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Kalashtar Name Generator & Guide

“Am I dreaming? Because this is so unreal.” The man said with a smirk. The woman looked at him blankly for a few moments, and he suddenly heard this inside his head, “I am Alorand, I can ensure that you are not dreaming. However, my people have been known to be tied to Dar Quor, so I understand the confusion.

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Kalashtar are what humans dream of, quite literally too! Kalashtar hold a dual spirit, one of humanity and one from a quori. Quori are ancient spirits that fled from Dal Quor, the land of dreams. To survive, the quoris bound their spirits with willing humans creating the first Kalashtar.

At first glance, Kalashtar look like normal humans, but upon closer inspection, one may notice that Kalashtar have an uncanny beauty to them. This has come from the way the quori spirits have changed the Kalashtar appearance over the generations. These changes include perfectly symmetrical faces, slender bodies, and a subtle glow from the eyes.

A Kalashtar will normally get their name based on the name of the quori their soul is bound to. If the quori’s name was Kashtai, then a Kalashtar may add La- to the start to create the personal name Lakashtai. However, some Kalashtar raised as orphans may have a human name and have no idea about the identity of their quori.

Good Kalashtar Names

True Kalashtar names always are based on the name of the quori their soul is bound to. Because of this, all Kalashtar names are influenced by the Quori Language. As to be expected from the language of dreams, it has an almost whispered quality to it. So when you think of how a name might be pronounced, you should always hear it in a hissed whisper.

  • Khahiefhath
  • Zarhiowo
  • Uyniewo
  • Filefyth
  • Wahevomora
  • Vhusayxex
  • Haliopyx
  • Kixhiefhath


Her quori was known as a strong warrior, and she followed its example by becoming known as the Kalashtar Valkyrie.

  • Fohefyth
  • Lexhiasolh
  • Hoxiearand
  • Eeleheezja
  • Yhialilum


Learning to use a bow was harder than she imagined, but after a dream of a musical performance, she realized she had been plucking the wrong strings.

  • Daliopyx
  • Hallearand
  • Diteheezja
  • Zhariowo
  • Uriniewo


The dreams that showed him foreign memories of strange lands, led him to appreciate the beauty of the Material Plane.

  • Leeshiasolh
  • Ushiogigah
  • Ythialilum
  • Wishayxex

Kalashtar Female Names

Quori names have no gender, so the only way Kalashtar names may be gendered is through the prefixes used. However, some Kalashtar have no regard for gendered names and have no issue using a name that may seem “Feminine.” As for appearance, Kalashtar share the same gender differences as humans.

  • Ionobhath
  • Quinilethu
  • Gharoxex
  • Dhoryocishad
  • Hynyvomora
  • Kixhyovomora
  • Yhyelilum
  • Lexhyiquysh


As a child she found her psionic ability to be weaker than her peers, however, she soon realized it was because she had the gift of the arcane.

  • Maquierethu
  • Uynyoheezja
  • Tyxheinuny
  • Aenabeebi
  • Ambovakri


Her goal is to bring her mind and body into one to be able to defeat any who oppose her.

  • Wthyolilum
  • Phiashana
  • Dalyamhona
  • Xiweinuny
  • Shiovakri

Kalashtar Male Names

Kalashtar are often seen as the embodiment of beauty. As the generations have changed, Kalashtar too have changed based on what is seen as idyllic beauty. These looks are often just for show, because while a Kalashtar may look well-toned and strong, you may be surprised to find that they are quite weak.

  • Raroulad
  • Wahyivhysh
  • Gynywo
  • Khahoshara
  • Valeizozi
  • Fraynari
  • Ziziejohash
  • Rariakari


In constant fear of the Dreaming Dark, he found great solace in the Path of Light.

  • Chouzozi
  • Soretana
  • Artyevhysh
  • Toryinuny
  • Halieneth


Haunted by the deranged memories of his quori, he was able to find refuge through music and poetry.

  • Polyeshtai
  • Bhaybeebi
  • Gynietana
  • Reeshyopushth
  • Jolyetea

Kalashtar Quori Names

The quoris that fled Dal Quor did so to escape from the Dreaming Dark. This has caused many Kalashtar to feel inclined to fight the dark forces that seep from the dream world. Additionally, since the quori fled Dal Quor, they are never allowed to return, this means that Kalashtar don’t dream, but instead have flashes of their quori’s memories.

  • Ashtai
  • Tash
  • Vakri
  • Quysh
  • Ekilth
  • Icocosh
  • Ototh
  • Exush
  • Usisi
  • Ydhufi

Kalashtar are perfect for those who like to play logical charters that can also have peculiar fits of madness. What happened in their quori’s past can be important when considering how your character may act. I may recommend thinking of your quori’s history, picking a quori name that fits, and then basing your character’s name on that.

I hope this article has helped you dream up some ideas for your own Kalashtar names. Feel free to leave your names and opinions in the comments, and thanks for reading!

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