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Eladrin Name Generator & Guide

“What can we expect?” – asked the elf, seeking guidance from his elder. “Don’t expect anything, my young friend, but simply absorb and react. But shield your heart before you go, Imvis, for the world ahead holds nothing back.”

Generate Names

Weszane Ibryiil

Narkiver Braegen

Korahanna Mistwinter

Quomendi Briarbosk

Paedon Presrae

Zenrynna Oumryn

Uraxana Jaglene

Branprath Iydril

Prysyana Q’Naepp

Quoaster Cathdeiryn

Landan Haell

Wrethaea Fynnasla

Illustration courtesy of Pedro Ventura

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Table of Contents

Eldarin are the elves that never left, staying back in the Feywild. Considered as the “elviest of elves”, they bring every elf feature to a certain extreme. A Fey elf is slender, with sharper features, often showing a glint of Feywild in their gleamy eyes.

The strong connection to their lands allows them to be aligned with seasons, representing each when they choose so. A Fey elf can embody the same season their whole life, while others change on a daily basis.

They possess strong magic, and how wouldn’t they when they are descendants from a God. Fey elf’s natural affinity for beauty makes them appreciate art, alluring nature, graceful creatures, and even other beautiful people.

Eladrin Last Names

The exotic nature of the elven language makes for some peculiar surnames among the Eladrin. So much so, some of them use a Common language counterpart instead.

  • Eroth
  • Eveningfall
  • Faerondaerl
  • Fellmirr
  • Fynnasla
  • Iourael
  • Haerlgent
  • Halavanthlarr
  • Ibryiil
  • Ildroun
  • Ilnatar
  • Irithyl
  • Jaglene
  • Keove
  • Laelithar
  • Laughingwater
  • Lharithlyn
  • Lightshiver
  • Meirityn
  • Mistwinter

Female Eladrin Names

Beautiful, graceful, and elegant. Many can make you gaze upon them, even to the point you’d swear you were charmed by some strong magic.

  • Yllafaera Tsornyl
  • Trimynis Ulongyr
  • Hencelle Vyshaan

Illacahne Windwalker

A sorceress capable of manipulating the very air itself. Her modesty forbids her to use her abilities unless it’s a dire situation.

  • Cylbynn Yraueme
  • Enaraste Aendryr
  • Grumiris Doedance
  • Orishana Auglamyr
  • Magdys Fenmarel
  • Zenzane Haladar
  • Jelensanna Moonglade

Gylgrys Immeril

A druid who long forsake her family in exchange for the privilege, and the pleasure, of protecting the magical forest of Ixion.

  • Ulqirith Laelithar
  • Durlynna Silverbow
  • Zenrynna Oumryn
  • Jarfaera Nyamtharsar
  • Yllathaea Morningdove
  • Wrevyre Gourael
  • Hyllenae Moonweather
  • Briqirith Lightshiver

Hennairra Nacnar

A painter whose expertise is painting portraits. She is well known and her work is highly sought for by those who appreciate fine art.

  • Uraxana Jaglene
  • Hylraste Keove
  • Rolrastra Laughingwater
  • Drisglyn Faerondaerl

Male Eladrin Names

Their connection to the Feywild makes them potent magic users, capable of magnificent achievements. Their personality depends on the season they aligned with.

  • Iratihr Alaenree
  • Tavaster Iazymnal
  • Sarnbaver Floshin
  • Relzeiros Craulnober

Galinemin Goldenleaf

One of the more prominent merchants, Galinem secretly works on bringing the Feywild plants and ingredients to the outside world.

  • Crurion Mistrivvin
  • Branprath Iydril
  • Margrephor Kraok
  • Quawirn Nightmeadow
  • Dapeiros Oakwood
  • Zenkris Selmer
  • Elroprath Windstar

Elropeiros Aluviirsaan

A noble who holds one of the most important roles in a human kingdom, serving as an Eladrin ambassador to the King.

  • Panxis Erladden
  • Tavsirak Bharaclaiev
  • Quomendi Briarbosk
  • Danis Caersaelk
  • Quorian Alenuath
  • Branokas Dhorinshyl
  • Kuoheros Audark

Jafis Dree

Having left the Feywild for many years now, he’s making a name of himself sailing the ocean, attacking merchants and ships alike.

  • Fylazeiros Eroth
  • Panykos Eveningfall
  • Narkiver Braegen
  • Taviver Elaéyadar

There are numerous reasons for an Eladrin to make their own path in the world. As skilled as any other elf, they are well suited for travel, trying to keep their connection to the Feywilds intact. However, they might find the outside world far less charming than their homeland.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with an Eladrin name.

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