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Wizard Name Generator & Guide

“Any time you want to join the fight, Famren, is all right by me!” – the man fighting the two orcs exclaimed as multiple arrows broke harmlessly against the left side of his plate armor. Moments later, after a couple of soft-spoken incantations, a fiery ball flew over his shoulder and exploded, incinerating the screaming archers in the back.

Generate Names

Norvias Marmidas

Cabulm Fistslash


Genia Thunderbearer Kulumugoni


Brolwiedint Zulral

Esteem Kirca

Venhana Chrometinker


Voggeiman Apem

Loyal Polat

Llaulmyn Helviar

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Wizard hardly live a dull life, and instead read about new things, discover long-forgotten knowledge and ancient secrets. While they spend a lot of time studying the books, runes, and spells, they are quite often lured outdoors.

Adventuring, among other things, means traveling and visiting new and possibly strange places. Such locations can provide new insight and access to unlocking more powers, allowing them to increase knowledge, as well as their magical ability.

Performing magic is no small feat, and some Wizards earn great renown, even become famous. While they can certainly have different types of names, some of them are Aharis Erlandiir, Ozora Feathermind, and Tharnvar Bladenpool.

Good Wizard Names

Skillful Wizards whose names we remember tend to expand their interests outside of libraries and do much of the work in the open. If they manage to survive and obtain more power, they are able to affect the world while becoming famous in the process.

  • Nylora Swiftblood
  • Mifsara Darkmore
  • Velora Wildbreath
  • Aven Wolfmoon
  • Imeena Wyrmgem
  • Whisper Starhearth
  • Savina Lovelace
  • Narween Morgan

Delana Redhaven

As a master alchemist, potions are her life. Lately, however, she’s been missing some important ingredients, and she used that as an excuse to finally leave the tower. Unbeknownst to her, a dragon settled in the region about three weeks ago.

  • Raura Windhorn
  • Xavier Clovenleaf
  • Griffin Waterglade
  • Troy Pixiecloud
  • Elaric Jadegrove

Alatiir Moonshade

He’s one of the four archmages at the elven court and the queen trusts him with her life. Little does she know he’s been sowing the seeds of trust for almost two centuries by now, and the time for final betrayal is around the corner, at last.

  • Marden Stormhand
  • Cyrus Woodbreeze
  • Kaspar Canefost
  • Laziir Ripperflame

Callum Hookforge

This young wizard comes from a poor family, whose parents are doing everything they can to make enough money for a city school. His plans slightly differ, as he plans to use the money to pay certain someone to teach him the ways of magic.

  • Yao Rosefountain
  • Ecthrois Talethorn
  • Vesh Grimstaff
  • Jinx Crowweave
  • Amanda Mistshard

Female Wizard Names

There’s a huge number of powerful female Wizards, and each of them brings something unique to the table. The magic they possess continues to prove a worthy alternative to the physical violence most people tend to use.

  • Runla Wingfall
  • Lasdryn Longfoot
  • Beryl Graygut
  • Anamyla Stormcall
  • Bylleres Froll
  • Dearys Flaskcoat
  • Irasyl Magmapike
  • Rina Gremys

Eldera Krisrice

Teaching conjuration at a mage school in one of the great cities of the east, she found the perfect balance of discipline and friendship. One day, however, she disappeared while the rumors say she got tangled into politics and was killed for it.

  • Nessare Yannan
  • Dilya Farven
  • Lyrei Ravanelys
  • Calarel Keywyre
  • Sandra Dabella

Merlara Umertis

With such a wild and curious nature, it’s a wonder she managed to stay glued to the books as much as she has. Determined to succeed, she gives everything no matter what she does, and such a tenacious approach allows her to improve rather quickly.

  • Ellay Neridithas
  • Aimera Grenala
  • Elena Amberkeep
  • Qipine Technabber
  • Veiirinix Longlife

Male Wizard Names

While some use weapons, Wizards are more inclined to use their own minds, their power of will. Combined with the knowledge they eagerly acquire on a daily basis, they can become the staples of power, capable of great influence across the world.

  • Prixir Impithos
  • Wraad Kistanarr
  • Muirmand Gravelmane
  • Vongram Bristlecloak
  • Hardir Oakenbrand
  • Benram Darkbelly
  • Bramdek Largevale
  • Alrec Torcaryn

Luir Darkstare

It’s been a fortnight since he found the ancient tome, and he hasn’t left his library ever since. While the servants would probably tell you he barely eats, he would let you know he has far more important work to do than mere food.

  • Fylson Raloyar
  • Meriel Kelphyra
  • Goren Miraqen
  • Rhangyl Nortiih
  • Vamir Genrieth

Loranil Viirtoris

Accompanying the famous Shield Brothers, the five adventurers are now well on their way north, determined to reach the mountains before it’s too late. A certain dragon made it his home and has been terrorizing the countryside ever since.

  • Antyl Kaycayne
  • Vaeril Chaemaer
  • Zhoron Farwynn
  • Rilitar Xilcarnyn
  • Folen Verntillar

Wizard Last Names

Wizard’s last names often don’t belong to those who raise them, at least after a while. Many make up their own, take the ones belonging to others, or simply go by a completely made-up name, especially if they tend to go on personal quests outside.

  • Rosebloom
  • Skywind
  • Sandvale
  • Pixiecatcher
  • Moonshine
  • Shadowbane
  • Mistcaller
  • Rainleaf
  • Rubyforge
  • Mythbuster
  • Nightshard
  • Owlrider
  • Lotusleaf
  • Pearlsong
  • Soulstone
  • Ravensteed
  • Silverthorn
  • Rainbowward
  • Sparklegem
  • Skullwraith

Evil Wizard Names

Meeting evil Wizards is a repeatably memorable experience and their names are one of the first things to spark your imagination. They provoke assumptions, conclusions, and hints at whatever that person is or might be.

  • Ethan Mortem
  • Griffin Wintercrest
  • Enigma Thornheart
  • Alex Kane
  • Ladria Helliot
  • Mayree Mistgrove
  • Obsidian Shadowend
  • Hemmit Ebonwood

Jude Goldenstrain

This wizard passed many obstacles in her life, from losing the love of her life to avenging her whole family. She managed to find a secluded cabin to live in but the past always lingers, and a friend from years ago is on their way to seek her help.

  • Avanth Zulynarr
  • Kellam Lotusvale
  • Revan Howlsong
  • Eoin Chainspell
  • Elinder Talkion

Alabast Silvercloud

This wizard holds a much bigger secret than anyone around could imagine. He is in fact a silver dragon who prefers to stay in this human form, and practice magic that way. Alas, the years pass quickly, and he has to move yet again to hide his true age.

  • Braden Lynx
  • Luther Cromwell
  • Ash Cinderspark
  • Gail Pixiecaller
  • Kaige Marthen

Studying ancient and forgotten knowledge, discovering relics of the past, and casting spells by mastering magical incantations are some of the things that fill Wizard’s life. Their inquisitive nature takes them outside and away from the silent rooms and dusty tomes, inspiring them to explore new places, secret temples, and forgotten caves, all in search of the next piece of the puzzle that will help them unlock new powers. Think about what kind of a Wizard your character will be, a name worthy of fantastic phenomenons they will cause and encounter, and embrace all of the magic the world has to offer.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Wizard name.

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