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D&D Bugbear Name Generator & Guide

As the small group of armed men made their way down the dusty road, the birds went silent. Moments later, several big brutes jumped from the bushes and attacked them with ferocity. “Hrutark will eat your heart!” – the bugbear yelled in broken Common, before he took the man’s head clean off with one swing of his morningstar.

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Bugbear are essentially large feral goblinoids. They stand around 7 feet tall, with fur covering their entire muscled body. Their lack of intelligence is balanced by their physical aptitude as they are rather stealthy for their size and terrifyingly brutal.

They tend to live in groups and are seen as a part of a larger goblin force, which is usually led by hobgoblins, where they take the role of ambushers. When not fighting they are left alone as no one wants to actually provoke their irritability.

As all goblinoids, their names are rather guttural. Those that are part of a clan worth mentioning, might bring it up when introducing themselves. Names such as Voghik, Tharramkk, Chroggolk, and Khernilk are some of the typical Bugbear names.

Bugbear Clan Names

While they usually live in groups, they don’t really have a name for that. However, they often end up being a part of a (hob)goblin clan, which always has a name for prestige and intimidation purposes.

  • Flesh Renders
  • Nagrab Tribe
  • The Skull Smashers
  • Stone Smashers
  • Tongue Yankers
  • Ufthak Tribe
  • Bone Breakers
  • The Skin Flayers
  • Finger Cutters
  • Gnawers
  • Kelvrodol Tribe
  • Blood Fangs
  • Glorbal Tribe
  • Lick Toad Tribe
  • Rharz Tribe
  • Seven Tooth Tribe
  • Shondrorz Tribe
  • Slow Killers
  • Spear Thrusters
  • Gut Jabbers

Bugbear Names

Many don’t actually introduce themselves in a way as humans would do. Instead, they refer to themselves in the third person, adding scary adjectives to intimidate others.

  • Chromkk
  • Tugginn
  • Star
  • Nuzor
  • Bovrimkk
  • Zhonk
  • Diduth
  • Bettulk
  • Khiddar
  • Ziguth


Has been following a small but successful goblin clan as they go. They bring him food in exchange for his help with the fighting and to avoid his anger as more than a few of them already suffered fatal injuries caused by him.

  • Breggomkk
  • Zath
  • Stinn
  • Hrorrink
  • Khigumkk
  • Rarninn


He and seven other bugbears are part of the elite fighting unit that’s a part of several united hobgoblin tribes. They are on the warpath, as they say, where the ultimate goal is to slay the humans of those regions in order to take the land they lost long ago back from the pinkskin’s hands.

  • Tegruth
  • Zardin
  • Chrunn
  • Toghuk
  • Hramkk
  • Nuttar


Strong, ferocious, and extremely cunning, with dozens of slain enemies, he now lies in the pool of his own blood as two of his kind decided to betray him for some minor dispute and gains.

  • Zetrun
  • Chralk
  • Stirrumkk
  • Zhodrith
  • Stonn


If it was his choice, he’d just eat and sleep. As an extremely lazy example of his race, all his fighting was fueled by the sheer frustration of actually having to move or go anywhere. On the other hand, when it got to it, he rather enjoyed the carnage.

  • Ridoth
  • Hrargark
  • Dovrirr
  • Berdink


Having lost his only friend to Elves, he now roams the forest in search of any he can find. Although such an endeavor is dangerous, to say the least, he’s been doing it so proficiently, killing almost a dozen by now, that the Elves of the region have been sending patrols in order to find him.

  • Brok
  • Chreggimkk
  • Sturgur
  • Ninn


A rather interesting specimen of his race, he lives alone in a secluded cave, minding his own business. Unbeknownst to him, a group of wannabe adventurers is close, who will set him on a path of destruction.

  • Bor
  • Zotronk
  • Ratan
  • Chrazank

Sneaky, cunning, and easy to anger, they are ferocious brutes that can kill a man with one swing of their weapon. However, there are some of them who realize doing more meaningful deeds brings them more satisfaction than mere killing. If you want to be such an unlikely hero, one way to do it is by playing a Bugbear.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Bugbear name.

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