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Rogue Name Generator & Guide

The sound of leather on stone echoed through the cold night’s air as a gentleman walked down the alley. Lurking from the shadows, the elf waited for him. “Valiiri, I was just loo…” – the words were suddenly cut short by a gurgling sound, as a cold silver dagger found its way to the man’s neck.

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Kramgrim Leatherdigger


Rilrae Nuan

Dasle Kamlumlyl





Kudvoh The Unsightly




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Thieves, burglars, assassins, scouts, con artists, and cutpurses, Rogue can be all of that, and even all at once. They can be a danger lurking from the shadows, an expert pickpocket, a master climber, a smooth lockpicker, and a skillful spy when needed.

They prefer speed and mobility over brute strength and use light weapons and armor while resorting to a ranged weapon at some point in time. Some even learn magic, and while they might not be as strong as a wizard, the spells are potent enough.

Adventuring life falls easy for them as they like to be on the move, considering some of the illicit dealings they might be involved in. Some get their names heard, praised, and cursed. Among them, you might recognize Jack Skystride, Nuala Kriswind, and Aelric Harlstone.

Good Rogue Names

Good Rogue names are the ones that stick to your mind, ones that can provide a sense of mystery and subtlety, and spark your imagination to the point where you start making up your own stories about them.

  • Selro Whistlecoil
  • Jacky Slipgallows
  • Mecia Beewax
  • Merlyn Copperhand
  • Jastira Shinesnatch
  • Aywin Hydewell
  • Quehan Twofist
  • Wroy Shifteyes

Remi Cracktooth

She will lend you money, and she will even prolong the time needed to repay her but you can be damn certain she’ll knock your teeth out if you ever decide to withhold the coins or, even worse, cross her altogether.

  • Celfyx Nimblehearth
  • Myhana Blackgrain
  • Banksy Silentfoot
  • Jimmy Quickhands
  • Qirana Littlebottom

Almila Longshanks

This rather tall elf is quite swift and dexterous, and watching her move, jump, climb, and perform acrobatics is a sight to behold. She seems to prefer the jobs where she has to find someone and catch him, regardless of dead or alive.

  • Belis Wetskin
  • Fayn Blackstone
  • Maed Sawheat
  • Elara Silvertongue

Lacey Lightfinger

As silent and nimble as a cat, she can enter unseen, move unheard, and leave without anyone ever noticing. Lately, there’s been an increase in the need for her services, and the authorities are getting close to realizing it was her all the time.

  • Kelky Chase
  • Leola Surehand
  • Isaen Toughboot
  • Marwyse Filch
  • Zefeni Mulligan

Female Rogue Names

Female rogues often fall into more subtle rogue types, and their usually naturally slender frame allows them to move even more gracefully than their male counterparts.

  • Sarlen Copperblade
  • Lyndis Ilizumin
  • Tisgwyn Leatherspine
  • Torra Delver
  • Maernyl Pebblehead
  • Ranva Pebblearm
  • Nasnyl Duskhood
  • Muelara Zylror

Jenny Underbrow

Starting as a pickpocket she soon found out information sells for far more than some meager trinkets. Today, she spends her time eavesdropping and spying on others, and even reading secret notes in order to sell the newly gathered intelligence.

  • Daric Rophalin
  • Lyeneru Holafiel
  • Mialee Filaurel
  • Rania Gilyarus
  • Gwey Morvaris

Keya Reed

Seeing some of the other members of the gang, you’d never think she’s the one leading them. However, once you get to know her, you finally comprehend the full scope of her vile and vicious nature, and “Ms. Reed” never sounds the same again.

  • Faylen Grady
  • Aimer Krisnelis
  • Nithnoel Corbett
  • Ilyana Spence
  • Ahrendue Bryant

Male Rogue Names

Deceit, stealth, and cruelty are certainly the traits a male rogue can possess. As such, the many roles of a rogue fall naturally to them, some of which they quickly excel at.

  • Tom Fingertwitch
  • Tolen Kranford
  • Yoslin Fizzwarper
  • Orryn Togglesprocket
  • Trayn Vonn
  • Davon Tist
  • Neslin Kledlan
  • Warkas Thubapin

Keanu Silvertongue

A diplomat, a persuader, deceiver and enticer, sugar-coater, and a sweet talker, all in one. This man fishes the right words in a blink of an eye, in situations where others are too scared to do anything, and somehow always manages to avoid the fray.

  • Rhys Pevrignock
  • Dipply Sprocket
  • Bragg Nickleplenty
  • Finn Sherky
  • Han Magee

Dan Brownlock

This burly man can lift a man like a child. As the muscle of the group, he’s the intimidation factor, protection, and the main combatant, all in one. Even when the fight is avoided, his mere presence is often enough to make a difference.

  • Tezor Overhill
  • Nefir Shortwick
  • Perdy Sirenhall
  • Vinos Trill
  • Perkin Longhouse

Rogue Last Names

Rogues can have pretty much all sorts of last names, though the best ones make us think of the character’s life, and what they might be all about.

  • Twofold
  • Silentstep
  • Ebonshade
  • Quickfang
  • Spiderspell
  • Keenblade
  • Nickleshot
  • Sixsense
  • Redhair
  • Steelgaze
  • Foureyes
  • Skullbend
  • Greenarm
  • Nightwind
  • Grayscar
  • Cleancut
  • Ironskin
  • Swifthide
  • Gemflow
  • Icespark

Funny Rogue Names

Humor goes well with persuasion and deception, and if the game is of the appropriate tone and manner, a funny Rogue name is all but a must-have.

  • Theavy McSneakyson
  • Mick Dagger
  • Lok Peaking
  • Snee Catak
  • Asha Sheen
  • Ren Frohmlaw
  • Burr Glaar
  • Conar Tiest

Hyde Swell

Now you see him, now you don’t. He possesses a great talent for avoiding being seen when he wants to, which saved him numerous times. However, it does get a bit old since he keeps doing it in the middle of a conversation. Every conversation.

    • Rob Berr
    • Shank Sallot
    • Koyn Tous
    • Don Steelstaf
    • Beck Staab

Nott Aweehzar

Talented as he is, and with a certain innate ability, along with hanging out at the libraries more than he’s supposed to, he learned some magic along the way. Regardless of whatever he may think at times, he’s certainly not a wizard.

  • Akro Battoh
  • Liv Enshady
  • John Cena
  • Dece Apthon
  • Percy Wayson

From thieves and burglars to deceivers and deadly assassins, a rogue can be all of that and much more. Moving swiftly and skillfully, their deft hands can guide the light blades exactly where it’s needed. From sweet-talkers to pickpockets, they strike when you least expect it, regardless of what their goal is. Either working alone or being an effective team player, they have numerous options on how to proceed in almost any given situation. Think about what kind of a Rogue your character will be, create a name worthy of the stunts and exploits they will perform, and thread carefully into the unknown world.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Rogue name.

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