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Drow Name Generator & Guide

The drow pulled the knife out, finishing a clean kill. “I’m sorry, brother, but such is our way” – he said, looking at the corpse. “Besides, Nim’ruil Helkar the elder boy of House Helkar sounds much better, don’t you think?”

Generate Names

Callimar Diliriy

Istorvir Tlin’orzza

Elvanshalee Rilyniryn

Sindyrrith Orlyafin

Iraeryne Rhomduil

Jaelrith Blundyth

Thirniss Olonrae

Ilztkah T’orgh

Xunjra Dalael

Shynlass Diliriy

Morennel Fremtor

Tebryn Hlat’tar

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Dark elves, also known as Drow, are faithful to the treacherous ways of the Spider Queen Lolth. Living in the Underdark, they tend to reside in large city-states. The city of Menzoberranzan is a perfect example of Drow society in every regard.

A strict and transparent House hierarchy is how things work in this majestic, yet highly violent city. Plots, deceits, betrayal, and covert House elimination is a common occurrence. As a testament to their deceiving and hypocritic nature, the Council can eradicate any House if a witness survives and names them as the attacker.

They live in a Matriarchal society, where a Matron Mother with her daughters and sons rules a House. Each House, with an army and slaves, scheme and plot over the rest, trying to secure a spot in the Ruling Council of Eight, which presides over all others.

How to Choose a Good Drow Name

Male or Female, from a noble House or not, where he or she was born, and who did the Matron Mother chose for the father are all valid questions that can affect the name you choose. The House name, plus the Matron’s personality, tend to make the most impact.

Drow names are elven-like and exotic, though they often have a more sinister tone to them. That, plus a few different ways that you could read the name, equals plenty of combinations. Let us instead focus on more tangible ways to create a Drow name.

Drow Name Formula Examples

We can make a name sound more akin to their nature by using one or more of the following:

  • Apostrophes
  • Two same letters in a row
  • A few consonants in a row
  • Using a combination of the three

You can divide the name by using an apostrophe, often leaving only one or two vowels on each sides, i.e. Zak’nanor or Gel’dyl. It breaks the name in an unusual way, one that wouldn’t be used in our everyday lives, thus making it seem more outlandish.

DM tip
You can combine two real-life words and “separate” them using an apostrophe. Example: Dag and Tar, Dag’tar.

You can add a bit of flair to the name by using two similar letters in a row, . Examples would be Altriir or Suspurra. It makes the name more exotic, as it applies a certain mystique and alienness to it. However, try not to overdo it or it’ll just feel misplaced.

With the third option, involving consonants, the goal is to make the name harder to pronounce, i.e. Uhltysaar or Lhtmyr. It gives a more guttural feeling and it fits, as the Undercommon, the Drow language, is based on multiple diverse languages.

DM tip
Play with more combinations at the same time and see what you can come up with.

Using Drow Language to Name Your Character

You can always refer to the list of the Drow Houses and draw inspiration from them. See how the names are written. Notice the usage of the combinations we mentioned. Ask yourself what was done and how you would make those names sound more alluring.

Another good resource is the Drow dictionary, where you can find the meaning of some of their words. Once you understand them better, they could provide yet another method of coming up with a Drow name. Check them all, inspiration can be everywhere.

DM tip
Try to find a word/meaning that’s close to your character’s nature. The more you know, the easier it is to create a name that you’ll be satisfied with.

Drow Last Names

Drow surnames can vary, though many use their House name, especially the noble ones. Below you can find examples where the other half focuses on existing noble Houses.

  • A’Daragon
  • Beltaulur
  • Glannath
  • Hyluan
  • Icharyd
  • Jusztiirn
  • Mlezziir
  • Tuin
  • Xiltyn
  • Yril’Lysaen
  • Baenre
  • Vandree
  • Do’Urden
  • Druu’giir
  • Zolond
  • Hael’lrin
  • DeVir
  • Hun’ett
  • T’sarran
  • Teken’duis

Female Drow Names

Females are the dominant gender among the Drow and Matron’s daughters are mostly High Priestesses of Lolth. The oldest one is the next in line to become a Matron Mother.

  • Lyrena Ulass
  • Brordreza Rrostaerth
  • Byrlass Zaphrinath
  • Rilrae Coborel
  • Zeerith Ssambra
  • Briza Argiom
  • Akordia Zolond
  • Laele Auvryduis

Jaelrith Helvossz

Second daughter of House Blun’Dyth. Very zealous and prone to bursts of violence, especially towards the males, “as Lolth would have it”.

  • Nedylene Lueltar
  • Rilrae Dyrr
  • Trielynrae Everhghym
  • Iymvyll Auvryduis
  • T’rissolin Freiryn

Xunjra Claddmtor

Formerly daughter of a defeated family, she now serves as a daughter to House Ti’rin, the very same House that defeated them long ago.

  • Belarless Zauvin
  • Vormyra Dilion’lyr
  • Shynlass Chaulssinn
  • Zeberess Hunzruae
  • Jhangara Cormrael

Sabrae Hunzrin

Matron Mother of House Hael’lrin, the 19th House. The youngest and the most successful Matron in the history of House Hael’lrin.

  • Taldril Godearn
  • Balnitra Hlaafin
  • Burala Do’ett
  • Zarshalee Arabneld

Male Drow Names

Each House has up to two sons, with every third sacrificed to Lolth. It’s a fairly common occurrence that a second son kills the oldest, thus securing one of the highest statuses a male Drow can achieve.

  • Quenthel Chaulssin
  • Lymeoyn Freth
  • Jaezvir Vrinn
  • Ryld Auvryduis
  • Brorn Dalael
  • Szordrin Elpryrr
  • Krondorl Noquviir
  • Zyn Eilsana
  • Jyslin Torval
  • Jalynkyn Xiltyn

Guldorl Rilynviir

A mercenary on the rise. Specializes in killing younger, less trained, priestesses, something that’s very much sought for. Escaped assassination attempts from more than a few Houses.

  • Dindorl Rilyniryn
  • Phardriirn Hun’ath
  • Jaezvir Gallambra
  • Nalphrin Argoryn
  • Kluththan Helviiryn
  • Narisinyon Zaphrylan
  • Xarann Coborel

Kalannar Mlezziir

Thought killed during an expedition, he is a prisoner to a certain Svirfneblin King. His House has to keep sacrificing sons as Lolth knows he’s alive.

  • Seldstel Hun’ath
  • Nalzt Arabndar
  • Drizdrin Hun’val
  • Phyxyln Myzynge
  • Bemraun Abbaulur
  • Malagrann Ichoara

Filnor Blundiwin

He recently became the first son of House Noquar, as he covertly slew his older brother during their successful attack on House Tlabbar.

  • Bhinruel Taulur
  • Jevan Faertala

Badass Drow Names

Not every Drow is a member of a (noble) family and so they often seek to be employed by a certain House, joining their army in one way or another. And sometimes, Drow make names for themselves.

  • Sorn
  • Ilztkah
  • Zaknnar
  • SiNafay
  • Veszdrin
  • Kyorlin
  • Caelkoth
  • Tazagh


One of the most notorious Drow alive. A cryptic leader of Bregan D’Aerthe, notorious mercenary company, a group that is said to be as powerful as true Drow Houses.

  • Dinlyn
  • Elkantar
  • Berg’inyon
  • Gelroos
  • Iljrene
  • Rizzen


Weapon Master of House Do’Urden, the most prominent swordsman in Menzoberranzan, and a father to one of the most famous Drow in all history.

  • Istorvir
  • Masoj
  • Malice
  • T’risstree


Killed her Mother and became the new Matron. Unfortunately, that was also the moment when they were under attack by a much larger force, ending her rather short reign.

  • Talice
  • Thirza
  • Alakaun

Now It’s Your Turn

Drow are fun characters and I enjoy creating them. They are a healthy mix of fighting prowess and magical ability. If you’re looking to play a more sinister character or perhaps one that is trying to escape everything his race is, the Drow are a perfect choice.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, share your thoughts on what you liked and what would you have done differently. Make sure to visit our Drow Names & Backstories for more great name ideas.

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