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High Elf Name Generator & Guide

“Ambassador, what is your advice?” – the King asked as all eyes turned to the Elf. “Patience and restraint.” The King raised his hand to silence the mumbles – “My dear Olqorumeladion, we don’t have that luxury. The time to strike is now.”

Generate Names

Iirende Aelsonfaere

Cirlia Salingire

Ariearie Larethael

Celoniril Highore

Tunle Korahl

Angannarre Tahromaerith

Valoov Chaeifeth

Seaion Sillonihre

Camalina Gaethious

Seanoniril Thilinan

Undalushorn Anaedian

Mosootan Caemlock

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High Elves are slim, athletic, and commonly fair-skinned creatures with keen minds. They usually have long dark hair and green eyes which often lack pupils. Their peculiar view on the world, thanks to their longevity, makes them come off as distant, arrogant, and haughty.

They age similarly to Humans, but only up to their adolescent years when they visibly slow down. They are considered mature at around 100 years old and can live for over several hundreds of years. They are always associated with Magic and Weapon prowess and make for excellent mages and warriors.

Like many other elves, they do not sleep. Instead, they enter a trance and meditate for 4 hours per day which is enough for them to feel mentally refreshed. During their meditation, High Elves have a complete awareness of their surroundings and can’t easily be surprised.

How to Choose a Good High Elf Name

High Elf names tend to sound elvish, as their name suggests, of course. They can be quite long, especially from a human point of view. While humans have Cale, Jeanie, and Willem, the High Elves have Trendildaril, Loraginia, and Moraaranyon. Using one word, they are exotic.

Just as their language sounds strange, poetic, almost to the point of singing, so does some of their names. An uneducated commoner would certainly have trouble at even trying to pronounce them. At first, they seem like random letters put together, but if you watch carefully, you’ll see there’s a method to it.

High Elf Name Formula Examples

There are more ways than one to name your High Elf so let’s take a look at some examples.

You can use certain suffixes to make the name sound more to their nature, which can often depend on gender. Males have names which often end up with “-ion”, “-nil”, “-dil”, while Female names end up with “-ielle”, “-ya”, and “-nde”.

Here are some examples of what works:

  • -ion, Lithrionion
  • -nil, Artlanil
  • -dil, Tandldil
  • -ielle, Ravielle
  • -ya, Astnirya
  • -nde, Ayryeminde
DM tip
You can combine other similar suffixes to get equally valid names. i.e. “-ril”, “-wal”, “-nwe”, and “-ena to get names such as Tornanril, Irenwal, Anarnwe, and Elonoena.

The fact that the names can often look like random letters can be a double edge sword. On one hand, we think we can simply use any letters and get a name. On the other hand, there are particular trends most names have, giving it all a certain structure.

Use logic to guide you in the process. For example, you wouldn’t use “Trdldnion” as it isn’t exactly audible. You would, however, use something like “Trandulion” since “Trandul” flows of the tongue more easily.

PRO TIP: [Use morphemes that are easy on the tongue and ears like Calurion (ka-loo-ree-on) or Rhondanil (ron-dah-nill)]

DM tip
Character’s vocation can influence the name. i.e. Will Bladeslip or Elarya Trueshot.

How to Create a High Elf Last Name

Many High Elves don’t have a surname, but we can still create one. One way is to use names of raw materials, natural phenomenons, animals, plants, and so on. Silvermoon, Whitefox, and Pineroot are good examples.

We can also use a method similar to the one we applied for the first name. Using suffixes such as “-ael”, “-nor”, and “-ahl” we can create surnames such as Laraethael, Saelinor, and Faeahl. You may want to use more nature-related words, as it’s where High Elves usually live.

DM tip
Combine the two methods and use English words with such suffixes: Stormahl, Windael, and Timbernor

High Elf Last Names

You can use your High Elf’s origin, place of birth and the place where he or she lives to determine the type of name you’re going for.

  • Trandunor
  • Lernael
  • Glondahl
  • Hyureenor
  • Iclanahl
  • Jornarnor
  • Mlionkahl
  • Tumenril
  • Xilmohre
  • Yrilnuius
  • Bamious
  • Vanhrael
  • Doriender
  • Drunael
  • Zolmarahl
  • Halsonore
  • Deniath
  • Huniane
  • Tkalthirin
  • Tekdinor

Female High Elf Names

Female High Elves are considered to be equal to men, both in their general abilities, magic, and fighting prowess. Some would argue that females prefer long-range combat, but it’s on you to decide what kind of a character she is.

  • Lyrielle Ulannor
  • Irolende Rrostahl
  • Byleya Zapernael

Jaelinde Helviron

As an experienced alchemist, she’s trying to use her knowledge to expand on her magic. Unbeknownst to her, her latest concoction is highly unstable despite her belief.

  • Errden Grayire
  • Caronuira Aelsinorinh
  • Tuiorne Granlock
  • Zenoea Moonael
  • Lindeura Rainahl

Xunjra Cladmeron

She has been serving the King for more than 12 years. Considered one of the best archers in the entire army.

  • Iriunayne Loraetheus
  • Rumanande Elsiniane
  • Cindtalaure Loreifeth
  • Mirlae Camire
  • Nirnden Athor
  • Faracarya Saelinus
  • Erisna Gaethious
  • Elelenya Thramfaere
  • Ardaarya Saelinaerith
  • Palrdalin Chamiath
  • Cirlia Salingire

Angael Adious

Old, even for elven standards, she has been one of more adored teachers in the city’s most famous Transmutation School

  • Elditha Jorthar
  • Sontenira Loraethfhar
  • Atraafire Elsinious
  • Zenoath Charmfhaer
  • Niryath Silinihre
  • Mirelindiun Aelsinorin
  • Mirlae Camire
  • Nirnden Athor

Male High Elf Names

Their longevity makes them ideal ambassadors, advisors, sages, and lore keepers. They also make fantastic wizards, just like their female counterparts.

  • Eldrilion Loraelahl
  • Mankenril Aelsoniath
  • Eraitarandil Silinosin
  • Kornrenil Elsinihre
  • Qorwinduel Laretheus

Enrtarandil Thaoror

Once a famous Wizard, it has been a long time since he secluded himself inside a ruined tower of a forgotten kingdom.

  • Neririlamil Alkinious
  • Taurmilion Elsinahl
  • Hinverdian Grayonin
  • Lillanbir Faeonin
  • Ulunxirion Korire
  • Arknesvimil Faeaerith

Faselion Gaeaire

General of the army, he has seen countless battles and was somehow left unscathed. These days most of the soldiers call his Faselion Mihtrilskin.

  • Erranauro Lockriahl
  • Saruir Thaoraine
  • Fildenril Charmosin
  • Tanildroil Elsinorinh
  • Vorilndil Saeliniane
  • Yakwilnil Graybial
  • Mankecalmo Aedihle
  • Nuretarandil Elsinbinde

Eldaedil Granius

Left he city he was born for a more untamed region due to certain bad financial mishap. Has been living in a nearby forest, following the ways of a druid.

  • Enernil Saelinorin
  • Volarilor Aedael
  • Orinmon Khraemuseus
  • Manlian Anaedihre
  • Seanoniril Thilinan
  • Nornardol Tahromire
  • Armlemail Thilinaine
  • Artindil Elsinihre

Your Thoughts on the Naming

High Elves represent a proud, methodical, and patient race. Their aptitude for magic makes them powerful arcane casters, which they treat as one of the most important points of their existence. If you want to play a noble-like character who can be a master of fighting as well as a potent magic-user, they are a very good choice.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, share your thoughts on what you liked and what would you have done differently. Tell me how would you go about naming your High Elf character.

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