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“I’m telling you, the trees can talk! And no, I didn’t hear it from no crazy guy either, I spoke with one myself. At first, it thought I was an orc and wanted to kill me but when I screamed for help it stopped. For a good while, we were just staring at each other, and then it told me I need not be afraid and that its name is Treebrow.”

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The Ents are tree-like creatures who guard forests during which their appearance slowly but surely starts to resemble the trees more and more, and today all Ents look like the type of tree that can be found in the forest they have chosen to protect.

They were sentient creatures already but could speak only after the elves taught them, and this served to further bolster their already tenacious protective instincts that are responsible for the successful cleansing of orcs and other uninvited vermin.

Their magical abilities, and distinctive slow speech that can sometimes drive even the most patient listeners mad, make for a unique encounter for most other races, who then tend to remember the names like Oakbrow, Blacknut, and Taintelm.

Good Ent Names

It was the Elves who taught Ents how to speak, and during doing so they kept giving them names, names that are now widely accepted as the only ones that really matter.

  • Taintwood
  • Treeburn
  • Willowhusk
  • Hazelbramble
  • Beechshrub
  • Sprucescrub
  • Sprucecovert
  • Alderroot


Protecting a great pine forest in the east, this old Ent has been there from the beginning, when the forest was but a huge meadow surrounded by a couple of lines of trees. Nowadays, this great forest holds many ancient and long-forgotten secrets, and trespassers are constantly watched for any wrongdoings.

  • Summerwillow
  • Splintleg
  • Taintedtwig
  • Springlocust
  • Cruelwillow
  • Shadowherb
  • Poplarfury
  • Birchneedle
  • Acornroot
  • Cherryshrub


Back when he was rather young, lightning struck him and left him in bad shape but a certain elven lady that often traveled through the forest stumbled upon him the next day. She stayed, helped, and even named him for easier conversation. Thanking the elf, he promised all her friends are free to pass through or even settle in the forest itself if so they choose.

  • Clevertrunk
  • Clevertalon
  • Pinewood
  • Willowbeard
  • Poplartwig
  • Larchflower
  • Falltwig
  • Mildlarch
  • Barrenpeach
  • Mellowcherry
  • Cherryshade


This Ent is even slower than the usual representative of his race and, to other races, it seems this tree-like creature is a bit dim-witted, at best. The truth is a certain traveling wizard cast some kind of a spell that makes him play down any situation at hand, and where his usual suggestion is to take it easy as all will work out in the end.

  • Springlegs
  • Acorntip
  • Pinespray
  • Treeshrub
  • Weepingtree
  • Snowbeech
  • Barrentrunk
  • Yewstand
  • Thistletip
  • Wiseleg


This Ent spends much of his time hanging around squirrels, letting them run all across his branches, feeding them, and essentially providing a home for the large rodent family.

  • Splintbirch
  • Alderskin
  • Cruelpoplar
  • Hazelbeard
  • Meanspur
  • Oakpad
  • Taintedpoplar
  • Pygmypine
  • Pinelimb
  • Ashhusk


As the forest she lives in and protects is constantly under snow, when she moves her legs are constantly all but rake the snow along with her, making it seem she’s floating when observed from distance, and she wholeheartedly accepted the name she learned was given to her by all the animals living there.

  • Dwarfspruce
  • Meanleaf
  • Peachroot
  • Peachflesh
  • Hazelstump
  • Madbeard
  • Elmlock
  • Ashflesh
  • Willowstalk
  • Thistlegrove
  • Snowwillow

Ents are tree-like creatures who became more and more similar to the trees of the forests they were protecting, and after learning how to speak, courtesy of the elves, they continued to guard the forests all across the land. They mostly have their hands full with orcs and other unwelcome trespassers, and while it might take time for them to actually make a decision, one can be certain they thought of all other solutions, no matter the situation at hand. Think about how the character came to be, where are they located, where they usually roam, what are their goals, who are they protecting and from whom, and create a name worthy of the unique and interesting life these creatures lead.

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