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Changeling Name Generator & Guide

“It’s about time you got back, what happened?” After a few moments of silence, the woman looks puzzled. “Come on! Tell me wha–” Suddenly the man standing in front of her shifts to a pale white. “I am Diers, and the man you know is gone, and I think your skin may be a bit nicer to wear.”

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Changelings are everywhere on the Prime Material plane, whether you choose to see them is another question. These creatures are natural masters of disguise with the uncanny ability to become whoever they would like to be. Often they are seen as thieves or charlatans, but many try to lead honest lives.

The legends say that to save her 100 children, Jes pleaded to the Gods. However, only the Traveler would answer her call, giving her children the ability to shapeshift into any humanoid form. This allows them to live as whoever they need to be to best survive.

Changeling names are not particularly interesting on their own. They normally consist of a single syllable, but they can have added flair if given an “accent.” Since Changelings are shapeshifters, when saying their name they may instinctually change a part of themselves, such as change their eye or hair color. This is normally very brief but can help differentiate Changelings with the same vocal name.

Good Changeling Names

The names provided are simply suggestions for a Changelings true name. Since Changelings can change form they may have multiple personas they can call upon based on the situation. Feel free to look at other name lists for names based on the persona’s race.

  • Sirx
  • Vos
  • Ourt
  • Eerx
  • Aunn
  • Toz
  • Lun
  • Art


For the past 10 years, they have continually drifted from town to town, but once he found a group of kind adventurers he knew where he belonged. Now he just needs to tell them how he truly looks.

  • Eesk
  • Nim
  • Cas
  • Siet
  • Deek


She has always felt like she didn’t look quick right. Changing her appearance little by little in hopes of one day being the embodiment of true beauty.

  • Wit
  • Mas
  • Lurx
  • Dakt
  • Ot


They have always felt at home in the forest. They can always be their true self in nature, as when they try to reveal themself in the city, they are only met with anger and fear.

  • Irx
  • Vil
  • Visk
  • Maks

Masculin Changeling Names

Though Changelings do not consider gender as something one is born with but rather a feature that can be changed, some still may feel more male or female based on how they were raised. All Changeling names are gender-neutral, but some may still seem more masculine or feminine.

  • Paex
  • Jot
  • Wakt
  • Urx
  • Yiks
  • Vukt
  • Siez


Pretending to be a noblewoman lycanthrope is one thing, but when he finds himself in the general’s bedroom, he wonders how far he’s willing to go.

  • Noox
  • Ruc
  • Jos
  • Laers
  • Han
  • Surt


After hearing tales of Changelings who forget who they truly are after years of shifting, he makes the bold choice to never change his appearance ever again.

  • Yart
  • Iks
  • Az
  • Hik
  • Voks

Feminine Changeling Names

Some Changelings may choose that con is an easy way to make plenty of money, However, be warned, you may find yourself at the other end of someone’s crossbow if you don’t hire from a trustworthy source.

  • Rouks
  • Aix
  • Pikt
  • Vum
  • Wan
  • Tooc
  • Jeam
  • Jes


She has found that her body is her greatest tool as an artist. While others form marble, she molds her body and soul through pure artistic expression.

  • Maes
  • Tas
  • Teerx
  • Fie
  • Hax


The con was supposed to be simple. Act as though you are their son, grab what you can, and get out. However, when they think you are the lost twin of the one you are pretending to be, you feel much more obliged to stay.

  • Sook
  • Lat
  • Aigs
  • Yos
  • Yourx

Changelings can often be deep, multifaceted characters, not only as themselves but also as the many personas they might put on. Though all these names are simple, you may want to consider other names, especially if you make a Changeling that was raised by another race.

Hopefully, this article has helped you name your Changeling and inspired you to look at other name lists on Codex Nomina for the names of different personas. If you have any thoughts, feel free to leave them in the comments, thanks for reading!

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