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Goblin Name Generator & Guide

“Oh they will see, yes, they will see” – mumbled the goblin as he furiously marched down the cave, fresh blood trickling down his face. “Xobtax will kill. Xobtax be king!” – he exclaimed as he raised his fist in anger, his voice echoing down the tunnel.

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Goblins are small greedy creatures, who often live in low-hygiene environments. They live in tribes and have a strict hierarchy and clear roles. Goblin lifespan is short, but so is their breeding cycle, which results in large population numbers.

Being bullied by larger goblinoids, they quickly learned to be sneaky, using deceit and tricks to gain an advantage. Most live a life of struggle, which often ends in a violent fashion. Whatever a Goblin does, it’s fueled by some form of greed.

Their language is guttural, as are their names, which are often harder to pronounce. While some Goblin names tend to be simpler, the nature of the language can still be a barrier for some. Names like Lyghigs, Griahuink, and Throgaq are examples of that.

Goblin Last Names

The very nature of a Goblin life makes last names irrelevant. Having large tribes, they are one huge family that has little regard for individual life. Using their tribe’s name and having nicknames, however, is a normal occurrence for any of them.

  • of Crazy Arrow Tribe
  • of Salty Foot Clan
  • Mintybreath
  • Trinketmake
  • of Smelly Hill Tribe
  • Horseride
  • Bignose
  • of Giant Crow tribe
  • Dungrake
  • Manychild
  • Onebrow
  • Whitetooth
  • Woodleg
  • Highprofit
  • Smalleye

Female Goblin Names

Female Goblins are expected to give birth to a large number of children to offset the violent lifestyle that all of them lead. This is why many females choose to run away from society, hoping to find their fortune elsewhere.

  • Kuqi
  • Enxa
  • Flihisz
  • Depolm
  • Nunoilee
  • Noxea
  • Frez
  • Qeassa
  • Olk
  • Eagansa


Also known as the Best Mother as she gave birth to the biggest number of children out of any female in the tribe. The reason for this might be the fact she kept records of each birth by making scratch marks in her chamber.

  • Srokkaax
  • Gralbianq
  • Hoq
  • Gnaalsia
  • Pryhxa


Possesses a vast amount of herb and plant knowledge, for a Goblin that is. Her food is extra spicy and memorable, and she is the best and the only cook in the tribe.

  • Blalke
  • Flepynx
  • Voloshee
  • Ibuft


She ran from the tribe two years ago and managed to find a small  halfling town on the outskirts. At first, she was almost attacked, but after a bit of ruckus, she managed to convince everyone she’s not up to no good.

  • Pogtish
  • Kiasxai
  • Loihx
  • Fogi

Male Goblin Names

Goblin collective is more important than themselves individually. However, greed is ever-present, so many resort to violence. They are brave in numbers, but as any bullies, once the tables have turned they are quick to give up and run away.

  • Driekol
  • Greerkilx
  • Brabtygz
  • Glevzaagz
  • Lognerk
  • Xasb
  • Jykeegs
  • Craang
  • Krart
  • Xat


Best fighter in the tribe. That was until that damn horse kicked him and made him a cripple. Now, he bears the title of One Who Lives Forever due to the fact he’s 17 years old, which is unheard of in his tribe.

  • Oz
  • Creld
  • Sriogz
  • Fiolx


Ambitious and sly, he has no regard for others nor feels any remorse whatsoever. His goal is to somehow kill the Hobgoblins that rule his tribe and get that shiny crown as his own.

  • Pasrielb
  • Gneagzuts
  • Zreestrarm
  • Slysdiq
  • Diorsex


As a leader of a tribe, he was smart, he was cunning, he was on the top of the world itself, having all that he ever wanted. Two days later, an arrow ended it all.

  • Bal
  • Fat
  • Xakx
  • Haats

Funny Goblin Names

Whether it’s a poor display of power, or intentionally trying to look less dangerous, some Goblins have silly names. In their defense, most speak Common language poorly, so their original idea and intent might be very different from the result.

  • Gary Goodgoblin
  • Ant Strong
  • Dies Horribly
  • Cockrot
  • Crackhead
  • Beetlebug
  • Shake Spear
  • Pakpak

Weaky Strong

Determined to lead his small tribe to glory, he makes sure to leave at least one victim alive, so that everybody knows his name.

  • Barky Bark
  • Manny Meany
  • Gobbo Peacemind

Fart Giggle

As his mind rotted away from eating mushrooms, he now roams the tribe, teasing and making fun of everyone while those around howl in laughter.

  • Belch Loud
  • Ghost Witchy
  • Dusk Brighty

Cliff Wallface

Having survived multiple injuries, he likes to brag his face is like a mountain, made of the “rock granite”.

  • Rusty Fresh
  • Roughy Waters
  • Brave Shivers

Greedy and self-serving, a goblin can have some of the worst traits, essentially proving the truth behind the cliche. By playing a Goblin, you also have a chance to rise above their nature, proving the world that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Goblin name.

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