Rifiry Diggle
  • Pimry Gaukrogers
  • Valkax Tunnelly
  • Kasyas Smallburrow

Halfling Alora thief

Halfling Last Names

Most Halflings take great pride when it comes to their clans, and some can go as far as to completely forgo their first name, using anything they deem fit, allowing any potential attention to remain on the clan name. Examples of clan names that are used as last names would be Longfoot, Swiftmind, Greencloak, and Tealeaf.

  • Hiltopple
  • Dewforce
  • Softsong
  • Smoothbread
  • Singlegem
  • Tosscobble
  • Cloudwhirl
  • Amster


The Sunhelm is one of the oldest clans in the region, one that goes back to the very beginning when their ancestors were among the first ones to populate these lands. While there were certainly ups and downs along the way, they are still recognized as important and capable people, enjoying great respect from other tribes.

  • Underbough
  • Vandenberg
  • Thorngage
  • Einar
  • Leagallow
  • Redshine
  • Raincrest
  • Tallbrace
  • Verzana
  • Driscoll


Despite having an outstanding reputation in the past, it took one bad decision to send it all toppling down. Today, almost fifty years after the bloody incident no one wants to remind themselves of, the current members of the clan are trying their best to rebuild their reputation by helping anyone they can, keeping their word at all times, and trying twice as hard in anything they do.

  • Paleflow
  • Moonguard
  • Barlowe
  • Brighthelm
  • Farroot
  • Tealeaf
  • Brushgather
  • Keenvale
  • Blossomheart
  • Granndshine

Halflings are joyous and rather chaotic creatures, and their names can differ immensely. That said, we can use medieval human names as inspiration, and modify them so that they are up to 3 syllables long. Most Halflings also focus on their ancestors, their history, and their clan, where the clan name is used as the last name. For more inspiration be sure to also check out our Halfling name generator.

What are your thoughts on Halflings? Are they carefree creatures who would prefer to stay in trouble if the alternative was boredom, or do they have a sense of duty, morality, and honor, and know the bounds within which they should act? Tell us how you create a Halfling name, and share some of the names you made by leaving the comment below.

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