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“Hah! We’re not talking about no mere wolf, laddy, but a monster from your worst nightmares. Its claws tear leather as it was flesh, sharp teeth puncture even the sturdiest of chainmail, and when it sets its eyes upon you, you better believe you’re doomed. No, my dear boy, it’s not a wolf, and it has a name. Darkfang.”

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Wargs are a notorious breed of wolves who have been tamed, to a certain point, by orcs and goblins to be used as mounts, but have also been used for hunting and tracking the enemy where their keen sense of smell and speed does wonders.

Often looking more menacing than a regular wolf, it is also rumored they understand humanoid languages such as goblin or orcish, though there always seems to be a lack of evidence to support this claim, as no man dares to go anywhere near them.

These dangerous creatures are well known for their mercilessness, and the stories that surround some of them speak of unbelievably sharp teeth and claws, and names that none will forget, names such as Cana, Ulmar, Larka, and Starbite.

Good Warg Names

While some names are original, sometimes some of them are simply rough translations in a human tongue and the real name is only pronounceable in the language of the creature who named the beast.

  • Swiftbite
  • Grizzleslash
  • Ashscar
  • Deathhide
  • Lashbone
  • Scarlasher
  • Nightchewer
  • Redmaw


This beast, best known for the ability to break weapons and puncture plate armor with his teeth, has been terrorizing the woods for years before a certain orc chieftain managed to crush his spirit and tame him. Nowadays, his viciousness is not only back but increased tenfold, fueled by its master’s constant fury.

  • Songcrush
  • Silverfeet
  • Sharpscale
  • Blackbreath
  • Coldfeather
  • Runebiter
  • Ghosttooth
  • Scorcheye
  • Bentclaw


This large warg is a goblin king’s mount and therefore has feeding priority over anyone but the king himself, although he’s more than equal in truth. The beast actually tolerates his master as the meat supply is aplenty and even if there’s a shortage, the goblins multiply almost as fast as rabbits so a meal is never far if he so chooses.

  • Fleawalker
  • Onetail
  • Manglejaw
  • Doomscale
  • Sparksoul
  • Skyhowl
  • Roukan
  • Strike
  • Eukanuba
  • Mahigan


Having survived an encounter with a baby dragon, his all but mangled body was left to the mercy of the gods. Luckily for the warg, a goblin patrol came by and sent the dragon flying away long enough to recover his body and take it back to their camp. Several months later, he was running once again as the tribe’s new pet and protector, although his body was covered in horrifying scars after which he also got his name.

  • Sparkwing
  • Sugarhide
  • Longlash
  • Broadbeast
  • Flameheart
  • Fenrisulfr
  • Hatechomp
  • Nightfeather
  • Saltear
  • Whispertoe
  • Icebone


For some reason, this warg’s right front paw is always cold. There are many stories surrounding the origin of this interesting fact but all of them come from the members of the goblin tribe who adopted the beast and the rest of the litter after finding them all huddled at their dead’s mother side, so the real reason my remain unknown for all times.

  • Lucian
  • Warfrost
  • Caleb
  • Geirolf
  • Brokenfang
  • Madblood
  • Trigger
  • Sunmane
  • Hammerfeet
  • SnaggleToof
  • Cuan


Born with several yellow patches of fur, the way the sun reflects off of them makes the beast look as if it was half-encased in gold, adding to the already mysterious look it already had. The elves living in the vicinity tend to stay away and tolerate its existence as long as it stays in the same part of the forest as it has for the last decade.

  • Zeeb
  • Tasha
  • Henry
  • Scooby
  • Tala
  • Pawz
  • Ayame
  • Wraithhide
  • Witherthroat
  • Crimsonfeet
  • Sunspike

Wargs are a breed of wolves who seems to carry evil intentions no matter where they go, often being used as mounts by goblins, orcs, and other creatures alike, a collaboration welcomed by the beasts as it all but guarantees plenty of food. Their keen sense of smell also helps with hunting and scouting, and their aggressive nature serves them well where their razor-sharp teeth and claws can tear leather and mail like a single piece of clothing. Think about where the beast was born, how was growing up for them, what did they have to do in order to survive, do they have an owner, any instincts that would make them leave their home, and think of a name worthy of the terror these creatures bring anywhere they go.

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