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Monk Name Generator & Guide

The half-orc stood motionless as if accepting his fate, watching one of the surrounding archers fire an arrow at him. A moment later, with unbelievable speed and agility, he spun around and avoided the projectile, letting it hit one of the enemies behind him. “It’s him, it’s Munn Ro! Kill him!”

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Taeral Umenorin

Buwalar Sulwilon

Maesica Moonghost



Faghat Nusretka




Dhilgis Bamugath

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Martial arts students, roof-hoping burglars, silent assassins, and traveling wanderers, all of them can be Monks. They all share the love for self-improvement and enlightenment, and whatever their goal is they do it with devotion and commitment.

They possess intimate knowledge of anatomy and, more importantly, the flowing energy called Ki. This allows them to pinpoint important points of the body, being able to do significantly more damage to their opponents and even paralyze them.

Monks who leave their place of birth and training most often have a compelling reason to do so. They are proud of the quest before them and never ashamed of their names, such as Finn the Black Raven, Reen Lo, and Maya Featherstone.

Good Monk Names

A good Monk name provides a sense of mystery, potential, and the unknown. It can often sound rather exotic as many come from some of the most unusual places.

  • Maks Bor-Khasar
  • Peac Xenzu
  • Rucly Panascu
  • Toz Wrimnir
  • Voks Miirnan
  • Wiin Chur
  • Yart Noky
  • Actaros Zenk

Doupon Rinvil

Having been trained by one of the three living masters of Kinkee Temple, he is now secretly on his way to the plains of Mairahu where his mission is to assassinate the queen. The roads ahead are dangerous, but the rewards for success are invaluable.

  • Ixon Xerviz
  • Iarkalyn Qeuron
  • Holarel Lendin
  • Torbani Frivian
  • Liawynn Merindos

Orilynn Decan

Having come back from a personal quest given by his master, a disaster waited for him. Everyone he knew, everyone he grew up and trained with was dead. With little evidence of who was responsible, he travels west as he follows the only lead he has.

  • Hoq Willindur
  • Gnaalsia Mernan
  • Wryrilsi Korin
  • Braguinq Finnly

Exan Toldii

Having proven herself an expert martial artist she convinced her masters it would be good for her to travel for five years, learn as much as she could, and then return with the knowledge. It’s been almost eight years now, and she still hasn’t come home.

  • Erig Doupys
  • Pielkee Horaan
  • Lilnes Makka
  • Melanthe Dorr
  • Ostan Fenvar

Female Monk Names

A female Monk is a common sight. As they are usually more slender and agile, they are well suited for all the acrobatics and rigorous training Monks go through, and they regularly become experts in their field of choice.

  • Brolnis Redfoot
  • Lasglia Shatterview
  • Bronnia Windbringer
  • Brytnyl Hardgut
  • Shaerra Trisxina
  • Taeral Umenorin
  • Yalanue Farzana
  • Merialeth Sarynore

Gaylia Yinberos

As one of the current four martial arts prodigies in the Open Palm School, she’s completely entranced by all the training. Soon she will find out if her current skill and potential will be enough to stop the upcoming danger that is looming around.

  • Cada Morven
  • Sherlie Zinno
  • Frieda Sug
  • Leonela Astusti
  • Willa Glaz

Jhanandra Glynhorn

Born with a highly inquisitive mind, one day the curiosity got the better of her and she left her home excited to see what the world has to offer. While the journey has been harsh, hopeful information reached her ears today and she finally feels alive again.

  • Livvi Norkrana
  • Jalyn Kelnorin
  • Harriet Sylra
  • Ariadne Gentumal
  • Etheline Wysasatra

Male Monk Names

Most men choose a sword, a spear, or an axe for a weapon, but those who became Monks decided to turn their whole body into a weapon instead.

  • Frohan Myapis
  • Fargrim Onyxhand
  • Thergrun Shadowfeet
  • Kharmek Ashbuckle
  • Emrik Greyfeet
  • Grilthrum Smeltfoot
  • Vulre Quiwen
  • Erlar Farzeiros

Castien Lorabal

As a full member of the Shadowstep organization, he’s well on his way to assassinate as many members of the Hinra family as he can. Having spied on them all for several months now, the plan has been finalized and he’s ready to strike.

  • Navarre Nerican
  • Gaeleath Magstina
  • Tordynnar Zuma
  • Ruven Perlee
  • Anfalen Xilnan

Jassin Dakian

Traveling with a merchant and his family, half a dozen bandits ambushed them along the way. He defeated them all in such a fashion that the merchant keeps recounting the story on a daily basis, even today, seventeen years later.

  • Lyari Leoron
  • Ryo Enlana
  • Brod Regaldraft
  • Guifford Dhudei
  • Virion Mosstrap

Badass Monk Names

Creating a badass Monk name usually involves using a somewhat exotic first name, along with a surname that will make a lasting impression on those who hear it.

  • Obra Shadowfist
  • Vein Dazetouch
  • Vantez Peacemind
  • Sustu Sharpspin
  • Rimbi Bonebender
  • Muno Lightstep
  • Mel Deathbane
  • Erty Kitwist

Dorce Windbend

It is said no bolt, arrow, or flying dagger ever managed to hit him, and that a melee approach is the only available option to defeat him. Rumors say he found a secret source of power, while the truth is that his elven heritage gave him plenty of years to perfect his skill.

  • Dar Ironwill
  • Jade Farjump
  • Vealon Ghosteye
  • Monrun Featherfall
  • Fearnun Loregrasp

Aital Farsight

He moves and reacts as if he had a sixth sense. No matter the direction the attack comes from, he’s somehow able to avoid the harm. Some say he’s actually blind and that’s the reason, the source even, of his all but magical abilities.

  • Fruntis Swiftmove
  • Renel Whisperhowl
  • Aert Catstride
  • Mond Straysoul
  • Linn Everfaith

Funny Monk Names

Meditation and tenacious training leave little room for anything else, but sprinkling some humor on top of that can yield interesting results, to say the least.

  • Funky Monky
  • Sleepy Hands
  • Stiv Enseegul
  • Slapen Tickle
  • Num Chunks
  • Medy Tayt
  • So Hi
  • Jack Echan

Formah Roug

Having been searching for something that would let him find his true calling, he found himself upon a secluded village. There he met a Monk master who’s been teaching him everything he knows till this very day.

  • Chakno Riss
  • Marshal Artz
  • Rond Hauskik
  • Kara Tekid
  • Oll Ryce

Ketch Enerrou

Best known for his agility and hand-eye coordination, he’s been traveling with a dozen of performers, where his part of the show was to catch an incoming arrow and instantly send it flying back, hitting the target behind the shooter.

  • Monkomery Kiksalot
  • Shiru Ken
  • Dedlee Pahnch
  • Meydi Chayna
  • Taykwan Douh

Monks strive to perfect themselves, their minds and bodies, as well as their skills. Being experts in manipulating ki energy, they are able to perform amazing feats of strength, agility, and speed, unimaginable accomplishments to a mere commoner. Think of how and why your character started to train, who was their teacher, and why and where they plan on going. Think of a name, one that lends itself to the character’s mystery, strength, or weakness, and venture forth into the danger that awaits in every corner of the world.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Monk name.

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