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Uruk Hai Name Generator & Backstories

“No, that’s no mere orc, lieutenant. That is an Uruk Hai, a kind of orc that stops for nothing but food and carnage. Even worse, that’s no ordinary Uruk Hai but a leader of great renown who conquered all the lands to the east. That is Oggosh, or Oggosh the Slaver as the dwarves call him.”

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While the Uruks lived elsewhere before, said to first appear in Mordor, when one mentions the Uruk Hai they most likely refer to the ones that were bred by the great wizard Saruman, the same ones that made the main bulk of his evil army forces.

They are brutal, and merciless, and live in a reality where the strongest lead and nothing else matters. When serving a higher power they can show a decent amount of discipline, and having large numbers on their side poses a large threat to anyone.

While they like feasting, drinking, and boasting, fighting is what they love, and their very nature propels them forward into situations where they can make a name of themselves, with names like Baurzauf, Ligderg, Driggauth, Azbauth, and Rofdac.

Good Uruk Hai Names

Uruk Hai names are often aligned with their very nature as they are rough and strong, giving a sense of brutality and general menace, and often the very mention of their name can send shivers down one’s spine.

  • Urbac
  • Ogbokh
  • Aucdug
  • Udbukh
  • Audbat
  • Graucdesh
  • Grazgid
  • Kaushno


Big, tough, and resilient, this orc loves nothing more than charge right in, bull-rush the first line only to up the pace by sending enemies flying left and right. Using his two war axes, cleaving everything and anything in his path, he causes destruction and mayhem on every battlefield.

  • Bricbirg
  • Aufdigh
  • Arbi
  • Agbaf
  • Oddokh
  • Azuc
  • Cuzgot
  • Braulgakh
  • Brizzat
  • Kruhaudh


After barely surviving a fight against one of the enemy’s officers, he managed to crawl into a cave before collapsing unconscious. Luckily for him, less than two days later, a couple of orcs hid from the storm at the very same place and proceeded to nurture him back to health.

  • Afdurg
  • Auddirg
  • Oglef
  • Adbauth
  • Uho
  • Rezgo
  • Cruldif
  • Sruglec
  • Lefdot
  • Bifdog
  • Aurzoth


For one reason or another, he’s barely spoken a word in the last two years. Ever since a certain battle occurred, where he all but lost his left leg, he never smiled nor spoke more than a couple of words, at best. That being said, he’s one of the best soldiers in the army and has been frequently called upon for special missions.

  • Ofdugh
  • Ugrau
  • Ogdath
  • Drogra
  • Sizrodh
  • Drauzbaug
  • Drithraukh
  • Shafthegh
  • Ahi
  • Ugac
  • Ozzoth


Cunning, ruthless, and bad to the bone, this orc has sent more creatures to their deaths than half of the soldiers in his company. He has shown what he’s capable of many years ago and has been leading one of the toughest groups of fighters one could ever see in action.

  • Gralgur
  • Krufdut
  • Suddil
  • Kruthrag
  • Srihi
  • Ocbuc
  • Olcmidh
  • Aulfadh
  • Othradh
  • Augic


While he’s certainly strong, it’s his speed that makes the difference, along with a mind well suited for warfare and strategic command. Rising up the ranks at a blistering pace, he’s now one of the generals leading the invading army into the unsuspecting elven territory.

  • Sodbudh
  • Bruzraug
  • Rashnudh
  • Shecret
  • Audbif
  • Ulgush
  • Algekh
  • Ograur
  • Orcud
  • Dragded

Basically born and bred for warfare, these bulky humanoid creatures are a pure terror on the battlefield. Often in large numbers, and the main part of any such army, they lack fear which allows them to perform with utmost competence in any fight they are in. The strongest get to rule and strength is and should be the only thing one should be valued by, and their whole life keeps circling around that very fact. Think about how the creature came into existence, did they have a childhood at all, what kind of a personality they have, what might be their goals, and think of a name worthy of the tenacious brutality that is just waiting to be unleashed at any given moment.

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