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Wood Elf Name Generator & Guide

She watched him move silently, through the thorny brush and into a more favorable position, remaining hidden from his prey. “Wow” – she thought, as the arrow perfectly found its mark. “I really hope I can be like Narlan one day”

Generate Names

Seldanna Ferngrove

Ralikanthae Elmstone

Chaenath Sageblossom

Phaendar Shadylock

Zoastria Fernvale

Madief Timberwing

Arl Timberpool

Takari Willowlock

Morgan Duskpool

Irilkat Mossvale

Tralkiki Willowrun

Asetha Swimfur

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Wood elves live in forests, with their homes well hidden from the outsiders who look upon them with distaste and confusion. Not everyone can live as one with nature, so they are also feared and respected at the same time. They have copper-like skin, while their eyes are usually green, brown, or hazel.

They wear simple clothes and leather and many are master bowmakers, fletchers, and leatherworkers, and often unrivaled at archery. While calm and collected, they lack the charisma that certain elves possess and their distaste for urban civilization is well-known.

However, they have a more open view on relationships, as polyamorous affairs are their social norm. Ironically, they are known to mock each other for it.

Good Wood Elf Names

To start with, let’s have a look at some of our favorite names.

  • Symkalr Greenbark
  • Sithah Pineblossom
  • Halanaestra Hazelnose
  • Wyn Acornvale
  • Zarnan Elmwood
  • Dakath Oakenlock
  • Yaereene Dornwood
  • Jhaer Ivyshade
  • Eles Pinevale
  • Sithah Leafrock
  • Ennalsa Redwillow
  • Ciartos Willowlock
  • Arun Oakenrock
  • Bellas Greenstone

Wood Elf Last Names

Giving a last name to your character can add complexity to his personal story.

  • Bearrush
  • Stalkwolf
  • Foxtail
  • Rabbitear
  • Birdsong
  • Silentleaf
  • Roseshade
  • Barkblossom
  • Pinegrove
  • Nightthorn
  • Sunflower
  • Softgrass
  • Bluepond
  • Deeplake
  • Moonshine
  • Shadowfoot
  • Trueshot
  • Longarm
  • Snowwind
  • Nimblefeet
DM tip
You can think of a name (animal, plant, natural, object) and add an adjective or a verb to it, effectively creating a surname. i.e. Silentrain or Birdchirp

Female Wood Elf Names

Other than standing a bit shorter than the males, females are pretty much the same. Most have elven-like names, and they are known to have a fiery spirit, engaging in healthy doses of rivalry, while seldom crossing the line.

  • Ellaeddyf Springbrook
  • Astra Camoscrub
  • Esha Duskrock
  • Aethin Elmwood
  • Phela Sagewing
  • Darlevel Timberwing
  • Dhervillal Oakdale
  • Phenaendith Willowvale

Qyssih Sageblossom

A druid of great renown, she is currently resting deep inside a forest, recovering from a near-fatal wound. The enemy wasn’t as lucky

  • Enva Riverwing
  • Eha Fernpool
  • Almy Greenrock
  • Darle Greenstone

Draenyries Riverscrub

Found floating down the river, in a small casket, she was saved by the scouts of a nearby Wood Elf village. 

  • Nande Acornrock
  • Qenreth Seedgrove
  • Yvelteh Applethorn
  • Qastra Bluethorn
  • Ashe Littlebow
  • Tharla Watercup
  • Arletrin Greenbark

Irfinae Rabbitfoot

Lives alone in the forest, although animals keep her company. She can also communicate with them. Knows certain forgotten nature magic, but hesitates to use it.

  • Yyvetrith Blackdusk
  • Dhihisten Starlight
  • Nande Sungem
  • Qenreth Brownberry
  • Phatref Hazelnose

Male Wood Elf Names

Just like females, they love hunting and wandering through the forest. They are also known to form bonds with different animals. They mostly prefer mountain lions, pumas, and leopards.

  • Kalgan Camomire
  • Dikkoc Ivyvale
  • Dadi Pineblossom
  • Talasrit Riverstone
  • Orulgo Nightrun
  • Ciadrosran Pinebranch
  • Scaelloslaen Willowrun
  • Strascalu Ferngrove

Tudarcu Oakwood

As his father taught him, he now possesses forgotten wood shaping techniques, making him essentially the best fletcher in the region

  • Killulvo Greenwind
  • Dhuthi Elmstone
  • Cioran Dornlake
  • Kacaath Bluebranch
  • Thadoc Balfthorn

Scisroth Rosegrove

Family history goes back to the birth of the forest itself. They got their last name due to the vast groves of roses growing in their territory

  • Aslidat Springmire
  • Urgin Ivyrock
  • Cico Pinegrove
  • Zarnan Elmbranch
  • Glarald Acornstump
  • Lathai Applesmall

Qildor Bluetree

Discovered a rare blue tree as a child, and was named as such ever since. Unbeknownst to all, it is possessed by an evil spirit and is corrupting him

  • Taanyth Shadylock
  • Vaeril Pinesky
  • Darfin Rabbitfoot
  • Jaonos Seedgrove
  • Wyn Nightstone

How to Choose a Good Name for Your Wood Elf Character?

One of the ways you can start thinking about your Wood Elf name is to think about his home, origin, and his parents. Where was he born, what kind of parents does he have (or had) and how would their personalities influence the name he was given.

For example, your character’s parents might have been in love, but still, interact romantically with other elves. Such freedom could have influenced the name they gave your character. In fact, your character might have been given a first name only.

DM tip
The history and lore of your character’s home can help you with the naming process

Wood Elf Name Formula Examples

There are many ways to combine certain words and get a Wood Elf name, and here we’ll name a few:

First Name:
While Wood Elf’s first names don’t necessarily use a particular formula, we can still take a look at a few examples and see what we can come up with.

  • A name more akin to other subspecies, more poetic in pronunciation. These Wood Elves often had a different heritage in the family’s history.
    – Velethuil, Lydi’aleera, Tarasynora
  • A less elegant name, more straightforward and plain. Most of the common Wood Elf names are like this, often expressing their more simplistic and raw nature.
    – Ascal, Jandar, Imra

Last Name:
As for the surname, there are two simple ways to find a good one by associating an adjective or a verb with an animal, a plant, or an object:

  • [Adjective] + [Animal] = Redfox or Whiteowl
    + [Plant] = Greenrose or Blueivy
    + [Object] = Deeplake or Brightmoon
  • [Verb] + [Animal] =  Bearrush or Birdsing
    + [Plant] =  Rosebloom or Softclover
    + [Object] =  Flystone or Swimfur

Later in the article, you’ll see some examples of Wood Elf names and last names.

Common Types of Wood Elf Names

While the names can be similar to other elven names, they often lack the grace the more urban-oriented ones have. Contrary to noble-like names, that sound more poetic such as Aerendyl and Lysanthir, they are more likely to have less delicate ones such as Arun, Kalgan, and Urgin.

Wood Elves often have a different last name compared to other members of their species. They are regularly made of words tied to the names of animals, plants, objects, and natural phenomenons. It is also not unusual to have a surname given later on in life, more as a nickname than an official last name.

DM tip
You can combine noble origin with wood-elf current lifestyle, resulting in an unusual lavish name. However, it can easily add a lot of value to the character’s history

Using Elven Language to Name Your Wood Elf

One good way to make Wood-elf names is by using other people’s creations, such as Elven language glossary. It contains a long list of translated elven words, which provide a new outlook on the matter. If you haven’t seen it before, it could be an eye-opener for you.

To expand on the aforementioned glossary, a gentleman by the name of Steven Sypa made a list of names using various elven dialects, including Wood-elves. It’s a well-made list and I’m sure you’ll discover new meanings and possibilities for your character’s name.

DM tip
Play with the combinations and let them fuel your imagination

I hope this guide will prove to be useful in your endeavor of finding the right Wood Elf name. They are a peculiar race, well worthy of a more careful examination. I find them fun to play when I’m looking for a nice mixture of roleplaying and fighting capabilities.

Please, leave a comment, tell me your thoughts on this whole matter.

How do you get to your Wood Elf name and do you have a favorite one?

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  1. Thank you for putting this together. A question that I have though, is what does “Balf” mean as a part of a two word surname? I searched online, and even went through the elvish dictionaries links that were provided, but I can’t find a definition for it.

    1. The Balf family name was first used by descendants of the Pictish people of ancient Scotland. It is a name for someone who lived in the barony of Balfour, in the parish of Markinch in Fife. The name is a topographic or local surname, which was given to a family who held a barony or lands, had houses, manors or estates in the area.

  2. I am currently writing a fantasy novel where the main character is a halfling/wood elf hybrid and the father is a wood elf druid ruler and the mother is a halfling ranger. Any cool idea for names would be nice. Plus finding someone who knows a lot about about fantasy novels to read it as i finish writing chapters and give me advice would be nice.

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