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Ranger Name Generator & Guide

The elf ducked under the manticore’s incoming spikes and deftly rolled aside, ending her move on one knee. Not a moment later, three arrows hit the monster’s right flank. “I will feast on your bones for this, Shynalla!” – the manticore shrieked in pain, sending numerous threats the elf’s way.

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Varnish Alard

Woe Brightwater

Pirphal Wysafina

Urihymm Ucar





Jyslin Torval

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Scouts, trackers, hunters, and warriors of the wild. Rangers excel at living on the edge of societies, serving as guardians and protectors of all they hold dear. They are independent individuals even though some join other adventurers along the way.

More experienced Rangers are able to use magic that is connected to nature, and which focuses on enhancing stealth, tracking, hunting abilities, and movement through difficult terrain. It is said Ranger’s duty lies in protecting the borderlands.

While they prefer to act alone, they are known to join forces with others, especially when it’s time to tackle a major threat. Their names often became well known through such actions, like Lendaan Vanseen, Mya Pebble, and Rico Talendar.

Good Ranger Names

A good Ranger name can provide a sense of adventure, one that can be somewhat mysterious, yet easily remembered. A name that provides assurance and sanctuary.

  • Emilia Silverthorn
  • Page Faintstride
  • Yelmar Quickblade
  • Aejor Orcsbane
  • Fenric Greenbow
  • Eryar Windstep
  • Omap Whispershout
  • Fenlen Hearthoak

Neero Duskvale

Exiled from the community years ago, this halfling still lives fairly close to his home village. Unbeknownst to the residents, he saved them all three times by now, and now a large pack of wolves is on their way to claim the surrounding territory.

  • Elihon Staghorn
  • Zorwyn Crowscream
  • Dara Snowleaf
  • Adrona Thundersong
  • Daekalyn Dragonfang

Miamoira Threepelt

Once an archer in the army, she was left to die on the battlefield. Today, after being saved by the gnomes living in nearby burrows, she’s been returning the favor for the past seven years by protecting them from any and all dangers they might face.

  • Nerigella Strongbreeze
  • Joralei Hellsnow
  • Ulasy Ironclaw
  • Liawynn Fourfist

Bryva Iceflame

She loves to explore the land, finding new locations, hidden areas, and forgotten places. With a wolf she saved as a pup by her side, she continues to travel the land for new opportunities and obstacles waiting to be solved.

  • Naecan Hardmane
  • Cradan Frostgem
  • Wran Cloudshade
  • Heiquinal Mistbane
  • Nordit Dreameyes

Female Ranger Names

All the skills a Ranger uses on a daily basis are equally possessed by both males and females. There are numerous famous female Rangers whose skills speak for themselves, proving to everyone just how capable and deadly they can be.

  • Kaitvia Gravelmantle
  • Myrnia Broadbuckle
  • Gatty Jasheir
  • Sarri Duskriver
  • Mysdryn Beasthead
  • Makaela Farrie
  • Ciliren Aesatra
  • Ioelena Chaeris

Inchel Farmenor

Having fun on her new adventures, she’s pleased with herself for joining and contributing to the party with her skills. While they haven’t had much success lately, the enthusiasm never wavers as they seem to be having the time of their lives.

  • Ildilyntra Olocyne
  • Reynselle Beastmaul
  • Elred Crawenys
  • Ioelena Brydove
  • Nanthaliene Urihorn

Tannyll Elnala

Tracking the band of orcs for days, she finally managed to catch up to them. She never faced more than 5 at once before, but she’ll be damned if that stops her now.

  • Bretri Longcloak
  • Myrlyl Broadbraids
  • Shalana Elaqen
  • Immianthe Holaleth
  • Bryngiel Orebow

Male Ranger Names

Several aspects of being a Ranger naturally suit males. Hunting is a good example as it has been done since the beginning of time, and their competitive and independent nature allows them to excel at everything a good Ranger needs to know.

  • Dalrig Rubydelver
  • Thaltham Grumblebow
  • Pirp Wysa
  • Emthar Forgehide
  • Bhalren Merrytank
  • Granus Oakhead
  • Gruzz Coalbelt
  • Kromden Leatherbuckle

Thodan Copperbeard

He’s been leading a hunting party for a week now, helping them fulfill the king’s mission. His extensive knowledge of the surrounding lands allows them to move much more efficiently. He’s also about to find out their target is a certain lady princess who he’d rather see alive and free.

  • Elluin Reycan
  • Agandar Ologwyn
  • Myrin Omabella
  • Saevel Inapeiros
  • Rilitar Virrel

Aliphar Bluebow

Everyone knows his shots always find the mark, and some are saying no one ever saw him miss. While most praise his skill and talent, there are those who claim he’s that good only because of the magic bow that the elves gave him.

  • Beng Mildglide
  • Illendir Dustbrow
  • Royce Foxtail
  • Timon Bouldersnow
  • Esra Bearclaw

Ranger Last Names

Rangers are known to use assigned last names, which can be given by either their allies or enemies. It’s usually something that sends a message about who they are, what they did, or what their favored enemy thinks of them.

  • Trueshot
  • Steelmantle
  • Orbwood
  • Moonbow
  • Lonewater
  • Bluepelt
  • Bonebreak
  • Deephorn
  • Eaglefang
  • Bearrider
  • Peacebrew
  • Stormroar
  • Glowstone
  • Evenshot
  • Silvereyes
  • Wolfsnarl
  • Onebrow
  • Snakebreath
  • Windhand
  • Firewood

Funny Ranger Names

Having fun is the main goal of the game, and a funny Ranger name adds to the joy. Using the background and the theme of the game, we can have numerous different approaches to making up a funny and witty Ranger name.

  • Steve Wander
  • Runswit Wools
  • Dahl Errou
  • Luv Snayture
  • Nose Waynort
  • Fynd Aberry
  • Hunt Sallot
  • Fern Foliage

Tox Witbists

Ever since he realized he could talk to animals, he’s been fascinated with them. He seems to be switching his interest from one species to another, and this week he has been learning all about squirrels and their daily routine. They also told him about a strange new creature they saw in the forest not two days ago.

  • Hillyn Ands
  • Liv Zalone
  • Wox Frubush
  • Lohn Boh
  • Konjur Sanimal

Skau Tahed

Always on his toes, and always nervous about possible outcomes, he’s not the one to hang back. He needs to know what’s waiting for him and his party, and he needs to know it now. In fact, he’s well in front of everyone before you blink an eye.

  • Hide Swel
  • Fayvrit Ehnemi
  • Suhr Wival
  • Ohto Eroz
  • Vonsha Tvankil

Rangers are trackers, hunters, scouts, warriors, and more. They live on the brink of societies and serve as guardians of towns, villages, and other communities. They can be both the first and the last line of any defense and are known to be very proactive in their duties. While usually working alone, or accompanied by animals, they are known to join other capable people, adventurers, in order to tackle more serious threats. Think of what kind of a person your Ranger is, create a name worthy of their nature, and experience the world and its dangers first-hand.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Ranger name.

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