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Paladin Name Generator & Guide

“Your reign of terror ends here and now, evil. Today you face justice. Today you face the fury and vengeance of the righteous. I am Uryens Grimstone, and I hereby vow to vanquish your existence from this world, once and for all.”

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Nerrel Maprikin


Deceit Garkalan

Gael Reyhice

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A knight in shining armor, a beacon of justice, protector of the weak, and bane to all evil. Paladins are that and much more. They are the embodiment of virtue, justice, integrity, and righteousness, and they live to defend those in need with honor.

Paladins answer the call at some stage of their life and those notions continue for the rest of their lives. Every adventure and job is a potential quest to do the right thing, to help someone, and to rid the world of the evil that plagues the innocent.

They answer the call of justice and heed its voice wherever they go. Adventuring comes naturally to Paladins, and their names often become well-known. Names such as Garad Orcsbane, Maya Trueborn, Ian Holybrand, and Emma Highwater.

Good Paladin Names

Members of different races receive and answer the call, so the names as well can vary. That said, a good Paladin name tends to provide a sense of nobility, a higher cause, and honor.

  • Fon Strongarm
  • Aiden Oathkeeper
  • Blythe Ghostbane
  • Panawin Grath
  • Orn Wastan
  • Dan Dinnwid
  • Elbin Dulley
  • Quint Bracegirdle

Anric Ostgood

Being a knight and one of the king’s five personal bodyguards meant being constantly in danger. He saved the king’s life three times, and today he and his retinue are riding to a small castle, which is his reward for his gallant services.

  • Perry Boffin
  • Lanrin Keagall
  • Merdal Burrows
  • Vinrin Coldfall
  • Idokin Sproutarm

Cormo Proudmead

A man of many talents. A master swordsman, a dutiful soldier, pursuer of justice, and protector of the weak, this knight does it all equally well. Lately, though, the age is catching up to him, and he finds himself spending more and more time in his cellars, brewing his famous ale.

  • Cormin Fiendsmite
  • Ulzu Stoutweed
  • Danrich Wanbrow
  • Gokin Fardrum

Reed Holyscar

Presumed dead for a long time, after the news he and his men fell prey to an orc ambush, he returned miraculously but grievously injured. The healers did a fantastic job, though, and the only proof of it now is the large scar on his left cheek.

  • Goner Honorghost
  • Linkin Goodbrother
  • Derrek Highnote
  • Quinmo Greatfellow
  • Otto Harmsbane

Female Paladin Names

Women from all corners of the world answer the call of righteousness and are equally capable of heroic feats and deeds in the songs and stories. Truth be told, they are often underestimated which only adds to their effectiveness.

  • Losvee Ashjorn
  • Tanya Bedreg
  • Angelette Lalad
  • Lavern Elacaryn
  • Ygannea Elder
  • Thasinia Bergen
  • Talindra Tybalt
  • Thaca Roseheart

Wyna Sunward

Once an orphan, today she’s one of the highest-ranking members of her organization, and best known for defending the town of Feldor against two scores of gnolls. Witnesses say that she did that with the help of only two additional soldiers.

  • Zinfen Lapisfinger
  • Isomyr Rockeyes
  • Ariree Manyburrow
  • Gelvyre Rainwind
  • Eifice Scattermaker

Idane Truestride

She fought in two wars, rode in battle alongside three kings, married and tragically lost the love of her life, and led armies on multiple occasions. Today she spends most of her time in a tavern, trying to either remember or forget the days of old.

  • Zengrace Autumntrack
  • Zefalyn Highfield
  • Welkath Slystoat
  • Kithkis Yolggox
  • Vada Gamwich

Male Paladin Names

Being a paladin is an extension of one’s belief, an additional higher purpose to being a warrior, a knight, a beacon of justice. Men do all of that well, and those who answer the call are ever-vigilant in delivering justice to those who deserve it.

  • Guifford Grandorb
  • Rudi Wing
  • Watt Daham
  • Alvertos Tarrenshade
  • Severinus Bolbugu
  • Firgil Flintslayer
  • Fadjer Suuhkuk
  • Agim Winterthorn

Thivah Ambercreek

A former mercenary who always had too much empathy for the profession. His path to righteousness started by answering a voice in his mind, a plea of justice, and defending the innocent people his companions just attacked. He slew them all and began his new life and journey there and then, never looking back.

  • Chost SIang
  • Zusodash Stoutbrooke
  • Tharidash Ribalde
  • Ukun Heartscribe
  • Agmak Dawnkeep

Goramash Dragonbelly

Though not formally a member of any organization or follower of a specific deity, this half-orc has a high sense of honor. Most who met him refer to him by his last name, which was actually given by someone else when he bellowed a terrifying war cry.

  • Gnaamur Starstrike
  • Grimabar Thundersworn
  • Zorm Rybaros
  • Corag Talfen
  • Carmtof Ritter

Badass Paladin Names

A badass paladin name is a name that says here stands a hero, someone who will help those in need, someone who holds their ground in the face of evil, and is ready to sacrifice their own life as long as the cause is just.

  • Artan Duskbane
  • Jacque Brightshield
  • Rhomar Sunward
  • Reece Dawnguard
  • Jeron Aveline
  • Damion Brightspell
  • Sorrell Lightbringer
  • Tyshawn Mornward

Mort Ironmind

Having saved the king’s niece from the notorious bandit group, he also rid the land of their influence. The good news is that he got to marry the very same lady and received a small keep as a reward. The bad news is that the bandit’s leader had a brother who is currently leading 40 men in seek of revenge.

  • Shar Rosethorh
  • Pascala Mornshield
  • Edrith Foehammer
  • Ulrik Lightborne
  • Gaia Shadowbane

Naimar Redscale

This dragonborn left behind everything she knew. Led by her firm belief in justice, something she feels her queen sorely lacks these days, she decided to ride away for the eastern lands. Her plan is to reach the human kingdom in time and warn them of her people’s intentions.

  • Julia Goldblade
  • Leon Hopesoul
  • Darius Noblehart
  • Romar Blightsbane
  • Gordic Shieldsfate

Funny Paladin Names

Some games all but demand a lighter tone, and such games need humor. If the game you’re playing in is like that, then you simply must decide on a funny paladin name as it’ll bring an additional layer of fun to the table.

  • Kindly Doogoode
  • Aiken Heel
  • Nevah Haltpray
  • Fay Sevill
  • Aphol Jasteec
  • Sorden Bord
  • Raiz Yorded
  • Leion Ands

Nott Ahiler

While he helps others in need, he keeps refusing to use his divine powers, as he says he needs to save them for situations of the utmost importance. Needless to say, he’s yet to admit he found himself in such circumstances and thus has yet to use his healing powers.

  • Haytol Archers
  • Seykri Doat
  • Kuridge Enduti
  • Witt Onor
  • Holik West

Olway Sonest

This knight couldn’t lie if it meant saving his own life, or the life of thousands of innocent. The very nature of him as a person compels him to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, even if it means the demise of him and all he cares for.

  • Protek Alwick
  • Notta Fyterr
  • Albot Claireek
  • Lyke Stoofyt
  • Hai Krizma

Saving a damsel in distress, facing an evil monster, and protecting the innocent from bandits, this and much more is what Paladins face on a daily basis. As beacons of hope and justice, they live to serve those in need and pursue non-monetary goals, even when it might seem they are doing something for the sake of money. If you always wanted to be a brave warrior who uses arms and divine favor to overcome evil, the Paladin is the right choice. Think of what kind of a person your character is, come up with a name worthy of the heroic quests they will pursue, and venture bravely into the world full of dangers with confidence and righteousness on your side.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Paladin name.

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