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“I wouldn’t advise you to take the road through this forest as many dangers lurk in every corner, behind every bush and tree. As if wolves, bears, and other wild animals weren’t enough, it is also home to the largest, most deadly, and most vicious spider monster you have ever seen, and it goes by the name of Zhorhinqa.”

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Large, sapient spiders have been a part of many stories for generations, although not many people have actually seen one. In Middle-earth, for example, they are considered a blight upon the land, and the light is one of the things they fear.

Also referred to as Children of Ungoliant, these spiders are evil creatures who simultaneously fear the light while actively searching for it so that it can be destroyed. Some can speak, although their speech is seldom understood by others.

While surviving an encounter with such a monster is a rarity on its own, the stories the people share provide gruesome details, both false and true, and the spider names become known, names like Charazsa, Yarruh, Zeq’roziah, and Sok’sasad.

Good Spider Names

There are many different types of spider monsters, and sometimes they can also be half spider half-human, or some other weird combination of species. The best thing to do if you want a good name is to consider what kind of a creature it really is, and what languages and cultures could have potentially influenced its race.

  • Naqririh
  • Khinqad
  • Rhiqees
  • Corir’eeh
  • Riavaq
  • Sazoh
  • Cevas
  • Zhera


After a certain artifact stopped being dormant, the unholy power from inside spread across the land and slowly lured many despicable creatures to this dark region. One of those creatures, that is still asserting dominance wherever it goes is a large spider that wants nothing more than to devour anything and everything in its path.

  • Szirot’ah
  • Zhir’ud
  • Eeriekkal
  • Liconta
  • Szet’os


The recently increasing numbers of goblin tribes in the region aren’t the only blight upon this land. In the southern part of this human kingdom, more and more people are starting to claim they saw huge spiders coming out from dark caves and other places none dare enter, and some go so far as to speak of hundreds of these monsters appearing in broad daylight.

  • Ek’sas
  • An’qar
  • Lalrih
  • Chaqree
  • Khantocis

Female Spider Names

When it comes to large evil spiders, gender has little influence on how dangerous they might be, and some of the most dangerous ones are actually female.

  • Qhocasaish
  • Sazhil
  • Lhiq’sho
  • Cherhiqos
  • Klara
  • Nesso
  • Qhokna
  • Zhesash


This particularly nasty and foul-tempered spider can be recognized by a horrific set of scars on her left side of the body, a gift left by a certain wizard after casting fire on her. Unluckily for him, while the fire did some damage it simply wasn’t enough, and his life ended in the jaws of that very same monster.

  • Nan’qi
  • Reknir
  • Qeisho
  • Hevi
  • Hanchuller


The last group of adventurers who tried to hunt her down didn’t end up well. In fact, another group of mercenaries is slowly making their way towards her lair, and the evidence of previous battles such as scattered humanoid parts, all bone by now, is making sure their optimism stays at the all-time low.

  • Qholnol
  • Zhachu
  • Rasiesh
  • Sziaru
  • Qish’ta

Male Spider Names

Just as the deity they worship and serve, they constantly seek the light for one reason and one reason only. To destroy it, and completely remove it from the world, is still the end goal for the majority of their kind.

  • Carnutour
  • Khaik’roki
  • Qhasib
  • Rechitiax
  • Kivoqed
  • Qharried
  • Yisnoq
  • Szeechiq


After a spell went wrong, this wizard greatly insulted a certain deity who then proceeded to make sure his metamorphosis was both painful in the short-term and productive in the long run, as he is now a large spider following the god’s demands that were instilled into him during that very same transformation.

  • Retak’rib
  • Eqzied
  • Irix’eq
  • Coukosser
  • Civeb


After being captured by a mercenary band, and then sold to agents of a powerful wizard, a multitude of various experiments were then performed on the monster, and the consequences of those undertakings have left a deep mark on the spider, both physically and mentally.

  • Zouqtud
  • Qrousecs
  • Xaqeer
  • Zhountuq
  • Qhakora

Badass Spider Names

Some spiders have earned their names through the ghastly deeds they performed, and while some swear none can escape their wrath once the attack occurs, the stories still circulate among the common people, regardless of how true everyone thinks they might be.

  • Kumonga
  • Sephiroth
  • Shelob
  • Prancer
  • Aragog
  • Saenathra
  • Anansi
  • Shadowfang


When this huge spider gets a hold of its prey, it’s all over as the deadly embrace stops only when the victim’s limp body stops moving, and the name was given to the monster by the goblin tribe living in the same mountain. To stay safe, or as safe as they can be, they make sure to offer sacrifices of a daily basis.

  • Arachne
  • Jorogumo
  • Gohma
  • Lolth
  • Chomps


After a rather epic battle between a certain elven druid and this monster of a spider, they both lived through the encounter. However, the elf was left with a rather large scar ranging from his wrist to his shoulder, while one of the spider’s legs was frozen and left unusable after it became dead tissue, only a couple of days later.

  • Myteka
  • Ginormo
  • Araignee
  • Nighteye
  • Phobia

While most large spiders prefer their own dark homes and habitats, many venture into the unknown when the time is right, looking to devour both the light and the creatures they come across. While many are sapient and can speak, most of their language is simply too exotic for most other races to be able to learn, even if they had the chance and the desire to do so. Think about where the creature was born, what kind it is, what abilities it might have, does it serve any higher power, what might be the current goals, both for now and the future, and think of a name worthy of the darkness they bring wherever they might go.

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