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Fighter Name Generator & Guide

Blocking the incoming axe with her shield, and kneeling down on one of her knees in one fluid motion, she sliced open the opponent’s belly with a single swing of a sword. The bandit found himself on the ground, screaming in agony, only to be silenced forever by the sword in his throat. “Well done, Qora, you are certainly your father’s daughter.”

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Kilskan Thaarneas

Thalo Frightguard Agu-Uliano




Apdug Kulmthermos



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Fighters are knights, soldiers, bandits, mercenaries, gladiators, hunters, and more. Their skill with weapons and their knowledge of warfare can vary but they all share their love for battle and glory. They often make the very backbone of any army.

Unless they were trained for years, while each fighter is adept at using different kinds of weapons, most specialize in order to stay as competitive as possible. Regardless of their weapon of choice, they are very deadly and effective.

Whether they seek the thrill of combat or simply want to test their skills further, many choose a life of an adventurer. Some of those fighters who are looking to have their names known are Yielle Melinaar, Ian Stonehollow, and Throthgar Gemsoul.

Good Fighter Names

A good name provides a glimpse into the character’s life and briefly alluding to who and what they are, sparks more ideas, and makes us wonder about their history.

  • Temoshi Faintlight
  • Kariina Heartscribe
  • Zenari Ragewood
  • Umagy Dawnslayer
  • Gary Deepmark
  • Irelia Ambergrove
  • Zane Thundersworn
  • Marrari Moonridge

Thurgar Woodhelm

This dwarf has proved his worth, many times over. A veteran of dozens of battles, he now spends his well-deserved retirement reminiscing his golden days. Lately, however, nostalgia gripped him, and beckons him to go on that one last adventure.

  • Gramora Rumblestrike
  • Kamuri Coldbane
  • Gotug Rainmaker
  • Honar Ironskin
  • Mogorall Sunaxe

Sara Wintersting

Wearing a light armor, and no shield, she’s been rather effective with her rapier. Sometimes she gets laughed at for her fighting style but once in combat, her moves and striking precision shut even the loudest mouths out there.

  • Maku Dockhand
  • Marrim Gluetouch
  • Kamogark Rumblestrike
  • Drotar Willowdraft

Arug Swiftedge

He likes to be in the thick of things, the front lines or even vanguard is possible. He leads by example and his actions have inspired dozens of soldiers, allowing them to tap into their inner strength, something all soldiers deserve to be reminded of.

  • Akir Greenarm
  • Raxus Whiteflame
  • Nirven Shadowcloak
  • Miah Redmane
  • Elam Gemspark

Female Fighter Names

Some underestimate women solely based on gender and then pay for their grave mistake. Truth is, such underestimation only adds to their tenacity and fierceness, allowing them to reach the victory even more easily.

  • Merial Welford
  • Halana Nash
  • Syndra Chase
  • Fhaertala Snowden
  • Laerdya Cortland
  • Isarrel Thunderglow
  • Daphy Toppletrigger
  • Arimila Bopbitt

Carli Rockhead

As someone who held a sword from a young age, she’s traveling the land, showing off all of her skills, even dueling, as long as she gets paid for it. Despite a couple of losses, she’s determined to continue as the unpredictability is too enjoyable to let go.

  • Isomyn Nuggetsenser
  • Joli Stonecarve
  • Celmila Rockfinger
  • Fenqaryn Togglesprocket
  • Kolna Kross

Fentina Vast

She had a rough life and even rougher childhood, so it’s no wonder she ended up with a mercenary gang. Down on their luck, they recently began taking any sort of a job, even killing innocent people, and now she’s having second thoughts on staying.

  • Pregany Pugglon
  • Nymyn Giobibaar
  • Unawyse Plumlady
  • Trynree Runbottom
  • Maewyn Scatterletter

Male Fighter Names

Most men have that something in them that rises up when the danger is near. It allows them to find courage, face the enemy, and become the fighter they are.

  • Theldan Frostaxe
  • Gren Warmbelly
  • Urmrik Bloodbranch
  • Balmar Strongchest
  • Hurnus Axedelver
  • Ebdor Barbforge
  • Murdir Chainbelly
  • Regdur Fieryrock

Garnor Onyxpike

As a former captain of an army, he deserted his position after his regiment was abandoned and left to die against a hobgoblin horde. Defeated, but not killed, he and a couple of others managed to escape, and today they form the notorious mercenary band known as the Blades of Hell.

  • Germund Shadowmane
  • Amron Cragshield
  • Muirdar Trolltank
  • Kraman Bloodsword
  • Bronam Caveshield

Argan Bitterrock

When drunk, Argan is impossible to deal with. When sober, he’s poor company but reliable. However, once he’s on the battlefield, an axe in his hand, he’s unstoppable with demon-like stamina, hacking away at the enemy for hours on end.

  • Edgar Berylgut
  • Thendar Barbedmail
  • Grybrek Kragbelt
  • Brumdek Undershoulder
  • Bhador Mountainside

Funny Fighter Names

Battle, blood, and glory are all good and well. But if you can add some humor to the mix the game could benefit from it. Do so by starting with a playful Fighter name.

  • Finn Isher
  • Dol Blaid
  • Sam Urray
  • Ike Enkil
  • Veek Naglee
  • Will Fyte
  • Veth Erran
  • Sek Onvind

Noth Ahnyte

He carries himself with dignity and honor, though not a pinch of noble blood runs through his veins. He will offer mercy, fair play, and a chance of redemption, but he’s definitely not a knight.

  • Feice Dett
  • Trayne Dwell
  • Gleddy Aytorr
  • Mersy Nerry
  • Batt Lemaster

Ayleed Miway

Even when he joined the army, he showed promise and had a knack for leading others. While he quickly rose through the ranks and has a regiment of his own now, he listens to nobody else and only leads where he wants to.

  • Leon Hart
  • Sosh Bakkler
  • Vohn Veppon
  • Nevas Urrenderr
  • Calmy Yorlord

Fighters come from all sorts of backgrounds and all of them excel in at least one form of combat. Whether they fight for others, for their friends, or simply for their survival, they often become adventurers, embracing the dangers that follow. Such a life tests their mettle, their skill and resolve, and ultimately makes them grow as a fighter and a person. Choose a name for your Fighter, decide how they got their skills, how are they going to use them, and venture forth into the unknown world, as bravely as the legendary warriors of the old.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Fighter name.

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