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177 Drow Names & Backstories

Drow Fighter with panther

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Drow, or Dark Elves, owe their allegiance to a mighty deity, the Spider Queen Lolth. They are vicious with a strict hierarchy where betrayal is frowned upon. However, if done in secret with no witnesses around, it becomes a very commendable act.

They are a peculiar race with equally exotic names such as Elammshin, Phardriirn, Ilmryn, Jhaamdath, Bautha, Elvraema, Quenthel, Jezzara, Zeerith, and Bergnyon.

Good Drow Names

A good Drow name usually contains an apostrophe, the same letter twice in a row, or both. For example, while a name like Alton is a viable one, we can take a step further and come up with a name like Al’toiir. Another example is Zolan, which we can easily turn into Zol’anarr, and Rizin into Rizz’inur.

  • Tor’ggos Coborel
  • Jhanniss Duskryn
  • Vierriddia Blundyth
  • Z’ress Yauthlo
  • Vesszdrin Hune
  • Charrill Melmtor
  • Illmryn Rilynghym
  • Cor’anzen Illistyn

Da’trag Olonrae

While he is the first son of House Olonrae, the family isn’t really known and has been at war with more than one House which results in almost daily small skirmishes, and two successfully defended attacks so far. Despite these successes, the situation remains unstable and one wrong move could spell doom for both him and his kin.

  • Xa’rann Freth
  • Mez’Barfaere Arabndar
  • T’risstree Filar
  • T’rissolin Tlin’uan
  • Shinsstra Mlezziir
  • Jhulae Chaulssinn
  • Berg’inyon Daevion’lyr
  • Hatch’net Mizzrym
  • Vielyyn Hun’val
  • Mez’Barris Hyluan

Numrini’th Helvith

Her House fell in an extremely well-executed attack by one of the rival families, and she and two of her sisters were spared instead of killed. Since that day, they are now daughters of their new Matron mother, though they know it won’t be easy competing with the daughters that were there before them, regardless of their age.

  • Phyrra Ssambra
  • Ichharyyd Maeate
  • G’eldriia Do’ett
  • K’yorl Melndar
  • Miz’ri Kilval
  • K’yorius Lueltar
  • Hal’elra Omriwin
  • Ak’orrdia Tuil
  • Nulliira Coloara
  • Zen’dallur Jhalavar

Female Drow Names

Female names are often both unconventional and simple. The name Briza is a good example, where the “Bri” part is emphasized, making the name more impactful. Other names like that would be Minra, Vorna, Drada, and Brora. Try looking at the short real-life names that can inspire you to come up with names such as the ones on the list.

  • Shynre Hunzruae
  • Ghidre Zaphresz
  • Zenda T’sach
  • Zilva Daevyl
  • Waerva Gallaer
  • Akortha Uloavae
  • Balna Cormrael
  • Yvonre Jusztiirn

Eratha Helvaerth

First daughter, a powerful priestess of Lolth, and Matron’s favorite, she is an incredible asset to the family where only a handful of other females can rival her power. There is one potential problem, at least from Matron’s point of view, and it is the fact she’s incredibly stubborn and has a tendency to disobey orders, something that’s becoming harder and harder to prevent with each passing day.

  • Yasra Nirabban
  • Micarni Glauriwin
  • Ghiri Eilsrret
  • Phaere Argiom
  • Urmele Daliwin
  • Sassara Helvuae
  • Imbera Myzynge
  • Jaelda Tanor’Thal
  • Zesla Claddani
  • Xazira Arabneld

Rauva Argith

While most females are priestesses, this Drow showed astonishing potential for arcane magic as well, and she’s been studying both ways and succeeding with little to no problems for more than two decades by now. On one hand, her Matron mother appreciates her abilities but on the other she fears those very same skills will one day be the end of her, resulting in a change of power much sooner than preferred.

  • Shurva Torghym
  • Xulfy Dinoryn
  • Waerdy Maeval
  • Dirza Glaurach
  • Zeska Dalorzza
  • Talbra Quavein
  • Mizma Baenneld
  • Honra Taulur
  • Molnu Aleund
  • Akorda Baenreein

Drow Queen

Male Drow Names

One of the ways we can come up with a male Drow name is to take an English name, where an archaic name is a good example, and then replace certain letters with “z”, “y”, and “x”, add letter “h” after another consonant, use double vowels, and sometimes mix the order of certain letters. Examples would be Brian – Zri’aan, Waldo – Yalldyr, Oliver – Ol’veryn, Cuthbert – Xutberrth, Lewin – Lev’iinroth , and Alexander – Ax’endaar.

  • Sabal Galloryn
  • Iymton Torval
  • Tazagh Dhunnyl
  • Vuzlyn Zauvaeir
  • Quevven Godearn
  • Jaezvir Hlaviir
  • Dhuunyl Abaeir
  • Micarlin Tuin

Callimar Hunzrin

As the only survivor of the former House Hunzrin, a name he doesn’t use anymore, he’s been a member of a mercenary group on the rise for the last five years. Thanks to their cunning leader, they have been working closely with those who could prove to be the winner even before the war happened, and this allowed the group to keep expanding to the point they now have over a hundred members.

  • Veldrin Eilsana
  • Tallil A’Daragon
  • Kelnet Seerear
  • Kophyn Orlyund
  • Duagloth Zaphrylan
  • Llaulmyn Abbaulur
  • Targos Helviiryn
  • Vielyn Illykur
  • Nimruil Hlat’tar
  • Ranonim Dach

Iymril Freett

He’s one of the only, if not the only, Drow that has been a member of three different Houses. When he was young, his house fell to a rival but he was spared in the last moment due to being a very skilled fighter already, cutting down five enemy soldiers alone. The history repeated itself about two decades later, and today he serves as a weapon master for House Freett, the 11th house of one of the major cities in the Underdark.

  • Vhurindrar Kent’tar
  • Ristel Xiltiirn
  • Minolin Freiryn
  • Ghaundar Dilion’lyr
  • Rinnill Zaphruil
  • Dinlyn Rhomduil
  • Sorn Chaulssin
  • Hounnel Aleafin
  • Ildan Faertala
  • Riklaureth Uloryn

Drow City Names

Most Drow city names look strange and are pronounced with a fair share of difficulty as the names are far from what we would consider conventional. Multiple double consonants, apostrophes, and using the letter “y” are some of the things we can use to create such a name. If you can come up with a name that doesn’t seem pronounceable at first sight but ends up rolling off the tongue without too much problem, you’re on the right path. Examples would be Imyenamelle, Anrynnyqua, and Unmmahyll.

  • Faneadar
  • Sschindylryn
  • Yuethindrynn
  • Abburth
  • Haundrauth
  • Guallidurth
  • Sshamath
  • Karsoluthiyl


Located in Underdark, in Upper Northdark, it is probably the most famous Drow city in the whole region, a place where many great stories emerged, such as the actions of the famous Drizzt Do’Urden. A council made from the top eight Houses decides on the fate of their strict hierarchy where lies, secrets, deceits, and betrayals are the main weapons of the game at hand, a game where chaos is masked by an illusionary state of traditions and justice.

  • Orlytlar
  • Sshanntynlan
  • Ithilaughym
  • V’elddrinnsshar
  • Maerimydra
  • Eryndlyn
  • Rilauven
  • Chaulssin
  • Uluitur
  • Abaethaggar


Located in what is considered the upper regions of the Underdark, this drow settlement has become one of the major cities, and both a trading hub and a place where outcasts can find refuge and work. In the last half of the century, the city is also referred to as The Free City, due to the fact there are no ruling Houses like in most places. Still, politics remains everpresent and multiple organizations try to get what they feel they deserve by any means necessary.

  • Undrek’Thoz
  • Ungethal
  • Telnarquel
  • Tyrybblyn
  • T’lindhet
  • Baereghel
  • Llecerellyn
  • Szithlin
  • Undraeth
  • Erelhei-Cinlu



Drow Last Names

Most Drows use their House name as their surname, and while they might not follow any particular rules, it’s best to use some of the naming conventions we mentioned for the first names. Use a capital letter in the middle of the name to make it seem as if two words were made into one, and a dash or apostrophe to make it look more exotic. However, try to make it easily pronounceable as looking like a tongue-twister is fine, as long as it’s not actually too hard to say.

  • Duskryn
  • FaenTlabbar
  • Horlbar
  • Baenre
  • E’eendar
  • Nurbonnis
  • Myzzrym
  • ArchakNaibo


Once upon a time, this House was the third House in the city and held a place in the council for more than ten generations, ten different Matron mothers who each ruled for at least a couple of hundred years. Today, however, only memories remain, memories mentioned only in the times when one needed to describe the potentially grave consequences of the actions at hand.

  • Srune’Lett
  • Tuin’Tarl
  • Ixit’shii
  • Fey-Branche
  • Pharn
  • Shobalar
  • Chabor
  • Kenafin
  • Millithor
  • H’Tithe


Only a small renegade family remains from once a big House who played it smart by constantly being a member of an alliance made by half a dozen families, a defensive pact where each pledged to help in the time of need, thus securing all their existences. Alas, one faithful day, they were betrayed by other members and barely managed to survive.

  • AgrachDyrr
  • Symryvvin
  • DriiUpoth
  • Xorlarrin
  • Neiren
  • Hunzrin
  • Tiamyn
  • Vandree
  • Triem’lokth
  • Del’Armgo

Half-Drow Names

Being offsprings of a drow and a human, half-elf, or even elf, their names can greatly vary as the society they grew up in determines that name, so use this to your advantage, and don’t be afraid to mix the first and last names. Don’t forget different societies could end up using similar names, where Drow could give an elf name as a way to mock the character, while the Elves could do the same to allow them easier integration. A single name can also be appropriate, especially when given to the character by someone who despises them.

  • Dylan Heartgazer
  • Chandara Keteerass
  • Mirthal Oloren
  • Pointears
  • Chadzina Rhomdyrr
  • Shyntlara Philiom
  • Nathrae Kent’tar
  • Jivvin Zolond

Agixia Winterthorn

This half-drow was born in the same community she was then raised in, although never by her mother who left soon after the birth, never to be heard from or seen again. Today, however, she continues to live happily with her family where her past still lingers in the unknown, a fact that should never be changed as no one is certain how she would react.

  • Shurraenil Zaphruil
  • Shurdriira Tlin’uan
  • Tiara Biltram
  • Ulitree Dinuil
  • Charlie Grag
  • Nendra Helvith
  • Chakos Dinoryn
  • Tolokoph Mylyl
  • Heidrun Ostrone
  • Vhurindrar Galloryn


For as long as he cares to remember, he’s been a slave in a Drow camp belonging to some family he knows almost nothing about, and he received the name due to his unusually human-like skin and somewhat strange elven ears. Now, while broken from the outside, his mind races constantly about the possibility of escaping his dreadful fate.

  • Eclavdra Freth
  • Relonor Orlyund
  • Balbaste Icharyd
  • Tsabrak Dalorzza
  • Narlros Rilyniryn
  • Torxiar Irongrip
  • Tarlyn Melmtor
  • Wilf Mournclaw
  • Quarra Filar
  • Andak Fastcaller

Female Drow

When it comes to Drow names, use apostrophes, (multiple) double consonants and vowels, capital letters in the middle of the name, and try to find a good way to incorporate letters “y”, “z”, and “x”. Try to make the name seem hard to say just by looking at it but when you pronounce it out loud it actually rolls off your tongue fairly easily. I would encourage you to also learn about Drow history and lore as it can inspire you to create the name you always wanted. Check for more ideas, stories, and inspirations for creating a drow name at our Drow name generator.

What do you think, are Drow true villains or is there more to them than we might think? And what about their name, do you have any particular or favorite way of coming up with one? Share your naming techniques with us, and tell us what you found most helpful by leaving a comment below.

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