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Sorcerer Name Generator & Guide

The arrow should have struck true, if not for the half-elf’s magic sphere that briefly enveloped him, harmlessly deflecting the arrow away. “You can’t get good ol’ Godric like that, my friend, no, no.” – he smirked and responded with an arrow of his own.

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Kelgim Poodloolpacks

Elnaril Rozumin

Blink Millybonk

Iarut Alwyn

Manni Wildstriker Anakalukena



Brayton Biltram

Gynogu Wain

Shazire Krumphuk

Flirlyn Mahnamath


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Sorcerer’s source of power isn’t knowledge in the books but their innate talent that flows through their blood, demanding to be unleashed free. Sometimes the mystery surrounding the origin of their power adds fuel to their search for their true potential.

While they lack in the scope of the spells they know, they fully make up for it with the utility they bring to the table. Some have draconic blood running through their veins, while others magic is wild and untamed, which sometimes breaks free on its own.

Many Sorcerers decide to proceed forward in discovering how to unlock their true power. As such, they often become adventurers and many become famous, with names such as Nushala Xilzeiros, Solomon Holsey, and Aquilan Quiran.

Good Sorcerer Names

Sorcerers come from the most unexpected places and their names can truly vary, while some are even known to use a different name to hide their true identity.

  • Ailios Balgir
  • Fizzar Ashbreath
  • Ugiin Blueeyes
  • Powys Trembleword
  • Lynwan Icegem
  • Dulyfar Mistblossom
  • Morain Wintershard
  • Herkil Blightvale

Brynsha Dreambane

This person isn’t the real Brynsha, but a changeling who kidnapped and locked her in the basement. After studying her for the last couple of months, it made its move. Nowadays, she keeps impersonating the wizard with great success.

  • Cathel Spirithand
  • Serynah Lifestone
  • Izowel Goldthorn
  • Nialla Windcall
  • Elryc Sunshield

Marlyn Cloudcatch

She has been fascinated with her abilities ever since lightning struck her while playing outside. Not only did she survive but she gained magical powers, and her life has been a series of experiments on how to best use and control those abilities.

  • Yorxin Dawnglade
  • Dekir Dreamgrove
  • Zarlnan Frostward
  • Virnar Starbright

Xavyer Swiftbreeze

Playful halflings such as him often get into trouble. But when you’re also a sorcerer who hasn’t learned how to control their powers, the trouble never seems to leave. Fortunately, his uncle is a wonderful teacher and will be crucial in the days to come.

  • Moren Silverstaff
  • Nanrin Griffinbloom
  • Halbiryen Rubytail
  • Qurgoos Waterpyre
  • Virliar Jadeleaf

Female Sorcerer Names

Magic has no preference when it comes to gender, and females are just as likely to receive such a gift, though some would say a curse depending on how you look at it.

  • Gernis Rubyhelm
  • Myrlyl Blackfinger
  • Redryl Flaskbend
  • Dearwaen Blazedelve
  • Mirthal Mirafir
  • Alais Iarydark
  • Chasianna Miraneiros
  • Kilyn Crazumin

Lucette Bhakal

She can’t remember how she got the gift, though she definitely remembers involuntarily burning the barn down. Luckily she managed to save all the animals, but she hasn’t been the same ever since and is yet to find the courage to test her powers.

  • Holone Venxalim
  • Aleesia Beidithas
  • Yessenia Grezeiros
  • Myqaryn Higacen
  • Wenda Wildsurge

Shanaera Dracoblood

This half-elf is rumored to be a descendant of a wyrm that ruled the land many centuries ago. While she indeed has some dragon blood running through her veins, the real truth behind the ancestry remains a secret, waiting to be unveiled.

  • Grenqaryn Lapissearcher
  • Odala Adamanteye
  • Yodysa Crankbooster
  • Aerendyl Xyrzumin
  • Zenara Prettyheart

Male Sorcerer Names

Although it does depend on the race, males are known to be rash with their decisions which are often based on emotions and impulses. To such, the chaotic nature of Sorcerer’s power is but an extent of their character.

  • Irakas Fireale
  • Davfire Stormfinger
  • Barfer Glitterfell
  • Sharkas Zeimmu
  • Miles Gloz
  • Matthew Givzetha
  • Brayton Biltram
  • Gustav Hastu

Welsh Thunderdrum

He’s been an adventurer and an explorer since the early days, and one day scouting an ancient tomb he touched a strange artifact that changed him forever. He still carries the orb and is now searching for someone who could tell him what it really is.

  • Ryland Qao
  • Julius Lightdown
  • Rory Tranudzol
  • Sauville Kheissei
  • Bergen Cehee

Varkag Jassi

The magic potential this little gnome possesses hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years across the whole region, let alone his village. Unfortunately for all, he keeps carousing his way through life, paying no heat to his inner power.

  • Urthor Lightningshard
  • Mararth Obrester
  • Tugar Fuseflaw
  • Dorudim Glowbeard
  • Conar Firelick

Evil Sorcerer Names

An unknown origin of power, and a mysterious person using that power for personal gain without any regard for others. A simple yet effective formula for an evil sorcerer.

  • Arkin Doomspell
  • Nyarla Cinderchaos
  • Nargal Bloodgore
  • Grimwir Slimesoul
  • Ionar Darkblood
  • Hilaari Stormbellow
  • Estrea Anvilmelt
  • Mekar Frostfiend

Tirmy Blackleech

This gnome has a temper, and the power, opposite of her physical stature. Looking all sweet and innocent, she has a smile of a some sweet grandmother offering you cookies. As if that wasn’t enough, she looks completely and perfectly harmless.

  • Lemari Nightweave
  • Illazora Owlclaw
  • Vimazz Rosespear
  • Ozax Strongflame
  • Nofora Ravencall

Truwix Runefire

The first time he experienced magic was back in his youth when he involuntarily set his room ablaze. He’s been obsessed with fire ever since that day, becoming a real master at controlling and utilizing its power for his own nefarious purposes.

  • Iphiar Scarsnarl
  • Druvras Orbsteel
  • Tasior Wolfmane
  • Avidel Fogheart
  • Obelle Spiderstride

Funny Sorcerer Names

There are ample opportunities to provide humor when playing a Sorcerer, and if the game’s a lighthearted one, a whimsical name is a good way to start doing just that.

  • Tripsy Stumbledore
  • Artie Phishal
  • Nidd Nobuk
  • Alec Azzam
  • Symon Sez
  • Amajik Tricc
  • Mastah Ofarkayne
  • Rahta Lennt

Justin Credible

Things he can do are hard to explain with mere words, without you actually witnessing those performances. His talents and abilities are beyond what most can ever comprehend and you could say he’s just incredible.

  • Mehtam Agik
  • Wandy McWild
  • Arkan Foekoos
  • Marry Cottah
  • Fett Arfall

Aikan Kastpels

He’s one of those sorcerers who revels in their own abilities, who keeps boasting even when he fails. His constant showboating of arcane prowess might prove bothersome to many, as he constantly keeps reminding them he knows magic.

  • Noth Abarrd
  • Poynof Sorseree
  • Fizzlewoosh Firewane
  • Sizzla Britches
  • Eisen Faya

Unlike some of the other magic users who study arcane runes, Sorcerers have an innate ability to cast spells. While some have no idea how they got their powers, others owe it to special occasions such as touching an ancient artifact or being blessed by a magical creature. It’s on you to decide whether your Sorcerer decides to try and get rid of their powers, or do they travel the world in search of a key that would unlock their true potential. Decide on a name worthy of the mystery surrounding the character and venture into the world with an open mind.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Sorcerer name.

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