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Bard Name Generator & Guide

“Once again into battle, our hero dived in, slaying all of his foes, as each fell before him…” – the bard kept making the listeners lean even closer, their eyes wide open. “Can we stay and listen?” – a little girl begged her father as they passed by.

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Nuzall Fallensong

Daphirhana Blaesocket


Ganthirogani Swiftfist


Burala Faertala

Kosilius Krynt

Confidence Varzand


Riluaneth Forrest



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Bard’s nature compels them to travel, explore, discover, and learn. They often possess numerous talents, making them a sort of a jack-of-all-trades, but their real potential lies in unlocking the power of magic through words and music.

Their stories and songs can unleash magic that can inspire valor, instill fear, create potent illusions, and even heal deadly wounds. They tend to learn from their own experience and often accompany adventurers, even becoming one themselves.

One of the main goals of any Bard is to collect knowledge and stories, which they can then share with others, earning renown, and etch their own name into history. Some of those Bards are Ian Notesoul, Elendiir Sunchant, and Zora Whispermight.

Good Bard Names

A good Bard name doesn’t need to be complicated. You can choose the first name appropriate to either the character’s race or their upbringing, and create the surname as you please. Including words that allude to music, stories, words, instruments, and similar are most welcome.

  • Caede Greenwood
  • Xavier Rift
  • Rok Noteleaf
  • Thomas Newsong
  • Lyria Accusto
  • Odan Summers
  • Tristan Wakefield
  • Jai Soloreef

Darathena Sparksong

While not the greatest tambourine player in the world, her songs are all of her own making, and the lyrics constantly inspire others, create positive thoughts, and spark ideas, allowing others to perform better at whatever they are doing at that moment.

  • Baorn Shriker
  • Lordaelyn Penrose
  • Teper Quill
  • Steven Refrain
  • Loraine Highnote

Archie Banjo

Finding his way from the south, he goes nowhere without the trusty banjo he received as a gift when he was younger. His fingers perform magic as soon as they touch the strings, and the music can be equally beneficial to his friends as detrimental to his enemies.

  • Eiwin Drumster
  • Morah Ditty
  • Elma Whyohleen
  • Ian Gong
  • Robb Chimers

Cyrus Strongchant

With a voice every commander dreams of having, he found his calling outside of any army and battlefields. Be it magic or pure natural talent, his voice can reach far and wide, as its deep tone catches attention immediately.

  • Rosina Lutewhisp
  • Jamel Seatune
  • Brady Runewind
  • Ilona Poems

Female Bard Names

Singers, poets, dancers, and much more, there are numerous different female Bards whose performances leave one speechless. Add a bit of winking towards the more gullible part of the male population, and you have a nice formula for success.

  • Nedtrix Prettyhead
  • Riora Runninggoat
  • Wiyola Bilberry
  • Neddrey Boffin
  • Zenmita Rumblebelly
  • Jilla Trill
  • Erazira Glosband
  • Andrey Greenbottle

Kelmia Hogpen

One day, a traveling musician stopped in the village for a night. He met her mother and decided to stay for a bit longer. Two years later, after leaving them both abruptly, Kelmia decided to go look for him, feeling as there was still much he could teach her.

  • Harana Humblegrain
  • Heidrun Heavywillow
  • Gisela Unadu
  • Wilf Mournclaw
  • Josefa Bidrinil

Tess Erandan

Her life so far is a story of joy, pain, and survival. She had to grow up fast, quickly leaving the safety of the children’s life behind, in order to face the now much harsher reality. Having nothing left, she decided to venture into the unknown world, hoping to find something, anything, that can mark the start of a new life for her.

  • Mathilde Mournspire
  • Kirone Covencrag
  • Kironir Obrester
  • Gryowar Wisethorn
  • Rohemar Fastsail

Male Bard Names

Regardless of the race, all Bards recognize their own talent at a certain point, thus having a variety of different names that depend more on their origin and background, rather than their calling.

  • Usunaar Calder
  • Thallan Jupp
  • Iolrath Windflower
  • Ian Sparrow
  • Iolas Tunebringer
  • Alluin Wordsmith
  • Lancryn Ermatter
  • Horvyn Crankbooster

Tanni Amuso

This halfling left her home so long ago she barely remembers what it looks like. Having traveled with numerous adventurers, collecting stories and ancient secrets along the way, she is now finally making her way back to where she started from.

  • Jezu Glag
  • Dorxif Mirlon
  • Filius Fillydook
  • Boffo Breakenbrack
  • Ricorin Kalliwart

Janyas Kaese

After almost two years on the road, at times he still feels he didn’t make the right choice. Leaving his home, his parents, and a girl he loved behind, he made a bold move for the right reasons, but whether it was the right one only time may tell.

  • Yenorin Brown
  • Garumo Springone
  • Hordal Fofflingos
  • Tever Fasttalker
  • Idovon Flowale

Bard Last Names

Bard surnames are often made up, or even given as a nickname, reminding others of some deed the Bard is proud of or, at the very least, has a meaningful place in their heart.

  • Bluesong
  • Dragonwhisper
  • Runeshine
  • Cliffnote
  • Duskdrum
  • Keensong
  • Moondance
  • Oceantone
  • Seasinger
  • Mountainbane
  • Flagshout
  • Swordarm
  • Truestring
  • Cloudjump
  • Sailworth
  • Nightscribe
  • Lightspell
  • Swiftrun
  • Soothingale
  • Sixfinger

Funny Bard Names

Bards are a perfect class for shenanigans and lighthearted games. Many players already consider them “the charlatan” class as it is, thus having a funny or a witty Bard name is something people welcome when looking for amusement.

  • Myohn Leerick
  • Busta Chimez
  • Reelee Notbard
  • Bardley Cooper
  • Ohno Feelsbardman
  • Bard Pitt
  • Jared Singsalot
  • Slo Klapp

Zeero Talenz

“I am a man of many talents, and none is more qualified for the job than I.” Unfortunately, no employer who hired was safe from this statement and each faced the same consequences, even when the job was actually completed successfully.

  • Knows Nolore
  • Elvish Presley
  • Newah Lye
  • Targui Pipesbag
  • Myoot Yellin

Olway Stalking

A quiet person at a first glance, as hard as it is to get this gnome to start talking, it’s almost impossible to stop him afterwards. Send one question his way and you’ll get at least three elaborate stories that may or may not be linked to the original issue.

  • Charlla Taan
  • Wright Smuch
  • Troo Storrie
  • Ayle Innspyre
  • Tosa Koyn

Anyone can be a performer but not everyone can be a true Bard. Always on the move, seeking new locations, people, adventures, and looking for a new piece of long-forgotten knowledge, they never stay anywhere for too long. They are capable of wooing a duchess, fighting an orc, and dueling a wizard, all equally well. Their desire for self-betterment never lingers and the more stories they have the more respect they earn among others of their profession. Come up with a name worthy of the adventures your character seeks, and venture bravely into the unknown world.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Bard name.

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