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Cleric Name Generator & Guide

Kneeling over his dead friend, the man couldn’t stop the tears. “Toran, can you do anything?” – he asked as he looked back at the armored figure with a desperate look on his face. The dwarf kneeled beside him, put his hand on the corpse, and started to chant strange words as his hand began to glow.

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Anelea Truthcarver Valu-Niago



Z’ress Jhalavar

Gharath Frightbearer Agu-Vukate

Tamugh Dawnkeep

Arriden Salulnath


Jhaddas Luhmelmath


Tanen Zuma

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Clerics draw their power from divine sources, while many are also trained for battle. As warriors and healers, they can help their allies but also harm their enemies, bring the dead back to life, and destroy the undead with powerful magical chants.

While some clerics are temple priests and prefer to serve like that their whole life, others travel the world as the voice of their God guides them on. Their deity’s goals become their own, and they bravely face any dangers that lie ahead with devotion.

Clerics care more about spreading the word of their God than making their own name known, and individuals of different races answer the divine calling. Examples of the names are Mira Onetouch, Heran Soothand, and Lorna Fairweather.

Good Cleric Names

A good Cleric name can offer a sense of safety, dignity, soothing, and honor. They are here to help those in need, keep them from harm, and cure them of ill effects.

  • Endira Stonewill
  • Hugh Armheld
  • Gondar Highkeep
  • Aldrich Hearthcomb
  • Corin Icewall
  • Beldon Longstone
  • Kim Graysteel
  • Darrel Glowfall

Meryl Highchurch

As a faithful ambassador to the King for the past two decades, he was the only right choice for the work ahead. He’s traveling west to persuade the Dwarves to join the upcoming war which they can’t win unless they all find the will and courage to unite under the same banner once again.

  • Oswin Finedusk
  • Misty Bladespell
  • Lewin Ironmind
  • Gawaine Churchpond
  • Frances Sunburn

Mildred Hopeworth

One of the finest battlefield healers you will ever find. She can handle herself in a fight and there are dozens of soldiers owing their lives to her, having been mortally wounded and then saved by her hands from the brink of death.

  • Osgood Faithtake
  • Janet Soulwell
  • Pascoe Steelrune
  • Ralph Goodluck
  • Beatrix Holystorm

Sigor Bloodstop

He used to be a temple priest until he was the only one who knew how to save a knight’s life by performing a rather complex procedure. He’s been the king’s surgeon ever since that day.

  • Sibilla Coldsoothe
  • Roger Truesight
  • Turbert Godmind
  • Audrey Aidall

Female Cleric Names

Some argue that female clerics have a certain advantage, at least when it comes to taking care of the injured. A woman’s touch can help on its own, and when mixed with true divine intervention, it is a truly magical gift one can have.

  • Torthiel Whitefinger
  • Naerbera Duskthane
  • Nisleen Blessedbuster
  • Lasslin Bronzeview
  • Jennnar Goldenbane
  • Sargiel Ashriver
  • Daerrielle Frostheart
  • Daerres Icespine

Mystin Snowcoat

Never going anywhere without a favorite coat wouldn’t seem as strange, if it wasn’t for the fact that she lived in the southern part of the kingdom, very it’s not even cold. Rumors say it’s magical and actually protects the wearer, both from all weather.

  • Sarglia Grumblehelm
  • Ratha Qinrel
  • Naevys Magfir
  • Khidell Krisra
  • Kaylessa Bryxina

Nesrin Hopebringer

It’s not often you meet a halfling cleric in your life, but this dutiful priest has been serving the good people of Farn village for more than three decades. Unbeknownst to her, there’s a traveler approaching who will single-handedly change the course of her life, forever.

  • Gylledhia Zinstina
  • Namys Faesalor
  • Aravae Wynwarin
  • Dessielle Yllaydark
  • Galan Araren

Male Cleric Names

It’s not uncommon to see a Cleric on the battlefield, even in the front lines, for they are capable warriors. Some even specialize in warfare, becoming a skillful mixture of a soldier and a healer, making them even more potent on the battlefield.

  • Zenvon Riverflower
  • Riclos Swiftmind
  • Barpos Earthwanderer
  • Tarkas Homebrother
  • Tibault Starmoon
  • Efraim Basho
  • Luther Zula
  • Whitelaw Remenidi

Luke Que

A former priest in the famous Temple of the East, he now roams the countryside, searching for anyone or anything that could help him decipher the few pages of unreadable text that are currently in his possession.

  • Ircirda Nie
  • Zunaohpas Shadecutter
  • Ollanar Wisethorn
  • Crubash Sosomul
  • Arnigul Havenspirit

Tanen Zuma

He’s never asked for any powers, nor did he serve in a temple, church, or anything else of the sort. Yet he is blessed by a deity, chosen to carry the Light of Terra as a gift from above. He’s yet to fully accept this role, but a certain situation will change his outlook on life as a whole.

  • Oguorth Neg
  • Horezall Havenrun
  • Harugul Sunhammer
  • Galark Wisehorn
  • Valron Huba

Cleric Last Names

Clerics can, of course, have various surnames depending on their race and origin. However, they are also known to cast them aside for a new one, one that either bolsters the will of allies or sends shivers down the enemy spines.

  • Deathhalt
  • Lighttouch
  • Sunsoul
  • Goblinbane
  • Turntide
  • Honorbear
  • Fireshape
  • Guidewill
  • Restmind
  • Spiritwell
  • Dayhope
  • Deadraise
  • Lieward
  • Brotherbond
  • Stonemeld
  • Cloudbreaker
  • Shapewater
  • Faithshield
  • Sacred
  • Saintglow

Funny Cleric Names

Humor is good for you, they say, and one can certainly joke around while helping others. In fact, some would argue it+s even better that way as you’re healing the body and soul at the same time.

  • Heeler McMeddic
  • Fixya Wunded
  • Durkin Beardnurse
  • Kaanfixia Lykedat
  • Gnopoleon Healapart
  • Aydon Raysded
  • Doktah Izhir
  • Doug EmmDee

Phixin Yorbooboos

Prone to using diminutives, he’s seldom taken too seriously. That is until he uses his God-given powers for good, and proves he’s the real deal to everyone around him. Today he’s considered one of the finest healers in the land.

  • Tom Bruise
  • Kyant Elpya
  • Ayken Heel
  • Devine Tervention
  • Holly Seamble

Othof Heelz

Coming from the north, although not as far as the icy peaks of the frozen mountains, he brings many traditions and life rules along with him. Regrettably, he doesn’t seem to have such a deep repertoire and understanding of the divine powers, at least when it comes to healing magic.

  • Saykreed Shrain
  • Distrouy Dedd
  • Inerr Layt
  • Batl Prees
  • Enshant Right

Clerics are healers, advisors, counselors, and warriors. They act as vessels through which divine power can manifest, aiding allies and harming their foes. Many end up on the move, guided by their deity, and becoming adventurers along the way. After all, it is one of the more convenient ways to spread the word of their God while proving themselves worthy in the process. Come up with a name worthy of your future deeds and go aid the helpless, facing evil as boldly as one can.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Cleric name.

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